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Best Altcoin To Buy March 29 – DogWifHat, Bad Idea AI, Ocean Protocol

It is a slow day in the markets today, mainly because most markets are closed in observance of Good Friday. However, even on a relatively slow day across the markets, some cryptocurrencies are doing much better than the broader market. Given that the crypto market has been sending bullish signals for most of the week, these cryptocurrencies could also do well this long weekend and have a solid chance to go parabolic once the markets open. So, which are these top altcoins to buy today and hold through the Easter holidays?

To answer this question, we have zeroed in on cryptocurrencies whose prices are impressive today, and rising investor attention supports a continuation of the uptrend they have built today into the weekend. 

Best Altcoin To Buy Today

This article focuses on altcoins showing solid signs of value appreciation for the remainder of the day and the weekend. The article touches on DogWifHat’s surging buying volumes as investors seek out meme coins likely to outperform the market as the Bitcoin halving draws closer, Bad Idea AI’s growth potential now that it is listed on Gate.io. 

We also look at the rising buying volumes for Fetch.Ai, Ocean Protocol, and SingularityNET. These three AI cryptocurrency projects have decided to merge and form one big altcoin project with more resources to invest in AI research and development.

DogWifHat (WIF)

DogWifHat (WIF) is one of the top-performing meme coins today, and its trading volumes point to potentially more upsides. In the last 24 hours, DogWifHat trading volumes have increased by 84% to hit a high of $1.037 billion. 

This is a strong indicator that investors are jumping at the opportunity to buy DogWifHat at current prices in anticipation of much higher prices going into the future. The buildup in buying momentum around WIF has a lot to do with the fact that it has some of the best tokenomics of all meme coins. Unlike the average meme coin with trillions of tokens in circulation that limit value appreciation, DogWifHat only has 998 million tokens. 

This and its relatively average market cap of $3 billion makes it attractive to investors anticipating going to prices as high as $20 if Bitcoin breaks out in a mega bull run that pushes it to prices above $150k. It stands out as one of the best meme coins to buy and hold this long weekend for such potential, and bullish momentum is already building up around WIF. 

Bad Idea AI (BAD)

Bad Idea AI is another top meme coin that is strongly bullish today. Besides the price rally in the last 24 hours, BAD is one of the most mentioned cryptocurrencies on social media today, indicating that many people are considering this meme coin. 

It also indicates that a bullish breakout could be close for BAD, making it an undervalued cryptocurrency today. Two significant factors are likely to play a major role in BAD’s price growth going forward. One of them is that it has now been listed on Gate.io, a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange that is easily accessible by most retail investors. 

This opens the way for FOMO now that BAD is trending online. Then, Bad Idea AI has a partnership with Shiba Inu, one of the better-known meme coins in the market today. Considering how big the SHIB community is, the odds are that they could shill BAD and push it to new highs, mainly due to its low market cap that offers significant room for growth in a bull market. 

Fetch.AI (FET)

Fetch.Ai (FET) is one of the best-known AI cryptocurrencies today. This week, FET has done much better than most cryptocurrencies, and today is the top trending cryptocurrency on market cap, indicating a lot of attention on this token. 

The main reason behind the attention around FET is the announcement of a merger with Ocean Protocol and SingularityNET. This has interested investors in Fetch.Ai since FET holders will get a 1:1 swap with the new ASI token coming up after the merger.

Given that the three cryptocurrencies will be leveraging each other’s strengths, the odds are that the new token could do much better than FET would in the long term. It thus makes Fetch.Ai a good buy today and gets swapped for the ASI token that could easily do 10X or more in a bullish super cycle.

SingularityNET (AGIX)

SingularityNET (AGIX) is a marketplace for AI and has gained considerable traction in recent months due to the hype around AI. 

Today, Singularity is among the top cryptocurrencies still in the green, adding to the bullish momentum it has built up through the week. Like Fetch.Ai, investors are buying into SingularityNET and looking to capitalize on the upcoming AI token that will be formed after merging the three top AI cryptocurrencies

Considering the potential the new cryptocurrency will have in the market, it is not hard to see why AGIX could emerge as one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies going into the weekend. 

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is an AI cryptocurrency that leverages the power of blockchain and AI to make data sharing private and secure. 

This puts Ocean Protocol in the middle of the fast-growing AI market because it is all about data. Investors are excited about the merger. These are among the strengths of the new ASI cryptocurrency.

This, along with the fact that holders of OCEAN will automatically be swapped for the latest AI token, has seen more investors buying into OCEAN. As this attention and buying momentum goes up, OCEAN could do well today and in the future until the new merged token is revealed.