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DogWifHat Price Prediction – WIF Eyes $4 Today As Volumes Surge

DogWifHat is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies this year. Anyone who bought WIF 30 days ago is now up by 330%. Despite this massive price run, WIF still shows strong price potential. In the last 24 hours, DogWifHat is up by 17%, making it one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies on a day when most cryptocurrencies are either in the red or making tiny gains. 

DogWifHat Now Bigger Than PEPE

DogWifHat is a meme coin, just like the many dog coins that have recently dominated the market. Like other top meme coins in the market today, DogWifHat has built a strong community on social media, which has played a crucial role in its price action ever since its launch. With today’s 17% price increase, DogWifHat has overtaken PEPE and is now the third largest meme by market capitalization.

DogWifHat’s price rally has seen some voices, especially traders, start saying that it’s time to short it, indicating that it may have had its run. But is this the case? From a look at DogWifHat’s dynamics and the broader market, the odds are high that DogWifHat could be headed to much higher prices and could keep going up for most of the year.

The Community Is Getting Stronger

One of the key factors likely to keep driving DogWifHat is the fact that it has a strong community backing it up. Like other meme coins that are doing well at the moment, the community has a lot to do with it. The DogWifHat community regularly keeps this meme coin among the top trending cryptocurrencies.

This means new money looking for hot meme coins to buy will likely gravitate more toward DogWifHat than other more obscure meme coins. The recent pump in the price of WIF has seen more money flow in, an indicator that as the token keeps doing well and trending on social media, the demand will be higher. 

Better Tokenomics Than Most Meme Coins

DogWifHat also has an impressive feature that many meme coins lack, and that’s good tokenomics. Most meme coins have a token supply in the trillions, and many are inflationary. This puts a price ceiling on how high such tokens can realistically go. DogWifHat is a meme coin whose tokenomics mirror those of top cryptocurrencies.

The total supply of DogWifHat is 998,920,173. This is a very small token supply that gives WIF much room to grow even at its current market capitalization of $3 billion. Many cryptocurrencies with a supply similar to WIFs have recorded prices as high as $20. Given WIF’s strong community that is helping draw in new investors in high numbers, the odds are that WIF could easily test prices above $20 in an all-out bull market. 

Broader Market On Verge Of Breakout

Even better for DogWifHat is that the broader cryptocurrency market is on the verge of a breakout, which could easily see a total market capitalization of $10 trillion or more. The Bitcoin halving, which is coming up on April 20, will likely trigger this. With DogWifHat among the top cryptocurrencies already doing well, the odds are that it could experience FOMO buying in the coming marketwide bullish super cycle.

At the same time, DogWifHat, one of the more easily accessible cryptocurrencies, could play into its demand dynamics. DogWifHat is easily accessible on top cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and HTX. 

In the section below, we predict a DogWifHat price to determine whether it could push through $4 or higher. 

DogWifHat Cryptocurrency Price Prediction

When going to press, DogWifHat was trading at $3.58. Trading volumes rose, up 84% to hit $1.032 billion. The market cap was also up  by 16% to stand at $3.56 billion. 

DogWifHat is trading in a bullish channel and has been making higher lows for the better part of the day. If bulls sustain the current momentum and push through the intra-day high of $4.03, then prices as high as $5 could be hit today.

Why WIF Is Headed Much Higher

From the charts, it is clear that DogWifHat is making higher lows, and every dip is being bought up. This, along with the broader market sending bullish signals, means WIF could be headed much higher in the day.