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Binance Labs Invests in Infrared to Boost Berachain Ecosystem


  • Binance Labs invests in Infrared to boost Berachain’s Proof of Liquidity mechanism.
  • Infrared offers user-friendly liquid staking solutions for BGT and BERA, enhancing user experience and network performance.
  • The investment aims to create a new ecosystem around BGT and iBGT, unlocking new use cases on Berachain.

Binance Labs recently announced a strategic investment in Infrared Protocol, marking its first venture into the Berachain ecosystem. This partnership aims to enhance the functionality and user experience of Berachain’s innovative Proof of Liquidity (PoL) mechanism.

Infrared Protocol is focused on providing user-friendly liquid staking solutions for the Berachain Governance Token (BGT) and the Berachain Gas Token (BERA). The protocol aims to optimize value capture within the Berachain network by offering these solutions seamlessly and efficiently.

Binance Labs’ Investment in Infrared

Binance Labs, Binance’s venture capital and incubation arm, has committed to supporting Infrared’s efforts to refine its liquid staking solutions. Moreover, the investment will strengthen the core infrastructure of the Berachain network, ensuring enhanced security, efficiency, and reliability. Infrared plans to use this funding to develop and improve its liquid staking solutions, including “iBGT” and “iBERA,” allowing participants to maximize their staked assets’ utility without sacrificing liquidity.

Yi He, Co-Founder of Binance and Head of Binance Labs, stated,

At Binance Labs, we are always on the lookout for projects that are growing the blockchain industry. We look forward to supporting Infrared in its mission to create an infrastructure that will drive the future growth of decentralized finance.

Enhancing Berachain’s PoL Mechanism

Infrared’s protocol facilitates interaction with Berachain’s assets by providing PoL vaults where users can deposit liquidity to earn iBGT, a liquid wrapper for BGT. This setup allows users to retain the benefits of BGT while utilizing iBGT across the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Berachain’s PoL mechanism is integral to the network. BGT represents governance power that controls future BGT emissions, and BERA is used by validators to the stake, produce blocks, and earn rewards.

Raito, Founder of Infrared Finance, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying,

We are incredibly excited to receive support from an industry leader like Binance Labs. This investment validates our vision, and with Binance Labs’ backing, we are more confident than ever in our ability to build the infrastructure and tools needed to drive the future growth of Berachain.

Strategic Impact and Future Prospects

The collaboration between Binance Labs and Infrared will significantly enhance the Berachain ecosystem. With the new funding, Infrared aims to strengthen the backbone of the Berachain network, ensuring it remains secure, efficient, and reliable. This investment will also facilitate the development of a new ecosystem around BGT and iBGT. Moreover, it will unlock new use cases on Berachain.

Infrared’s efforts will improve user experience, boost network performance, and drive broader adoption of Berachain. By integrating liquid staking solutions, users can maximize the utility of their staked assets without forgoing liquidity. Consequently, this enhances the overall functionality and appeal of the Berachain network.

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