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Bitcoin Price Prediction


  • Bears have failed to push back to the weekly low of $53,557
  • Bulls retaking the market as Bitcoin now eyes $58,489 resistance
  • Rising ETF inflows and companies buying Bitcoin likely to drive upside momentum

Bitcoin is at a pivotal price point today after bears failed to regain control amid increasing buying volumes. As of press time, Bitcoin was trading at $57,102.97, reflecting a slight decline of 0.62%. A closer analysis of the charts indicates that Bitcoin is at a point that could determine its direction through the week.

Bears Make a Move but Fall Short

Earlier today, bears tried to seize the market. However, they fell short of the volumes needed to retest the July 5 low of $53,557. 

Bitcoin Price Prediction $62k BTC Coming Soon if $58,489 Resistance is Broken (image 1)
Source: TradingView

Bullish momentum soon reasserted itself, propelling Bitcoin back to $56,000 and establishing a solid support level at $55,819. This resilience has set the stage for potential upward movement.

Intraday Momentum Shows Promise

The 1-hour chart reveals a more detailed picture of Bitcoin’s intra-day price action. Bitcoin has gained significant momentum in the past hour, bouncing off the $55,819 support identified on the daily chart. 

Bitcoin Price Prediction $62k BTC Coming Soon if $58,489 Resistance is Broken (image 2)
Source: TradingView

Bitcoin could be poised for a second attempt to break the $58,489 resistance level within two days if this momentum persists. Should bulls push through this barrier, Bitcoin may be on a trajectory to test the critical weekly resistance level at $62,823.

Hash Rate Points to Potential Bullish Reversal

Several factors underpin this optimistic outlook for Bitcoin. One key indicator is the hash rate, which suggests a possible bottoming out in Bitcoin’s price. The Bitcoin hash rate drawdown, which measures dips in the network’s relative computing power, has plummeted to levels not seen since December 2022.

Historically, such drawdowns have preceded major bullish reversals. This data implies that the current rebound from the $53,000 low could begin a new uptrend. It could propel Bitcoin to prices as high as $100,000 in the coming months.

Institutional Inflows and Corporate Confidence

Moreover, Bitcoin ETF inflows have increased, signaling growing institutional interest despite recent price volatility. Hunter Horsley, CEO of Bitwise, expressed a bullish sentiment, stating, “The outlook for Bitcoin has never been stronger. For many who don’t yet have exposure, this week is a chance to buy the dip.” His comments come when Bitcoin ETFs have recorded their highest inflows in 30 days, highlighting renewed investor confidence.

In addition to ETF inflows, companies are increasingly adding Bitcoin to their balance sheets at current prices, reflecting a belief that the market has bottomed out. Today, Japan’s MetaPlanet, a publicly listed company, announced the purchase of 42.466 Bitcoin valued at 400 million Yen. Such substantial corporate acquisitions indicate robust confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term potential and provide a bullish signal for the market.

Potential for a Significant Rally

These developments suggest that Bitcoin could be on the cusp of a significant rally. Establishing strong support at $55,819 and the potential to retest and break through $58,489 are critical factors shaping Bitcoin’s trajectory in the short term.

The market could see a substantial rally if bullish momentum continues to build and Bitcoin breaks critical resistance levels. The current technical indicators, positive market sentiments, and institutional support provide a favorable backdrop for such a scenario. 

Conclusion: Eyes on Bitcoin’s Next Move

Bitcoin is at a crucial price point today, with bears attempting to retake control amidst rising buying volumes. The market’s resilience at the $55,819 support level and the potential to break through significant resistance at $58,489 are vital factors to watch. Positive indicators such as the hash rate drawdown, increasing ETF inflows, and corporate acquisitions support a bullish outlook. $62k is an easy target in the short term.