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Fontainebleau Las Vegas Soars Ticket Prices for Super Bowl Afterparty

While the Super Bowl fans are well aware that the experience of watching the game doesn’t come cheap, neither does the afterparty scene. Things are about to go a few steps higher as the afterparty has landed a lavish venue – Fontainebleau, Las Vegas.

This newly established casino hotel leaves no stone unturned when setting lofty prices for its Super Bowl afterparty at the LIV Nightclub. The ticket prices for this exclusive event range from a steep $7,000 to an astonishing $55,000. Meanwhile, those rooting for the cheaper tickets are in for disappointment as they are all sold out.

High-End Tickets and Exclusive Access

For those willing to pay a premium price of $35,000, a table on the upper deck of LIV’s dance floor can be reserved for ten guests. Alternatively, a table on the dance floor is between $35,000 and $50,000.

At the peak of extravagance, a $55,000 ticket grants entry to the high end with a table accommodating twelve guests and a better view of the DJ. The space is limited, and only a few can be accommodated.

The Dress Code

The party organizers are strict with the dress code, and party attendees are expected to follow the rules to the tee. There is a ban on tank tops, shorts, flats for women, baggy clothing, jerseys, hats, and athletic gear. So, fans attending the party after the game must change if they are flaunting their favorite team jerseys.

Fontainebleau Pursues Excellence Amid Challenges

The impressive price tag of the Fontainebleau Las Vegas Super Bowl afterparty underscores the casino hotel’s commitment to providing a top-tier experience. However, this extravagant event comes at a time when the venue is grappling with some internal challenges. Over the past month, four high-ranking executives, namely the VP of Revenue Management, Senior VP of Casino Operation, COO, and CMO, have departed from Fontainebleau.

To help steer the casino hotel through these struggles, Maurice Wooden, a former Wynn Resorts executive, has been brought on as president. Rumors say that Nevada regulators may reject his appointment due to past issues.

Other Super Bowl Events

The cost to attend the Fontainebleau Las Vegas afterparty is much greater than that of typical Super Bowl gatherings. For instance, the Sports Illustrated party, held the night before the game, offers VIP tickets for $500 and standard admission for $150.

Wynn Las Vegas’ “Gronk Beach” party on Saturday is also more affordable at $125 for men and $75 for women.

Despite the price differences, Swift-related ties to the Fontainebleau Las Vegas afterparty must be addressed. Taylor Swift’s impact is ubiquitous at this year’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas, with the Kansas City Chiefs as participants. Her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is a tight end for the Chiefs, which has amplified Swift-related chatter throughout the NFL experience.

It is impossible to overlook the presence of Calvin Harris – a past lover of Taylor Swift – who continues to entertain the crowd with his music. They dated from March 2015 to June 2016, and at the Grammys last weekend, there was no acknowledgment, and they just walked past each other.

In a city known for its luxury and exclusivity, it is no surprise that the Fontainebleau Las Vegas Super Bowl after-party ticket prices are sky-high. However, the price point might be a deterrent for others, leaving them to explore other more affordable Super Bowl afterparty options.

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