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100x Crypto

As you watch the 2024 crypto bull market gain momentum, you probably are asking yourself – what is the next 100x crypto?

In this guide, Crypto2Community team take a look at the top 12 crypto gems expected to rally by 100x during this bull cycle. Most of these are low-cap coins with upside and promising future. They are also obedient to market trends and have solid fundamentals and enjoy the support of a large and vibrant community of followers.

In addition to listing and reviewing these potential 100x coins, they also provided tips on how to find these cryptocurrencies and the methodology behind our selection process.

Potential 100x Crypto – Top Picks

In handpicking these cryptos, our analysts vetted hundreds of the most popular and fast-growing cryptos. Eventually, they settled on these as the 12 next cryptos to go 100x.

  1. Jito (JTO) – The Best 100x Crypto to Invest in Right Now
  2. Cronos (CRO) – Undervalued Crypto Exchange Coin with Potential to Rally 100x
  3. yPredict (YPRED) – Best AI Token Expected to Rally 100x in 2024
  4. DogWifHat (WIF) – Most Promising Meme Coin with 100x Potential
  5. Ordi (ORDI) – The first and Fastest Growing Meme Coin on the Bitcoin Blockchain Network
  6. Yearn.Finance (YFI) – Popular Crypto with the Lowest Circulating Supply
  7. Alephium (ALPH) – Promising Layer-1 Blockchain with a Huge Upside Potential
  8. The Graph (GRT) – The Best Penny Cap and Indexing Protocol for the Ethereum Network
  9. Optimism (OP) – New and Fast-Growing Layer-2 Protocol on the Ethereum Network
  10. Maker (MKR) – Most Valuable DeFi Crypto with 100x Potential
  11. Gala Games (GALA) – Best Play to Earn Crypto Under $1 with 100x Potential
  12. Immutable X (IMX) – Grossly Undervalued Layer-2 Crypto Expected to Rally 100x

In sections further below, we tell you everything else you need to know about investing in the next 100x gems. We even detail a step-by-step guide to investing in the next 1000x cryptos.

A Closer Look at the Next 100x Crypto Assets

When searching for coins with a 100x potential, we considered a number of factors. First was their popularity – based on the strength of their community and exchange listing. We also checked their use cases, past price action, and expected future price performance. Other considerations included their tokenomics, trading volume, and real-world use cases.

Let’s take a closer look at the best next 100x crypto projects that made it into our list.

1. Jito (JTO) – The Best 100x Crypto to Invest in Right Now

Our top pick for the crypto with the most probability of rallying 100x in the current bull cycle is Jito. It is the native crypto of the Jito Network. This refers to the first liquid staking protocol on the Solana ecosystem to leverage the maximum extractable value (MEV) strategy.

Launched in December 2023, Jito is a relatively new crypto. According to CoinMarketCap, the JTO token had an introductory price of $2. It also had one of the most successful airdrops, with as much as $225 Million distributed to Solana users. Jito proved its aggressiveness and readiness to explode when it rallied by 200% within 72 hours after launching.

Jito Cryptocurrency

A number of factors convinced our analysts that JTO would grow by 100x. First is the fact that it has a relatively low fixed maximum token supply and an even lower market cap. Its token supply is capped at 1 billion JTO tokens with a current circulating supply of 12%. At the time of writing, JTO’s market cap is teetering around $4 Billion. Such a low circulating supply and even lower market cap ensure it is ready for a 100x gain.

This value gain is expected to be influenced by such factors as a recovering market. With the Bitcoin ETF approval, we expect significant inflows of institutional funds into the crypto market. Crypto experts at Standard Bank expect this flow to drive Bitcoin prices up 5x its value at the beginning of 2024. This will create a ripple effect that has a larger impact on altcoins.

They see large caps like ETH, XRP, and SOL rallying 10x, while medium-to-small caps like JTO break into 100x run.

2. Cronos (CRO) – Undervalued Crypto Exchange Coin with Potential to Rally 100x

Cronos is the native crypto of one of the best crypto trading platforms – the Crypto.com exchange. With more than 80 million users across the world, Crypto.com is one of the most popular crypto exchanges around. It is also one of the fastest-growing crypto trading platforms. But its features here are primarily due to its solid fundamentals.

You will especially note that it has decent tokenomics with a maximum token supply of 30 billion CROs. At its current price, this gives it an equally decent market cap of around $4 Billion. At this price and market cap, several factors have our analysts convinced that CRO is trading at a massively discounted price.

Cronos Crypto

First is the exchange’s growing popularity and trading volumes. We especially observe that it has positioned itself as a champion of DeFi and Web 3 concepts. Both are expected to have a huge impact on the future of blockchain and crypto technologies.

Secondly, we appreciate that CRO is a deflationary token that has consistently increased its token burn rates. These two work hand in hand to reduce CRO supply while raising its demand- effectively driving its value up.

Other factors influencing our decision to feature CRO among cryptos that will 100x include its past price action. During the last bull rally – in 2021 – CRO tokens rallied by 20x. Such a monumental value gain was achieved in the absence of institutional funds or Crypto.com’s current popularity.

Today, the coin trades more than 85% below this all-time high. Its popularity has also exploded, with a number of experts expecting it to fill the gap left by the collapse of the FTX exchange. With all these and the flowing in of institutional investor funds, nothing stands in the way of CRO becoming the next crypto to explode.

3. yPredict (YPRED) – Best AI Token Expected to Rally 100x in 2024

yPredict is the best new crypto to buy, with 100x potential. Its website describes it as a “Cutting-edge crypto research & trading platform that provides traders access to dozens of AI-powered crypto analysis tools.” We list it here because it falls within the AI crypto market trend that analysts believe will dominate this bull cycle.

But we don’t just list it here because it is an AI crypto. We also list it here because it is new and still in the beta testing stage. Even then, its crypto predictions are highly accurate, which explains the growing buzz about the token. It has been developed by leading AI and quant experts and provides price signals, sentiment analysis, and technical analysis.

yPredict Crypto

You will also want to buy a YPRED token because of its hugely promising future. This may partly be explained by its popularity and solid tokenomics. Its presale, for example, attracted more than 20,000+ investors. Its daily trading volumes have been on an overall uptrend since its debut on 2nd tier exchanges. Note that its market supply is capped at 100 million tokens – which gives it a current market cap of less than $7 Million.

There is growing optimism within the crypto community that YPRED will eventually list with serious exchanges. The hopefulness is informed by the fact that it is one of the most popular AI tokens. It is also informed by its growing daily trade volumes and expected AI crypto investing craze. When the listing eventually happens, you can expect YPRED prices to rally by more than 100x easily.

4. DogWifHat (WIF) – Most Promising Meme Coin with 100x Potential

DogWifHat is the newest dog-themed meme coin in the crypto markets today. Launched in mid-December 2023, WIF has had one of the most successful launches of the meme coin niche in three years. This is evidenced by the fact that it has grown its introductory price by 25X in three months. Further, it is massively popular and is already listed on leading crypto exchanges.

We may attribute WIF’s sudden popularity to a number of factors. May we also add that we expect these to continue driving WIF’s future value gain and possibly catapult its price 100x.

DogWifHat Crypto

First is the fact that most meme coins only have a single shot at going viral and positing unimaginable gains. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu already did that during the last market cycle. Heading into the 2024/2025 bull market, traders are looking for new and viable meme coins. At the moment, the majority are fixated on WIF. They expect it to mimic DOGE and SHIB’s 2021 performance.

Secondly, we expect WIF to continue rallying because it launched at the base of a crypto market rally. Like SHIB in 2021, WIF launched at the right time. It hit the market just as the market is about to enter what is expected to be its most aggressive bull run yet. It also has a decent maximum token supply of 998 million WIF tokens. With a $4 Billion market cap, nothing stands in the way of it blowing by at least 100x.

Lastly, we feature it here because Shiba Inu has been trying to escape the meme coin tag. It has expanded its ecosystem and wants to partner with brands to make SHIB a payment method. Investors have noticed and are, therefore, looking for a viable SHIB replacement. No other meme coin has more to offer than Shiba Inu.

5. Ordi (ORDI) – The first and Fastest Growing Meme Coin on the Bitcoin Blockchain Network

ORDI is a relatively new crypto and the most popular meme coin on the Bitcoin network. It was the first BRC-20 token deployed on the Bitcoin network and the native crypto of the Ordinals Protocol. The protocol was launched at the end of 2022 and facilitates the inscription of content on Bitcoin Satoshis. Known as Inscriptions, the content on Satoshis is the equivalent of NFTs on Ethereum and other blockchain networks.

Ordi Crypto

Like Bitcoins, ORDI’s maximum token supply is capped at 21 million tokens. Understand, however, that each BTC can be subdivided into 1 million Satoshis. This implies that there are 21 trillion Satoshis. This implies that as the demand for Inscriptions continues rising, so will the demand for ORDI tokens. This is part of the reason why we feature ORDI among the next 100x cryptos.

It also makes it here because the Ordinal Protocol is believed to be better than NFTs. It is more secure and a better store of content and data – primarily because all inscriptions are held on-chain. This has sparked the demand for inscription technology. By the end of 2023, for example, more than 54 million inscriptions had been minted. Globally renowned brands like Buggatti, Asprey, Tommy Hilfiger, and more have already started creating Bitcoin inscription collections.

We also believe ORDI to be one of the next 100x gems because its price is heavily correlated to Bitcoin’s. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was already rallying, with some experts expecting it to break above $250,000. This is bound to trigger a wild rally for tokens affiliated with the crypto, especially ORDI. Its decent market cap of around $1.2 Billion also says there is room for possible 100x value gains.

6. Yearn.Finance (YFI) – Popular Crypto with the Lowest Circulating Supply

Yearn.Finance is an aggregator service for the DeFi ecosystem. It uses bespoke automation tools to help investors find the most profitable DeFi products and maximize their ROI. Launched in 2020, the service is designed to serve newbies and passive investors who are looking to maximize their investment without spending hours comparing DeFi programs. This makes it one of the most important DeFi projects.


In addition to this popularity, several factors informed our decision to feature it among the next cryptos to 100x. For starters, YFI is one of the most undervalued cryptos to buy this bull cycle. At the time of writing, it trades more than 90% below its all-time high. This gives it a meager market cap of around $300 Million.

We also include it in this list because it is a relatively new crypto operating in an equally nascent ecosystem. The DeFi ecosystem is expected to shake up the multi-trillion-dollar banking and finance industry. In fact, the DeFi industry has been experiencing steady growth rates since 2020. Moving forward, YFI hopes to leverage this industry-wide growth in not just recapturing its ATH but also rallying 100x.

7. Alephium (ALPH) – Promising Layer-1 Blockchain with a Huge Upside Potential

Alephium is one of the most innovative blockchain technologies in the market today. It is unique in the sense that it was among the first to actualize sharded blockchain. This implies that it has been able to solve the blockchain trilemma challenge. This had, for a long time, eluded even the most promising crypto networks – including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Both Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains have achieved near-true decentralization. Secondly, no one can doubt their security. They, however, score poorly when it comes to scalability. This explains their rather slow transaction processing speeds and high transaction costs. It has created the need for layer-2 and layer-3 scaling solutions on the Ethereum network and hard forks for the Bitcoin network.


Not even the Ethereum merge – the shift from POW to POS consensus mechanism – could help it lower gas fees. Alephium has, however, solved all this by leveraging a sharded blockchain and a modified PoW algorithm known as ‘Blob Serve.’ These ensure that Alephium is as secure as the Bitcoin blockchain while maintaining faster confirmation speeds at lower transaction fees.

Further, Alephium is created using Ralph – a Turing-complete programming language. This allows for the creation of smart contracts on the PoW consensus-secured network. These are some of the underlying factors that help make ALPH the next 100x crypto.

The solid fundamentals and promising future make Alephium one of the best future cryptos. As we enter the DeFi and Web3 age, brands and developers will be looking for the best blockchain to build on. Seeing that Alephium offers the best of both Ethereum and Bitcoin, we expect it to draw in a lot of these brands.

We also note that ALPH has a decent token supply of 1 billion ALPH tokens. May we also add that it is yet to list with serious crypto exchanges like Binance. This explains its rather sluggish past price action. Moving forward, though, we expect these exchanges to appreciate ALPH’s growing popularity and community and list the altcoin.

We also notice that ALPH has already entered the bull run with a 400% price jump in three months. Further uptrend should catapult the new crypto’s value 100x.

8. The Graph (GRT) – The Best Penny Cap and Indexing Protocol for the Ethereum Network

The graph is an indexing protocol designed to query data on blockchain data resources such as Ethereum. It is designed to help developers create more accurate and reliable dApps, DeFi programs, smart contracts, and Web 3 programs. It achieves this by helping creators find the most accurate and reliable data on the blockchain network.

Hosted on the Ethereum network, The Graph is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 10 billion GRTs. At the current price, GRT’s market cap wobbles around $3.5 Billion. But we must mention that The Graph is deflationary and burns 1% of all deposit and query fees. It also trades close to 90% below its all-time high. These make it one of the most undervalued cryptos worth buying right now.

The Graph

Today, The Graph is an already popular digital asset and a top 50 crypto, according to CoinMarketCap. However, its popularity is expected to explode in the foreseeable future, driven by the demand for DeFi and Web 3 programs.

Further, the need for The Graph’s indexing technology is undeniable. According to its website, for example, The Graph has delivered more than 1.2 trillion blockchain network queries, and there are currently more than 60,000 projects on The Graph network.

Moving forward, we expect two key factors to drive GRT’s value gain by 100x. First is the rising demand for The Graph technology. You have probably realized that even institutions that have been most critical of crypto technology are slowly welcoming blockchain technology. For example, JP Morgan, which has been loudly critical of Bitcoin, recently launched a blockchain-based B2B payments program.

May we also mention that The Graph is multi-chain and is compatible with more than 40 blockchain networks. Moving forward, we expect to see The Graph launch on these networks. We also expect the rising demand for DeFi and Web3 programs to trigger a demand and value gain for GRT tokens. All these should help what is now one of the best Web3 cryptos rally by 100x.

9. Optimism (OP) – New and Fast-Growing Layer-2 Protocol on the Ethereum Network

Optimism is a layer-2 scaling protocol for the Ethereum network. It is also the fastest-growing layer-2 protocol on the blockchain. Launched in June 2022, it is a comparatively young cryptocurrency. This implies that it launched at the height of a crypto bear market. It also means it has yet to hit a true all-time high. Less than two years later, Optimism has morphed into one of the most sustainable cryptos to buy today.

OP token features among the next 100x cryptos because it is grossly undervalued, especially when you consider its solid fundamentals. It, for example, has a decent circulating supply of 1 billion OP tokens. At the current price, this gives it a $3 Billion market cap. This implies that there is room for 100x growth – possibly during this market cycle.

Optimism Crypto

Among the top factors expected to help grow OP’s price 100x are its popularity and growing use case. It will also be driven by its unique approach to Ethereum scaling. Optimism is, for example, one of the most successful layer-2 that uses optimistic rollups scaling solution. Its popularity may be evidenced by its aggressive growth and adoption – both on- and off-chain.

At the time of writing, for example, the Optimism protocol was adopted by close to 300 brands. These leverage Optimism services to increase the efficiency of their blockchain platforms while lowering the transaction fees. Some of the brands that are either built on or are partnering with Optimism today include Synthetix, OptiPunks NFTs, Synapse Protocol, and Metamask Wallet. Others are Coinbase Exchange, Pyth Network, and Boardroom DAO.

Optimism’s developer team has also been surging steadily. So has its online community of followers. These, its overall uptrending price action, and great investor interest have helped it list with all the popular exchanges. As the market started bracing for the upcoming bull market, so did Optimism, which rallied 400%+ in the last six months. By the time this bull cycle hits its peak, OP will possibly be trading more than 100x its current price.

10. Maker (MKR) – Most Valuable DeFi Crypto with 100x Potential

Maker joins our long list of the next biggest cryptos because of its hugely promising future. It is a major player in the DeFi niche and is expected to reap maximally from the upcoming DeFi investing craze. You will appreciate that DeFi programs have been gaining popularity over the years. We have even mentioned that even hardcore crypto critics like JP Morgan have already been working on their own DeFi programs.

Maker is the native token for the Maker DAO. Based on the Ethereum network, the DeFi program issues and manages the all-popular DAI stablecoin. At the time of writing, this DeFi protocol has the 4th highest total value locked – at slightly above $6 Billion. It also facilitates passive income generation through staking. And these are some of the factors that endear MKR to crypto investors.

Maker Crtpto

We also list Maker among the next cryptos to explode because of its solid tokenomics. It has one of the lowest maximum coin supply – capped at 1 million MKR tokens. At the current price, this gives Maker a $3 Billion market cap. Given its low supply, popularity in the stablecoin and DeFi industry, and past price action – it is evident that MKR is grossly undervalued.

Moving forward, we expect these factors, alongside explosive growth in the DeFi niche, to catapult MKR prices 100x. This effectively makes it one of the best DeFi cryptos to buy right now.

11. Gala Games (GALA) – Best Play-to-Earn Crypto Under $1 with 100x Potential

Gala is the best play-to-earn crypto to buy this bull cycle. It also ranks high among the penny cryptos with the most promising future. The claim is premised on the fact that analysts expect a revival of the play-to-earn crypto investing craze. Given GALA’s popularity, we expect it to benefit maximally from this investment craze.

We also feature GALA among cryptos that will 100x because of its stellar past performance. During the last bull market, for example, GALA was one of the most lucrative gaming tokens. Between December 2020 and its peak in November 2021, GALA rallied 4150x. At the time of writing, though, it has lost more than 90% of this peak price.

Gala Games Crypto

Analysts, gamers, forecasters, and investors are confident that GALA will recapture this ATH during this bull cycle. This means 15x gains from its current price. A growing number of these are also confident that GALA has what it takes to set a new all-time high 100x above its current price.

Such an aggressive value gain will be driven by a number of factors. First is the bull market cycle that triggers its rebound. Second is the revival of the play-to-earn cryptos investing craze. Third is the pricing of the many developments that have taken place within the GALA ecosystem throughout the bear market. These include the introduction of more profitable games, the integration of movies and TV series, and the Galachain L1 mainnet launch.

12. Immutable X (IMX) – Grossly Undervalued Layer-2 Crypto Expected to Rally 100x

Immutable X is one of the most successful layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that uses ZK-Rollups. Launched in 2021, it was initially designed to serve as a scaling solution dedicated to NFTs. In fact, one of its core missions is becoming the default NFT Blockchain of the future. To achieve this, Immutable X has made its protocol faster, more secure, and affordable.

But there is more to immutable X than just NFTs. It is also one of the best play-to-earn gaming platforms. Here, you will interact with tens of highly lucrative games. It has even partnered with the likes of popular eSports developers like Gods Unchained to create better versions of blockchain-based games.

Immutable X Crypto

Immutable is also home to one of the most innovative NFT marketplaces. It even lets its platform users develop new third-party NFT marketplaces on this platform without having to worry about the backend. These core features have helped it attract millions of crypto enthusiasts and followers.

But having launched at the peak of the 2021 bull market, you will realize that IMX never had a true all-time high. You will also notice that most of these developments haven’t been priced in. This explains why IMX features on our list of the most undervalued cryptos. This notwithstanding the fact that it has a promising future and solid fundamentals.

Moving forward, though, we expect crypto investors to rush towards IMX as they hope to price in the developments. A rallying market will also help it rebound and recapture the highs first set in November 2021. A revived NFT and play-to-earn investing craze, on the other hand, should give it the boost it needs to rally 100x. All these make IMX one of the best cryptos to buy for beginners and long-term investors.

How to Search for the Next 100x Potential Crypto

We started by saying that we considered a number of factors when looking for the next cryptos that will grow 100x. These are the factors that you also ought to give maximum consideration to when looking for the most sustainable cryptos to buy this bull cycle. The ones that we ruminated on the most include:

Tokenomics and on-chain metrics

A coin’s tokenomics speaks volumes about its future value and sustainability. The best combination for a sustainable coin that is poised for 100x value gains is low maximum supply and undervaluation.

Community support

One of the greatest indicators of value for a crypto project is its community of supporters. In most instances, the most valuable cryptos attract the greatest community of followers. Bitcoin and Ethereum, for instance, have attracted millions to their online communities organically.

Users appreciate the impact they have on the crypto industry. Sustainable brands will, therefore, have a large community of followers. In other cases, especially with meme coins, it is a great community that helps make a coin valuable.

Real-world use cases

We also considered real-world use cases for these cryptos. A coin with a real-world use case, real or expected, will always have a higher expected rate of value gain. Take, for example, GRT tokens or YFI, their expected future use cases have analysts and forecasters convinced they have the potential to rally 100x.

Check token fundamentals and roadmap

A token’s fundamentals speaks volumes about its future utility and price. These fundamentals range from its utility, tokenomics, development team, and roadmap. They also extend to its adoption rate as well as past and forecasted price action. These should tell you about a coin’s future value. The hottest cryptos will always have sturdy fundamentals.

Market trends

Market trends have the greatest impact on the value of digital assets. Take, for instance, the meme coin, NFT, and DeFi investing crazes that dominated the 2021 bull market cycle. These saw the likes of Shiba Inu rally by 85 million percent. It is highly likely that the cryptos that will 100x this bull cycle will mostly be influenced by prevailing market trends.

Factors Influencing the Price for 100x Gains For Crypto Projects

Cryptos were the most lucrative asset class of the last decade. They were also the most volatile investment class of the same period. Today, we take a look at some of the factors behind this volatile price action. These are the same factors expected to influence the 100x value gain for the digital assets we discussed hereinabove:

  • Community support: As we have already mentioned, a crypto community may be an indicator of a coin’s value. In the past, communities have rallied to petition exchanges to list cryptos. Brands will also check a coin’s popularity before adopting it as a payment method or building on its underlying blockchain network. Both of these have a great impact on a coin’s price.
  • Utility and adoption: It is also clear that a coin’s value will be greatly influenced by its use cases and adoption. Adoption, in this case, may refer to the taking in of a coin as a payment method by a physical store or e-commerce platform. It also refers to instances when renowned brands start building on its blockchain network. Either of these has had a huge impact on the price of the said crypto.
  • Development within the ecosystem: Investors are drawn to cryptos with a solid roadmap. When the development team accomplishes significant milestones on its roadmap, the coin’s price will most likely rally. It will also rally if either on- or off-chain brands start building on its ecosystem.
  • Artificial price pumps: At times, crypto influencers will create hype for a coin with the sole aim of driving up its price. These hype-driven value gains are referred to as artificial price pumps. Artificial price pumps are especially popular among meme coins and may help trigger a crypto’s eventual 100x rally.
  • Macro-environment: The prevailing external factors will also have a huge impact on the price of a digital asset. These macro factors driving prices up may include regulation, legal battles, as well as interest and inflation rates. The current crypto market for example has been triggered by the approval of 11 Bitcoin Exchange ETFs in the US by the SEC. Inversely, Ripple is trading at a hugely discounted price due to – in large part – its protracted legal battle against the SEC-US.
  • Internal factors: Factors within the crypto ecosystem will also play a critical role in influencing a coin’s price action. Bitcoin halving has, for example, always triggered huge value gains for Bitcoin. Shina Inu’s aggressive price rally in 2021 can, to a large part, be attributed to the burning of close to 50% of its total token supply by Vitalik Buterin. Similarly, making a crypto deflationary will also have a significant impact on its price.

Where to Buy the Next 100x Cryptos in 2024

There are multiple ways of acquiring digital currencies. You could receive airdrops, buy at exchanges, buy at peer-to-peer exchanges, or receive crypto gifts from friends. In this section, we look at the two best places to buy cryptocurrencies today.

Centralized exchanges (CEXs)

Some of the best crypto exchanges out there are centralized. The term centralized means that they are owned and operated by a trusted third party. They refer to an online trading platform that matches crypto buyers with sellers. These platforms are incentives to provide the service by the fee they charge for every crypto transaction they facilitate.

The best crypto exchanges have listed all the popular digital assets. They are also highly liquid. The downsides to using centralized exchanges, however, include the fact that they don’t list upcoming and not-so-popular cryptos. They are also prone to cybersecurity threats like hacking – as happened with the Mt Gox crypto exchange. Others, like FTX exchange, have been accused of misappropriating client funds.

Some of the best crypto exchanges for beginners are:

  1. eToro – The overall best place to buy cryptos – including the next 100x cryptos
  2. KuCoin – The best crypto exchange for low fees and a large selection of the next biggest cryptos
  3. Binance – Invest in the next 100x gem early via the launchpool of the most liquid crypto exchange

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs)

As the name suggests, decentralized exchanges aren’t owned or operated by a third party. Rather, they are crypto exchanges built over the decentralized blockchain networks. They do not require a trusted third party to facilitate transactions. Rather, buy and sell orders here are matched automatically through smart contracts.

One of the perks of buying the best altcoins at a decentralized exchange is that they are affordable. They maintain relatively low crypto trading fees, which are distributed as passive income to liquidity providers. They also list new cryptos as well as the most promising digital assets. In fact, most of the next 100x cryptos list on DEXs first and are only picked by CEXs after their popularity and trade volumes gain traction.

Some of the best decentralized exchanges include:

  • Uniswap (Ethereum network) – The best and most liquid decentralized exchange on the Ethereum network
  • Pancakeshwap (Binance mart Chain) – The most popular decentralized exchange on the BSC Network
  • Radium (Solana network) – The best place to buy Solana meme coins with 100x potential

How to Buy the Next 100x Crypto

You are now familiar with the next potential 100x cryptos and where to buy them. In this section, we walk you through the crypto-buying process on eToro. Read on to learn how to buy cryptos featured above.

Step 1: Open a Crypto Account

Start by creating a free crypto trader account. Open the eToro website or download the mobile app and hit the “Join Now” button. Complete the registration form that pops up here. It will only ask for basic personal information such as your name, address, and phone number. It will also ask about your trading experience and income sources. You will then need to come up with a unique username and strong password for this account.

Step 2: Verify your Identity

The registration process on eToro is only complete after you have verified your identity. Simply upload a photo of your government-issued ID – such as a passport or driver’s license. eToro will notify you via email of the account approval.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Log in to the approved trader account and hit the “Deposit Funds” icon on your user dashboard. A funding tab will pop up, indicating all the deposit methods available to you. Choose one and follow the prompts to fund this account with at least $10 into eToro.

Step 4: Identify the Next 100x Crypto to Buy

Once the payment is reflected in your account, hit the “Discover” tab on the user dashboard. This reveals all the financial assets supported on eToro. Choose “Cryptos” and from the list of supported crypto assets, select the next 100x gem.

Step 5: Buy Potential Crypto

Hit the “BUY” option against the meme coin. A trading tab will pop up. Use it to customize this trade by indicating how much you intend to invest in the altcoin. Then, hit the “Open Trade” button to execute.

Step 6: Set up a Wallet App

The private keys for the crypto you just purchased will be deposited into the exchange-provided web wallet. Note that this crypto vault doesn’t support in- or out-bound transfers to third-party exchanges or wallets. To move the digital asset, you first need to download and activate the eToro Money mobile wallet app.

Simply download the app and use the credentials created in Step 1 above to log in. Link the trading account with the wallet account and transfer funds to the latter. You will be charged a 0.5% crypto transfer fee (capped at $50). From here, you can transfer your crypto to any third-party exchange or wallet globally.


As history proves, investing in the next 100x crypto is going to bring you substantial profits. However, this is easier said than done because finding such coins is never easy. Even though the project might seem promising, you’ll never know what could go wrong at any point.

To make this research process a little bit easier, in this guide we identified 12 coins with such potential. We have also discussed key factors that would make cryptos explode. Equally important, we have vetted tens of the most promising cryptos and handpicked coins that have the potential to rally by 10000%. If you’re interested in investing, these could be a good starting point. However, always make sure you do your own research and invest within your means.

Want to start investing in a 100x crypto? Follow the step-by-step guide to buying potential cryptos that we have outlined above.


FAQs on the Next 100x Cryptos

Which crypto will grow by 100x in 2024?

Top among the cryptos expected to grow by 100x this bull cycle is the Jito (JTO) token. The native token of the Jito Network on Solana has a hugely promising future but is currently grossly undervalued. We expect it to be one of the most lucrative investments of this bull cycle.

Yes, the crypto market has already started recovering – triggered by the approval of Bitcoin ETFs in January 2024. In fact, we are in the early stages of what will likely be an extended bull market. The Bitcoin halving is expected to serve to accelerate this crypto market uptrend.

After vetting the crypto markets, we have identified a number of cryptos that we believe will be shining gems of the 2024 bull rally. The most promising among these are yPredict, DigWifHat, Ordi, Yearn.Finance, Alephium, Maker, and Gala.

When searching for the next 100x crypto, you will need to consider a number of factors. First, you will need to consider such factors as its tokenomics and its utility. Others include its adoption rate, current price, market cap, and community support. Equally important, consider the developer activity in its ecosystem as well as macro factors.

No, it is not too late to start buying cryptos. In fact, the majority of cryptos have yet to hit a fraction of their price potential. Bitcoin, for instance, hasn't breached $100,000 – yet investors and analysts expect it to reach $1 Million by the turn of the decade. This implies you still have a chance to grow your crypto investment.