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Bobo Price Prediction As BOBO Plummets 102% In a Week As Its Holders Surpass 19,000

The Bobo price prediction reveals that BOBO is moving bullishly, with a gain of 25% in the past 24 hours.

Bobo Price Soars Over 100%

Bobo the Bear, a meme character associated with the bear market, has surged by over 100%. At the time of writing, Bobo is trading at $0.000002910, boasting a market cap of $184.8 million and a trading volume exceeding $7 million.

Bobo Prediction Statistics Data:

  • Bobo price now – $0.000002755
  • Bobo market cap – $184.8 million
  • Bobo total supply – 66.48 trillion
  • Bobo Coinmarketcap ranking – #2731


Key Levels:

Resistance Level: $0.000002799

Support Level:$0.000002041

Bobo price
BOBOUSDT. Source: tradingview

The Bobo price is trading above the 50 and 200 simple moving averages (SMAs), validating the bullish momentum for the BOBO price. Moreover, the moving average crossed at $0.000001564, further supporting the potential upward trajectory for BOBO price and confirming the overall bullish sentiment.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) recently slipped to 52. It has rebounded quickly, rising to 64, close to the overbought zone, that is, 70. With continued momentum, the RSI could soon enter overbought territory. For a layperson, an RSI above 50 typically indicates that the asset’s price momentum is bullish, meaning that prices are moving upward.

In addition, the position of the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) reinforces this outlook as it holds above the orange band of the signal line. The MACD holding in positive territory and above the signal line suggests that the uptrend in the asset’s price is strong and likely to continue. This indicates that the bullish momentum is intact, and the trend could continue upward.

Bobo Price Prediction

BOBO price bulls are showing resilience breaking above the resistance level. If they maintain their momentum, they could drive the price to hit $0.0000035 in the coming weeks. 

However, there’s a high probability that the bears may take control of the double-top pattern to push the price down, which would signal a bearish reversal.

 If the bears gain momentum, they might push the price down, forcing the bulls to fall back to the neckline support zone at $0.000002041.

What Is Bobo

Bobo the Bear is a meme character connected with bear markets. It has an Apu apustaja and sometimes Pepe the Frog design. 

It has made remarkable milestones, with over 19,000 on-chain holders and total transfers accumulating to 255,846. 

Further, Bobo is used to satirize poor investment choices and showcase pessimism in the financial markets. 

On the other hand, Poloniex exchange has launched a campaign for BOBO, known as Polo Earn. This campaign is entirely for BOBO users who deposit and hold BOBO.

However, to earn high-yield rewards, users must follow some instructions. These include:

  1. Limited quota in that it is on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  2. Redemption rules: Users will receive the funds in the spot account immediately after a successful redemption. Additionally, the funds cannot be redeemed before the predetermined redemption date.
  3. Reward distribution date: rewards will be distributed to the user’s spot account daily at (10:00 am UTC), commencing one day after the interest date (D+2).

It is worth noting that all the rewards will be distributed to the user’s spot account at the interest end date. 

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