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49ers' Klint Kubiak on Brink of New Opportunity as Saints' Offensive Coordinator

Klint Kubiak, currently a coach for the San Francisco 49ers, is poised to become the New Orleans Saints’ offensive coordinator following Super Bowl LVIII, a move that has been widely discussed in NFL media.

After several weeks of speculation, it appears that the move is all but confirmed, as the Saints have reportedly begun assembling an offensive staff for Kubiak.

With a current age of 36, Kubiak’s tenure at the 49ers has been characterized by triumph, most notably in his position as passing game coordinator and coach for young quarterback Brock Purdy.

Under Kubiak’s tutelage, Purdy emerged as a top contender for NFL MVP and Pro Bowl honors in his first season as a starter.

With the 49ers set to face the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, Kubiak will aim to help San Francisco secure its sixth Lombardi Trophy.

It Runs in the Blood

A legacy of football excellence runs deep within the Kubiak family.

Klint’s father, Gary Kubiak, enjoyed a storied career as an NFL player and coach, amassing multiple Super Bowl titles during his time with the Denver Broncos.

The younger Kubiak followed in his father’s footsteps, starting as a backup quarterback for the Broncos before transitioning to coaching.

His journey took him through various roles on staffs with the Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos, culminating in his current position with the 49ers.

With New Orleans, Kubiak will inherit a formidable offense led by quarterback Derek Carr and a talented roster.

The Saints’ ninth-ranked scoring offense in the NFL could benefit significantly from Kubiak’s expertise and innovative game plans.

In his new role, Kubiak will look to build on the success he has cultivated during his time with the 49ers and continue to develop young talent.

Dating back to 2021, Purdy has shown remarkable growth under Klint’s guidance, going from an unheralded rookie to a top contender for NFL MVP.

Kubiak’s coaching prowess extends beyond quarterbacks, as evidenced by his work with running back Christian McCaffrey and wide receiver Deebo Samuel.

An Opportune Time

The Saints have had a tumultuous offensive coaching history in recent years, which could make Kubiak’s arrival even more significant.

Pete Carmichael, who held the role of offensive coordinator for the past six seasons, was recently let go by head coach Dennis Allen.

In 2023, New Orleans ranked ninth in points per game (23.6), highlighting the need for fresh ideas and energy on offense.

Kubiak’s arrival could also bring stability to a Saints organization that has been plagued by change at the coordinator position.

A seasoned coach, Klint is prepared to tackle the challenges that come with leading an NFL offense.

With his father’s legacy as motivation and a wealth of experience under his belt, Kubiak is poised to make a significant impact in New Orleans.

As he prepares for this new opportunity, Klint remains focused on the task at hand – helping the 49ers claim a Super Bowl victory before moving south to join the Saints.

The coaching carousel has brought him full circle, as Kubiak’s first exposure to professional football came while working for his father during the Broncos’ championship runs.

His journey from the sidelines in Denver to the top of NFL staffs has been filled with determination and hard work.

Now, Klint Kubiak stands on the precipice of a new chapter in his career, eager to make an indelible mark as the Saints’ offensive coordinator.