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Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy Today January 29

With the crypto market showing signs of more upside, many crypto investors are asking, what are the best cryptocurrency to buy today? You have come to the right place. In the sections below, we look at some top cryptocurrencies to watch. 

Our selection of top cryptos to buy is anchored on several essential parameters to ensure that you maximize potential gains. The focal point of this analysis will be the market cap and potential big news that could impact the price. 

Best Cryptocurrency To Buy Now

This article looks at some of the high-potential cryptocurrencies at current prices. The article focuses on the airdrops within the Solana ecosystem, Honk rally as Solana meme coins gain traction, and Celestia’s potential after several layer-2 networks move to the network. We will also look at WEN following the airdrop and BONK now that attention is on Solana tokens.

Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) has made significant strides in the past week. While intra-day it is directionless, just like the rest of the market, the recent 10% pump has seen Solana come close to retesting the $100 mark. With its current market capitalization of $42.4 billion, Solana is the 6th largest cryptocurrency. 

Solana continues to draw investor attention as project launches within its ecosystem grow. The latest activity involves an airdrop of WEN tokens to holders of Solana. With Solana’s fear and greed index at 61, it is clear that investors expect a significant upswing in the short to medium term. 

Solana Price Chart

As the Solana ecosystem continues to grow, especially as a launch platform for meme coins, SOL is undoubtedly a top crypto token to watch. 

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Honk (HONK)

Honk’s market capitalization has expanded significantly in less than a week. It currently stands at $16.22 million and will keep expanding as buyers notice. Honk is a meme coin and is primarily driven by the hunger for exponential gains now that bullish sentiment is back in the market. 

Honk Price Prediction

In just 7-days, Honk’s price has rallied by 500% from $0.002474 to a high of $0.024. However, with profit taking after such a big rally, the price has slowed down. This is evident in the trading volumes which are currently down by 11.65%. 

As buying momentum picks up across the market and meme coin fever kicks in, investors will be watching Honk’s price movements. 

Celestia (TIA)

The Celestia network is growing fast as more layer-2 networks choose it as a data layer. This is driven by the need to cut gas costs, which Celestia does by up to 10x. The latest networks to join Celestia are Lyra and Aevo, two fast-growing L2 networks. This adoption has led to an uptick in investor interest in Celestia (TIA) tokens. 

Celestia Forecasts

Celestia is currently trading at $17.71. Trading volumes are up by 26.62%, an indicator of the growing interest in this cryptocurrency. At a market capitalization of $2.8 billion and an exponential adoption rate, there is room for growth. 


WEN is drawing lots of attention at the moment. This is all thanks to its airdrop to Solana users. Anticipating an increase in token visibility after the airdrop, Wen investors have been digging in, and this is evident in its trading volumes, which are up by 85.60%.

Investors are also interested in WEN due to its low market cap. It currently has a market capitalization of $153 million. This is relatively small in crypto and gives WEN much room for price growth. That’s especially true now that the airdrop is giving it market visibility.

Bonk (BONK)

Bonk is one of the most popular meme coins that have come to dominate the Solana network. Its remarkable price appreciation towards the end of last year, which saw it rally by over 1000%, has solidified its position among the top Solana meme coins. 

Bonk Price Potential

Bonk’s market cap is still relatively small despite its recent parabolic price move. This popular meme coin has a market capitalization of only $743 million. This means it has much room for growth in another crypto bull rally. With Bitcoin now back above $40k, such a rally is not far-fetched. 

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