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In the days leading up to Super Bowl LVIII, San Francisco 49ers star defensive end Nick Bosa has shared his thoughts on the opposing team’s offensive line.

During a recent interview, Bosa was asked about Kansas City Chiefs tackles Donovan Smith and Jawaan Taylor, who will be tasked with blocking him come game day. In a succinct yet significant observation, Bosa stated that both Smith and Taylor exhibit a tendency to hold during games.

Nick Bosa has had an impressive season, recording a sack in each of the 49ers’ postseason games thus far. His ability to disrupt opposing offenses has been a major factor in San Francisco’s success and will be crucial when facing Mahomes and the Chiefs. With Bosa’s talent, motivation, and history with the Chiefs, it promises to be an intriguing matchup between two elite players.

“They hold a lot.”

Nick Bosa

The 49ers pass rusher’s comments were met with excitement from some fans, who see this as an opportunity for him to make a statement on the biggest stage. However, others are not as enthusiastic about Bosa’s words, feeling that it’s unnecessary trash talk that can potentially fuel the Chiefs.

The Chiefs’ Offensive Line: A Penalty-Prone Unit?

In the 2023 NFL regular season and playoffs combined, Taylor was called for a total of 23 penalties – the most among all players in the league during this period. Eight of these penalties were for holding, highlighting Bosa’s observation.

Holding transgressions also resulted in Smith receiving seven disciplinary actions.

The Chiefs’ offensive line has had a reputation for committing penalties, but their success in the playoffs thus far might be an indication of improved discipline. They have only allowed two sacks across their first three postseason games, showing that they can adapt and adjust when faced with tough competition.

What’s at Stake for Both Teams

This won’t be the first time that the 49ers and Chiefs square off in a Super Bowl – they met back in Super Bowl LIV, with Kansas City coming out on top. That game was marked by controversy, as many believed the Chiefs benefited from several missed calls, including one that occurred when Bosa was holding Mahomes’ arm but no penalty was called. Fans and analysts alike are hoping for a more fair officiating in this year’s Super Bowl, given the potential impact of penalties on the outcome of the game.

For the 49ers, Super Bowl LVIII represents an opportunity to finally win the championship that has eluded them since their last victory in 1994. With their impressive roster and consistent success over the past few years, the pressure is on San Francisco to perform at its best.

On the other side, the Chiefs will be aiming to defend their title and add another Lombardi Trophy to their collection. Mahomes and the Chiefs have shown time and again that they can rise to the occasion in high-pressure situations.

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, fans can expect a flurry of media coverage, analysis, and commentary on every aspect of the game. Bosa’s comments about the Chiefs’ offensive line will likely be a major topic of discussion, adding an extra layer of drama to the highly anticipated showdown. Whether it’s through social media, sports talk shows, or in-depth articles, fans and analysts alike will be dissecting every detail leading up to Super Bowl LVIII.

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