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Sui Price Prediction and Forecasts

Sui is one of the newest and most interesting layer-1 blockchain platforms. Launched in 2023, Sui Network leverages an object-centric data model and the popular, secure Move programming language to provide super-efficient blockchain infrastructure. The native Sui token has also caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts quickly, reaching a $1.58 billion market capitalization in just a few months.

This guide will provide comprehensive SUI price prediction, including short, medium and long-term SUI price forecasts. We’ll start with a brief Sui price history and proceed to price predictions for the years ahead, supported by fundamental and technical analyses of the project and its native coin.

Sui Price Prediction Summary

  • End of 2024: The current condition of the cryptocurrency market suggests that most cryptos will gain in the months ahead. SUI has already recorded substantial growth and we expect it to rally further. Before the end of 2024, Sui coin may reach a maximum price of $3.89 per token.
  • End of 2025: The ongoing crypto Bull Run will likely extend to 2025. Regardless of what happens in the months ahead, we expect Sui to attract several new token holders, including short-term traders and long-term investors. Before the end of 2025, SUI maximum price could reach $5.74 per coin.
  • End of 2027: Thanks to its innovative infrastructure and other positive qualities, the Sui ecosystem will bloom before 2027. With new useful dApps launching on its platform, Sui may become one of the best altcoins. Our Sui price forecast suggests that the coin could reach a maximum valuation of $9.26 before the end of 2027.
  • End of 2030: Thanks to its top-level team, Sui attracted meaningful investment and partners before launch. This team and the growing developer base will take the Sui ecosystem to higher heights before 2030. With more strategic partnerships and necessary innovations, Sui could be the next crypto to explode. Before the end of 2030, SUI maximum price could reach $28.50 per coin.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

Sui (SUI) Price History

Sui was created by Mysten Labs, a research and development company founded by the lead architects of Meta’s blockchain research team. The top team members include Evan Cheng (CEO), Adeniyi Abiodun (CPO), Sam Blackshear (CTO), George Danazis (Chief Scientist), and Kostas Chalkias (Chief Cryptographer).

Series A and B fundraisings for Sui were held in December 2021 and September 2022, led by Andreessen Horowitz and FTX Ventures, respectively. Other notable participants include Coinbase Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Electric Capital and many others.

The Sui token became available to the public through an initial exchange offering (IEO) held between April and May 2023 across a handful of exchanges, including Bitcorce, OKX, Kucoin and Bybit. According to cryptorank data, the IOE prices were $0.03 and $0.10 depending on exchange and timing.

Post-Listing Price Movements

SUI was listed on major cryptocurrency websites in early May 2023. According to CoinMarketCap data, the initial price on May 3, 2024, was $1.40 per token. The price started dropping slowly after the initial excitement. It eventually reached an all-time low price of $0.3643 on October 19, 2023. You should note that the all-time low price is still significantly higher than the IEO price.

SUI price improved as the wider crypto market witnessed increased activities and general price growth. It reached as high as $0.88 on December 27, 2023.

Sui Price Chart

On January 1, 2024, SUI price averaged $0.777088 per token. By January 15, it had reached $1.26. After a period of constant fluctuation, it reached a peak of $1.87 on February 16 before dropping to $1.48 on March 7.

As of the time of writing this piece, SUI all-time high price was $2.18, recorded on March 27, 2024, per coinmarketcap data. The coin’s price has fluctuated ever since, reaching as low as $1.20 on April 15.  

Key Points in Sui (SUI) price history

  • Sui Network was created by Mysten Labs, a research and development company founded by some of the key members of Meta’s blockchain research team
  • The Sui project started sometime in 2021 with fundraising rounds led by Andreessen Horowitz and FTX Ventures
  • The native currency of Sui, which trades under the ticker symbol “SUI” became available to the public through IEO rounds held across different secure exchanges at $0.03 and $0.10
  • When it launched on major cryptocurrency exchanges, SUI initial price was $1.40 per token
  • The Sui coin reached its all-time low price of $0.3643 on October 19, 2023, after months of downward fluctuations
  • SUI has performed relatively well in 2024, reaching an all-time high price of $2.18 on March 27, 2024
  • While SUI price dropped soon after hitting the all-time high figure, it continuous to fluctuate mildly 

Sui Price Prediction 2024

In the previous section of this Sui price prediction guide, we mentioned that the coin has gained substantially in 2024. This is in line with the current bullish trend the crypto market has witnessed in recent months. It is expected to continue in the months ahead.

To get a better idea of how the Sui token will perform in the remaining months of the year, we need to consider the short-term prospect of the entire market as well as the attractive nature of the new coin.

Due to obvious factors, including the imminent Bitcoin halving, the crypto market has fully recovered from the bearish trend that dominated 2022 and 2023. In fact, the market started improving in 2023 and experienced exponential growth in early 2024 due to the approval of Bitcoin ETFs. Some macroeconomic factors have also helped to improve the market condition.

Sui has been able to attract different classes of investors in the past months. As the market continues to improve, buyers and traders of all experience levels may decide to add SUI to their portfolios.

As per how far SUI price can go in 2024, we anticipate further interesting growth patterns in the third and fourth quarters (Q3 $ Q4) of 2024. Our SUI price forecast for 2024, therefore, is a maximum price of $3.89. It could even be higher.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

Sui Price Prediction 2025

Depending on many important factors, the Sui coin will likely experience further growth in 2025. Since the ongoing crypto bull market is expected to continue for several months ahead, SUI price rally may peak sometime between early and mid-2025.

Sui’s blockchain infrastructure is one of its biggest attractions. A groundbreaking layer-1 blockchain, Sui provides a powerful, highly secure and scalable development platform for Web3 applications. It also eliminates several common barriers associated with blockchain interactions.

Judging by what it offers, Sui is already one of the choice platforms for launching Web3 applications. In the same vein, we can count the Sui token as one of the best web3 Coins to invest in. Its use cases are expected to improve in 2025, and the impact could be monumental.

At this point, we must stress that SUI price in 2025 will mostly depend on how the market improves. If it turns out to be more bullish than expected, then Sui coin price will soar. On the other hand, a dominantly bearish market could mean lower price levels.

Based on all the factors considered, we still feel that SUI will record tangible growth in 2025. Depending on how the key factors play out, our SUI price forecast suggests a maximum price in the region of $5.74 before the end of 2025.

Sui Price Prediction 2027

By 2027, SUI may become one of the trending cryptos to buy. This is primarily because the Sui ecosystem will be able to attract millions of users in the years ahead. Besides having a strong technical foundation, the network creates a higher standard for user experience within the Web3 landscape.

Sui introduces some of the latest innovations that simplify Web3 interactivity, including zkLogin, programmable transaction blocks, as well as sponsored transactions. This means that applications deployed on the platform will be user-friendly and easily accessible.

Already, many developers are creating and deploying different decentralized applications (dApps) on the Sui network. Sui boldly claims that the most innovative companies are building on its network. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the Sui ecosystem will be busier and far more valuable, leading up to 2027.

Again, we need to consider the possibility of the wider crypto market experiencing another winter/bearish season between 2026 and 2027. Of course, the crypto market is very volatile and prices can change significantly within a short time. However, we expect that Q4 2027 will be marked by sustained recovery.

Depending on how the many influential factors play out in 2027, SUI price could be anything in 2027. However, based on our analyses and algorithm-based projections, we anticipate a high SUI price target of $9.26 before the end of 2027.

Sui Price Prediction 2030

A top-quality blockchain network like Sui can easily attract several important partners and collaborators. As mentioned in the price history section, the project attracted some of the top crypto investors in its early days. It could attract further investments in the future.

We also mentioned that Sui has a top-quality team, primarily made up of the architects behind Meta’s blockchain research team. This team and the Sui decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will play a key role in how the project develops leading up to 2030. However, we expect a lot from them.

By implementing high-level upgrades and introducing more helpful innovations, Sui could easily compete with some of the top smart contracts platforms before 2030. This will result in a much higher valuation for the entire Sui ecosystem and also the Sui coin in particular.

Collaborations will not only attract institutional investors but also everyday users to the Sui ecosystem. Businesses in different sectors, including finance, gaming, NFTs and more will appreciate and use Sui infrastructure in the future. They could also onboard millions of users, thereby improving Sui adoption. Of course, increasing crypto adoption always results in increasing valuation.

Depending on the many factors mentioned, SUI long-term price prospect looks positive. As per our actual SUI price prediction for 2030, we estimate that the coin could be worth as much as $28.50 before the year runs out.

Sui Price Prediction 2040

If you HODL crypto and want to add Sui to your portfolio, then it is important that you understand the key factors that could play huge roles in its long-term price potential. Firstly, the quality of Sui infrastructure suggests that it can stand the test of time. Secondly, SUI’s infrastructure-friendly tokenomics is impressive.

Sui’s object-oriented design simplifies development on the platform. At the same time, it offers powerful capabilities and composability. It will remain attractive to developers. Its innovative architecture, also, offers low-latency transactions, high throughput via horizontal scaling and parallelized execution, among other things.

We believe that Sui’s unique offerings will help it attract top-level next-gen Web3 apps. By 2040, we estimate that the network will continue to be attractive for all participants, including developers, investors and end-users.

In terms of tokenomics, SUI maximum supply is capped at 10 billion SUI. At the time of writing, about 12.96% is in circulation. While some may argue that increasing circulatory supply in the future could pose a threat to SUI valuation, we believe that the coin’s utility will offset such pressure. With the possibility of crypto going mainstream before 2040, most top altcoins, including SUI, will gain.

As per our long-term Sui price forecast for 2040, we estimate that the coin could reach a maximum price of $85.26 before the year runs out.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

Potential Highs and Lows of Sui Price

Knowing that Sui price will continue to fluctuate at all times, it is helpful to get an idea of the forecasted price range for the years under consideration. In this section of our Sui price prediction guide, we’ll tabularize the potential high and low points of SUI price for the years we’ve covered:

Year Potential High Potential Low
2024 $3.89 $0.75
2025 $5.74 $3.67
2027 $9.26 $6.59
2030 $28.50 $22.40
2040 $85.26 $67.20


Expert Opinions – What Other Analysts Predict for SUI Price

We understand that readers may seek the opinions of other analysts about Sui price potentials before deciding whether it is a good fit for their portfolio. In this section, we will sample the expert opinions of other analysts providing Sui price predictions for other media outlets:

“According to the forecasts for 2024, the value of SUI token may vary between $7.96 and $19.11. The average price of the token for this month could be $13.53.”


“Based on the technical analysis by cryptocurrency experts regarding the prices of SUI, in 2025, SUI is expected to have the following minimum and maximum prices: about $3.69 and $4.26, respectively. The average expected trading cost is $3.79.”


“The price of SUI might be hit by a correction in 2027. If this is the case, the value of the token might drop lower than the highest of 2024. This places the price prediction at %5.50.”


“Every year, cryptocurrency experts prepare forecasts for the price of Sui. It is estimated that SUI will be traded between $15.58 and $18.30 in 2030. Its average cost is expected to be around $16.01 during the year.”


“As per the forecast and technical analysis, in 2040 the price of SUI is expected to reach at a minimum price value of $915.66. The SUI price can reach a maximum price value of $1,118 with the average value of $974.94.”


What is Sui and What is it Used For?

Sui describes itself as an innovative blockchain that aims to deliver the benefits of Web3 with the ease of Web2. It is a next-gen layer-1 blockchain that offers a secure, powerful and scalable development platform with lots of perks for both developers and end-users.

The Sui network employs a unique object-centric data model whereby everything on the blockchain is an object that can used in different ways by developers for their application needs. It also utilizes the highly secure Move programming language, which is also popular among developers.

SUI Crypto Transaction

Sui addresses some of the major issues facing older blockchain networks in a bid to support global crypto adoption. It offers unrivalled speed with low, predictable fees. In a test environment, it can process 297,000 transactions per second. Also, transaction finality is impressive at half a second.

Sui network can be used to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) of different types and other Web3 projects. It is especially useful in this regard because it guarantees user-friendliness for both developers and end-users of products and services launched on its platform.

The Sui Coin/Token

Sui native currency is simply called Sui coin. According to icodrops, it debuted as an ERC20 token during its presale stages and initial exchange offering (IEO). The Sui coin or token is a standard digital asset and trades under the ticker symbol “SUI”. It powers the entire Sui network and ecosystem.

SUI is both a utility and governance token. Within the ecosystem, it is primarily used as a liquid asset across the various applications on the platform, including games, decentralized exchanges, lending and borrowing protocols and more.

SUI Coin

The Sui coin is also used to settle for gas fees on the network. This simply implies that it is used as a means of payment for executing transactions on the network and storing data too.

Sui is also used for proof-of-stake participation on the network. The Sui network employs a delegated proof-of-stake (dPOS) consensus mechanism. Therefore, the coin is used to incentivize and reward validators and SUI token holders who decide to stake their coins to secure the network.

SUI, as a governance token, plays a critical role in network governance. It gives coin holders rights to participate in Sui governance, submitting and voting on network proposals, such as upgrades and other important issues.

Finally, we can also describe SUI as an investment instrument. It is a digital currency that can be bought and sold across a variety of centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. It can also be bought from brokers and other investment platforms. This SUI price prediction guide is predicated on the fact that crypto enthusiasts will want to trade Sui for profit-making purposes.

What Influences the Price of Sui Tokens (SUI)?

Already, we’ve established that Sui is a volatile asset that will continue to fluctuate in the future. While this is an inherent characteristic of cryptocurrencies and related digital assets, there are specific factors that drive the prices of different coins. Below, we’ll briefly discuss the factors that could impact SUI price going forward:

  • Demand and Supply – Like every other item on the market, SUI responds to demand and supply. With increasing demand, the coin will gain. Conversely, increasing supply will most likely result in a price decline.
  • Crypto Market Condition – The cryptocurrency market is characterized by periods of bullish and bearish movements. During bull seasons, SUI will likely gain value. On the other hand, its price will most likely drop during bearish trends.
  • Market Sentiment – How SUI holders and potential buyers feel about the coin will always have an impact on its price. A positive market sentiment will boost demand even as holders continue to hold or even buy more. Negative sentiment about the project or its coin, on the other hand, will lead to a price drop.
  • Ecosystem developments and news – Developments like system upgrades and the launch of important applications on Sui could also impact the coin’s price. At the same time, positive or negative news stories could result in positive or negative price movements, respectively.
  • Others – A few other factors can also impact SUI price, including competition from other smart contracts platforms, whales’ activities, and the changing regulatory landscape.

Is Sui a Buy?

Based on what we’ve discussed so far, Sui appears like one of the most interesting altcoins at the moment. But then, it is a new crypto with very little history. However, its potential for growth is undeniable.

To decide whether Sui is a buy or not, you need to consider your investment objectives. The good news is that it is a really new coin. This means there is still much room for price growth. At the moment, it is still in the initial growth stage and could potentially rise significantly in the near future.

Is SUI A Buy

Our long-term SUI price forecast(s) also suggest that the asset could be much more profitable in the long run. We know that the Sui network is an incredible blockchain platform that could support many useful dApps in the future. At the same time, it is user-friendly and highly accessible for both developers and end-users. That means its users could grow exponentially, leading to a strong positive growth pattern.

From all indications, Sui appears like a solid digital asset with a bright future. If you have the risk appetite for a new coin, this could be one of the best coins to buy now.

Sui Price Prediction – Conclusion

 In this Sui price prediction guide, we’ve covered the most important things you need to know to make an informed decision about the coin and its base platform. The Sui network is an innovative platform that aims to deliver the benefits of Web3 with the ease of Web2. It has the necessary infrastructure for this, as well as impressive tokenomics to guarantee long-term sustainability.

At this point, it is important to stress that buying digital currencies from the right source eliminates risks and increases profit potential. Over the years, eToro has earned a reputation as the best social and copy trading platform. It is one of the best places to buy digital assets like SUI, as well as other investment instruments.

Author Checked Reviewed and Fact Checked by Kamal Masri, Crypto Writer and Investment Analyst.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.



What was SUI highest price ever?

SUI is a relatively new crypto that started trading in May 2023. At the time of writing this piece, its highest-ever price was $2.18, recorded on March 27, 2024

Yes, SUI price is expected to go up in the months ahead. It is a new crypto with much room for price growth

Sui has already performed very well in 2024 and is expected to perform even more. Like most other cryptos, it could reach a new all-time high value before the end of 2024

Based on our analysis, the Sui coin could appreciate in 2025 and reach a maximum price level of $5.74 before the end of the year

If the Sui ecosystem develops as we anticipate, then the coin could reach a maximum price of $9.26 before the end of 2027

By 2030, the Sui ecosystem must have improved significantly and attracted many more partners and investors. Based on our SUI coin forecast for 2030, the coin could be worth as much as $28.50 before the year runs out

Depending on how the wider crypto market develops in 2040 and the roles Sui network could play, the SUI token might be much more valuable than it is now. Our long-term SUI price prediction projects that the coin could attain a maximum price of $85.26 in 2040

It may be hard for SUI to reach the $100 mark, but it remains a possibility. While we can't rule out anything, it may actually take SUI several years or even decades to reach this price level

Now could be a great time to buy SUI. The coin is still trading within the $1 range and buying now increases the chances of taking in big profits in the future

Based on what we’ve covered in this SUI price prediction guide, the coin appears like a solid investment. The Sui network is great and the coin is new with huge growth potential. It could be an excellent addition to your crypto portfolio