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Where and How to Buy Cosmos

In this guide, you will learn where to buy Cosmos coins.

It is a review of what our analysts and the majority of crypto investors believe to be the best crypto exchanges for Cosmos investors. We handpicked these top altcoin exchanges because they are easy to use, charge competitive fees, and are safe. By the end of this guide, you will also have learned how to buy your first ATOM coin.

How to Buy Cosmos (ATOM) – Quick 4-Step Guide

This section teaches you how to buy Cosmos coins today. We walk you through the process of buying ATOM coins on eToro with as little as $10. This SEC-regulated crypto brokerage has a quick member registration process and a beginner-friendly crypto buying process.

  • Step 1: Create a Free eToro trader account – Open the official eToro website and hit the ‘Join Now’ button. Complete the registration form that appears here. You will also need to come up with a unique username and create a strong password for this account.
  • Step 2: Fund this Account – The minimum you can deposit is $10. Click on the deposit button and choose your preferred payment option. Follow the prompts to transfer funds into this account.
  • Step 3: Search Cosmos – Use the search button on the eToro home page to find ATOM tokens today. Click on the “Trade” button that pops up here to initiate the crypto-buying process.
  • Step 4: Buy Cosmos – Hit the “BUY” option against the Cosmos coin. Customize this investment and hit the ‘Open Trade’ button to execute this investment.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

Below, we will explore this crypto-buying guide in detail. We will also tell you what the cosmos is and how it works. The guide will even go over its past price action and look at its expected future price performance. We also discuss the top reasons to invest in ATOM today. First, though, we will review the best crypto exchanges where you can buy Cosmos in 2024.

Where to Buy Cosmos (ATOM) Right Now

Cosmos is one of the top 25 cryptocurrencies by market cap, according to data from CoinMarketCap. It also has more than 1 million followers across social media platforms. This popularity and its solid fundamentals have helped it list all the best crypto trading platforms in the world. But what is the best Cosmos crypto exchange? We vetted tens of popular altcoin trading platforms and eventually settled on the following as the best places to buy ATOM tokens today.

 1. eToro – Overall Best Crypto Exchange for Buying Cosmos (ATOM)

eToro was launched in 2007 as a forex brokerage. It only started offering cryptos in 2023 when it added Bitcoin to its list of supported financial instruments. The next decade would see it add more digital assets to its crypto lineup, with Cosmos making it to this list in 2021. Today, eToro has morphed into one of the best crypto exchanges for beginners and experts alike. It is also one of the crypto brokerages – famed for its deep liquidity and fast transaction processing.

Buy Cosmos on eToro

Top among the many other factors making eToro the best crypto trading platform are its copy trading and social investing features. Copy trading is a passive investing strategy that lets beginners make money by copying the trade settings of highly successful traders. The popular investors, on the other hand, earn a commission for letting newbies copy their trades. The social investing platform, on the other hand, allows for seamless interactions between all eToro brokerage users.

Buy Altcoins

You may also want to buy Cosmos and the hottest cryptos listed on eToro because it is a safe exchange. For starters, the trading platform has never been hacked. It has never lost client funds to theft or misappropriation. It also doesn’t share sensitive client information with third parties. But even more importantly, eToro presents you with a free digital wallet. You get a web wallet that holds 95%+ of your assets offline, as well as a safe eToro mobile wallet app.

When buying ATOM on eToro, you will only pay a fixed trading fee and a competitive fee. The SEC-regulated brokerages don’t charge a broker commission. This fee is fixed at 1% of the trading volume. You can start buying Bitcoin on eToro with as little as $10. The platform welcomes deposits from all the popular payment processors. These include credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, ACH transfers, PayPal, and eWallets like Skrill.

  • eToro is a multi-platform exchange – buy cryptos on the eToro web and crypto trading mobile app
  • The exchange is a multi-asset platform – supporting cryptos, ETFs, commodities, stocks, and Indices
  • Earn passively through staking and copy-trading
  • eToro trading platform integrates 75+ advanced charting tools and technical indicators
  • Charges high non-trading fees
  • The support team may be a little bit sluggish in their responses

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

2. KuCoin – Best Crypto Exchange to Buy Cosmos (ATOM) at Low Fees

Several factors help make KuCoin one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world. Its competitive crypto trading fees, however, stand out the most. When buying Cosmos on KuCoin, for example, you will pay a volume-based maker/taker fee. These range between -0.005% and 0.1% – and if you settle this fee with KCS Coins, you receive a 20% fee discount.

KuCoin is also popular because of its deep liquidity and large crypto library. At the time of writing, KuCoin is the 7th most liquid crypto exchange – according to CoinMarketCap. The exchange is also home to 750+ digital currencies and supports 1500+ crypto pairs.

Buy Cryptos on Kuckoin

Here, you will interact with not just the most undervalued cryptos to buy but also the most volatile digital currencies. Since KuCoin is a multi-asset platform, you also get to invest in NFTs. It also gives you access to the best Web3 coins and lets you buy the best DeFi Coins.

You will also want to buy Cosmos and other cryptos on KuCoin if you are looking for lucrative passive investment options. The most popular here include staking, dual investing, KCS bonus, crypto lending, and snowball. KuCoin will also let you invest in the next cryptos to explode via the KuCoin Launchpad.

KuCoin also presents you with multiple ways of buying cryptos. These help make it one of the best crypto exchanges for crypto day traders. For starters, you can buy ATOM instantly on KuCoin with an account balance or credit card. You may also automate the trading process when you use one of the many trading bots supported here. KuCoin also supports margin and derivative – future and options – trading. Leverage for spot and derivative crypto trades is capped at 10X and 100X+, respectively.

  • Start buying Cosmos on KuCoin with as low as $2
  • Buy cryptos fee-free and pay using 20+ payment options on the KuCoin peer-to-peer trading platform.
  • KuCoin is a safe exchange – it presents you with a free Halo wallet mobile app.
  • KuCoin operates one of the best crypto trading mobile apps
  • Cannot buy crypto with PayPal on KuCoin
  • Not available in the US

3. Coinbase – Best Crypto Exchange for Beginners

Coinbase is one of the best crypto trading platforms in the US today. It is also one of the most reputable and one of the most pro-regulation crypto exchanges in the world. Coinbase, for starters, is regulated by the SEC. It also became the first exchange to go public in April 2021 when it was listed with NASDAQ. The exchange has even taken the SEC-US to court, demanding clearer guidelines regarding the regulation of crypto exchanges.

Other than its solid reputation, Coinbase has also positioned itself as one of the best crypto exchanges for beginners. This is evidenced first by its quick and straightforward client onboarding process. This, then, extends to its easy-to-use crypto trading platform. This not only has one of the most straightforward crypto-buying processes but also integrates rich educational content. Here, you learn how to invest in cryptos and how to keep your private keys safe.

Coinbase wallet

You can buy Cosmos instantly on Coinbase with PayPal or account balance. The exchange also supports fractional trading and lets you invest in cryptos starting at as low as $2. It also supports multiple fiat payment options – including PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. The trading fee for buying Cosmos and any of the 200+ cryptos supported here is dependent on trade volume and deposit method.

Coinbase also ranks high among the safest crypto exchanges. It has put in place multiple safeguards aimed at keeping your cryptos and private data safe. These start with enforcing two-factor authentication on the trading accounts and crypto wallets. It also provides all its platform users with free crypto wallets.

First is the exchange-based wallet that holds over 98% of client assets in offline vaults. The exchange then insures the remaining 2% held in hot wallets. You also get a free Coinbase wallet mobile app. Cash deposits into Coinbase – for US clients – are also insured – up to $250,000 with the FDIC. Other security measures include transaction confirmation notification and whitelisting of addresses.

  • Coinbase exposes you to the Web 3 and NFT ecosystems
  • Earn free crypto with the Coinbase Learn-to-Earn program
  • Earn passively when you stake cryptos on Coinbase
  • Leverage Base Layer 2, which you can use to build dApps on the Ethereum network
  • Coinbase wallet has a history of hacks, including a 2021 attack that compromised 6000 customers
  • High crypto trading fees

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

4. Crypto.com – Best Place to Buy Cosmos (ATOM) and Invest in Cryptos Passively

Crypto.com ranks among the top 15 most liquid crypto exchanges – according to CoinMarketCap. Its daily crypto trading volume averages $1+ Billion, even though it only supports 300 coins. But we don’t feature Crypto.com here because of its liquidity. It makes it here primarily because of its support for passive investing.

The most common passive income-generating program hosted on Crypto.com is staking. Today, you can stake 20+ cryptos on Crypto.com and earn interest of up to 12% APY. You can even stake Bitcoin on Crypto.com. To access more passive investing programs with higher interest rates, leverage the DeFi wallet.

Crypto.com Trading Platform

Here, you will have access to tens of lucrative DeFi programs with double-digit-percentage interest rates on staked crypto. Alternatively, earn high returns by lending your digital assets to other crypto traders.

Crypto.com is also the best crypto exchange because it is safe. Like all the top crypto trading platforms, it presents you with free and safe digital wallets. You may opt to use their exchange-based wallet or download the Crypto.com wallet mobile app. Crypto.com also insures cash deposits for their US clients with the FDIC – up to $250,000. Further, the exchange publishes and regularly updates its audited proof-of-reserves.

Other reasons for buying Cosmos on Crypto.com include the fact that it is easy to use and cost-friendly. It has a straightforward onboarding process that ushers you to an intuitive trading platform. Further, eToro’s navigability draws in beginners, while the advanced features integrated here attract expert traders.

When buying ATOM on Crypto.com, you will only pay a competitive maker/taker fee. This ranges between 0% and 0.075% – depending on your 30-day trade volume. Traders who have staked CRO tokens won’t pay a maker fee. Their taker fee is also discounted by between 3% and 30% – depending on the amount of CRO tokens staked.

  • Trade spot crypto and derivatives – with competitive leverages
  • Automate your crypto investment with trading bots, including a dollar-cost-averaging bot
  • Highly responsive support team available 24/7 on live chat
  • Operates one of the best crypto trading mobile apps
  • Supports a relatively low number of cryptos
  • High crypto withdrawal fees

5. Kraken – Safest Crypto Exchange for Buying Cosmos (ATOM) Coins

Established in 2011, Kraken is the oldest crypto trading platform in this list. It is also one of the reputable crypto exchanges famed for its highly responsive support team and reliability. This is evidenced by the industry-leading uptime for its web and app trading platforms. The exchange is also easy to use – appealing to both beginner and expert traders.

Kraken Crypto Trading Platform

However, we feature Kraken here primarily because it is one of the safest crypto exchanges around. Note that even though it has been around for more than a decade, Kraken has never been hacked. It has never lost client funds to theft and has never been accused of misappropriating client resources.

Kraken was also the first crypto exchange to publish their audited proof of reserves. Other measures taken by the platform to keep client funds safe include holding in geographically distributed offline vaults.

You will also want to buy Cosmos and other new coins on Kraken because it presents you with multiple ways of buying cryptos. You, for starters, can buy Bitcoin instantly with credit cards or debit cards. Alternatively, buy ATOM and any of the best cryptos to buy on the Kraken web or mobile trading platform. High-volume traders may also buy crypto pseudonymously at a highly competitive rate on the Kraken Dark Pool.

When buying ATOM here, you will pay a maker/taker trading fee of between 0% and 0.26%. The exchange also has some of the fastest transaction processing speeds. Not forgetting that it is also one of the most liquid crypto trading platforms – with daily trade volume averaging $1+ Billion. All these make Kraken one of the best crypto exchanges for active traders.

  • Trade NFTs on the integrated marketplace with zero gas fees
  • Stake cryptos on Kraken and earn up to 26% APY
  • Margin trade cryptos with leverages of up to 5X
  • Kraken PRO features more crypto pairs at a more competitive trading fee
  • Kraken was recently sued by the SEC for selling what the agency considers securities
  • Kraken doesn’t present users with a free mobile wallet app

What is Cosmos (ATOM)?

Cosmos is a revolutionary blockchain technology whose development started in 2014 before launching in 2016. Today, it is fondly referred to as the “Internet of Blockchain” or “Blockchain 3.0.” The epithet stems from its mission of creating an interconnected and interoperable blockchain ecosystem.

To achieve this, Cosmos has come up with the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. This facilitates the seamless communication and sharing of data between different blockchains.

What is Cosmos

In addition to solving the biggest problem plaguing the crypto-verse, Cosmos is also committed to making the industry as accommodating as possible. It seeks to achieve this by leveraging the Cosmos SDK. This allows anyone, regardless of their developer or coding experience, to create blockchains and dApps. These leverage the open-sourced nature of the Cosmos blockchain and integrated tools.

Note that the Cosmos blockchain uses a hybrid proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. It is also made up of three layers. First is the application layer that updates the network after processing transactions.

The second is the networking layer, which is home to the IBC protocol. It facilitates and allows communications between the connected transactions, dApps, and blockchains. At the core of them all is the consensus layer. This verifies transactions on the network and ensures that all the nodes agree on the state of the blockchain at any given time.

ATOM is the native coin for this blockchain network. It is used to facilitate transactions within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Action

The Cosmos ICO was held in April 2017, and it valued the price of ATOM coins at $0.10. By the time it hit the markets in February 2015, data from CoinMarketCap indicates that ATOM prices were already up by more than 6600%. It had an introductory price of $6.60. Its launch coincided with the 2018-2020 bear market. Its price, therefore, started falling soon after launch and bottomed below $2 in September 2019.

Cosmos Price Chart

It attempted a rebound in the first few months of 2020. This was, however, met by a sharp reversal that pushed it to the current all-time low of $1.13 set in March 2020. ATOM only started showing signs of recovery in the second half of 2020, prompted by a possible crypto market recovery. It recaptured the introductory price and even stormed into 2021 trading above $7.

Throughout that year, Cosmos proved its resilience and obedience to crypto market trends. It broke into a spirited uptrend that saw it set the current all-time high of $44.70 in September 2021. This represents 44000% gains on its ICO price and 630%+ gains in the first nine months of that year.

The crypto market, however, hit a snag in 2022 and started crashing. The crash was followed by an extended bear market that lasted until late 2023. This crashed ATOM coin prices as it entered into 2024 trading around 80% below the all-time high.

Cosmos (ATOM) Future Price Prediction

The crypto market has been hinting at recovery. The approval of 11 Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC-US and the upcoming Bitcoin halving event is certainly expected to trigger a crypto market bull run. Analysts and forecasters are confident that this will trigger a price run for ATOM tokens. However, these experts can’t agree on how high ATOM prices will jump before the end of the year and in the foreseeable future.

Below, we look at some of the Cosmos token price forecasts for 2024 and 2025:

  • ATOM price prediction 2024: Algorithmic crypto forecasting platforms Digital Coin Price and Gov.Capital are hugely optimistic about ATOM’s future. They both expect the interoperability token to grow by more than 200% in the next 12 months. Digital coin, for starters, expects ATOM to rally and break above $22 before December 2022. Gov Capital, on the other hand, expects it to reach $23.
  • ATOM price prediction 2025: The algorithmic forecasters at Priceprediction.net also expect ATOM price to rally. But it doesn’t agree that ATOM can rally 200% before the end of the year. It only expects the ATOM price to reach $23 at the end of 2025. Digital Coin Price, on the other hand, expects ATOM to reach $30 before December 2025.

Is Cosmos a Good Investment?

Yes, there are many factors pointing to the fact that Cosmos is a good investment. First, it has posted stellar price action in the past. Its ecosystem has also been growing fast. But even more importantly, the developments that have taken place there in the recent past have not been priced in.

Below, we look at the top factors that make ATOM one of the best future cryptos to buy today.

  • It is resilient: Cosmos is a good investment because it has overcome even the most devastating price drops. It always rebounded and shot to a new price record. You can, therefore, expect ATOM to rebound from the current dip and rally to a new high. This makes it worth buying today.
  • It is obedient to market trends: ATOM is obedient to market trends. It rallies when the market is uptrending and dips as soon as it starts downtrending. Right now, the market is expected to break into a bull run. This makes now the best time to enter into a long ATOM position.
  • Has solid fundamentals: ATOM is also worth buying because it has solid fundamentals. It has healthy tokenomics and addresses a real-world problem. All of the ATOM tokens are already in circulation – so no new coins will dilute their current or future value. These make it a good long-term investment.
  • ATOM is grossly undervalued: We have already mentioned that ATOM is one of the best future cryptos. Further adoption of crypto and blockchain technology will spark the demand for an interoperable crypto verse. This would see more blockchains turn to Cosmos, sparking the demand and price for ATOM tokens. This future demand indicates that ATOM is currently trading at a grossly undervalued, which makes it worth buying today.

Ways of Buying Cosmos (ATOM)

One of the attractive qualities of the best crypto exchanges is that they present you with multiple ways of buying cryptos. In this section, we explore the three most common ways of buying ATOM tokens at the top exchanges.

How to Buy Cosmos (ATOM) with PayPal and eWallets like Skrill or Apple Pay

You cannot buy ATOM directly from the PayPal website or app. The instant buy feature is reserved for leading digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and PayPal USD. To buy Cosmos with PayPal, you first need to find a crypto that lists ATOM and accepts PayPal deposits – like eToro or Coinbase. Proceed to deposit cash into your trading account via PayPal or other cryptos and use this balance to buy ATOM.

There are several advantages of buying cryptos with PayPal and eWallets. First, your cash deposit is processed instantly. Secondly, these payment processors charge highly competitive transaction processing fees. Further, some exchanges – like eToro – won’t even charge you a deposit processing fee. On the flip side, though, these payment methods have comparatively low daily maximum deposit limits.

How to Buy Cosmos (ATOM) with Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Cards are one of the most acceptable online payment methods. In fact, all the crypto exchanges we have discussed above will let you buy Cosmos with a card deposit. Some, like eToro and KuCoin, let you buy ATOM with cards instantly.

Others let you deposit money into a trader account with cards and use the balance to buy ATOM. Others let you deposit fiat via cards – but through a fiat-to-crypto onramp. Yet, others will let you buy cryptos with cards fee-free at the integrated peer-to-peer trading platforms.

The chief advantage of buying cryptos like Cosmos with cards is that the payment is processed instantly. Further, crypto exchanges like eToro and KuCoin do not charge you a deposit processing fee. On the flip side, though, some crypto trading platforms like Coinbase and Kraken charge processing fees when you buy ATOM with cards. Some card issuers also maintain relatively high deposit processing fees.

How to Buy Cosmos (ATOM) with Bank Deposit

Bank is the most accessible and most accepted payment option globally. In fact, all the crypto trading platforms that we have reviewed above will let you buy ATOM with a bank deposit. The primary merit of buying ATOM with a bank deposit is the high maximum limit. For instance, eToro has no maximum daily limit on how much you can move to your trading account via bank deposit. It also doesn’t charge a deposit processing fee on inbound bank transfers.

On the flip side, most exchanges have a high minimum deposit limit on bank deposits. The minimum you can move into eToro via bank transfer – for example, is $500. Further, the transfer process is bureaucratic and it often takes days before the cash reflects in your trading account. At eToro, you may expect to wait between 3 and 8 days before the deposit reflects. Further, most banks charge relatively high deposit processing fees.

How to Buy Cosmos (ATOM) Tokens – Step-by-Step Beginners Guide

You now understand what Cosmos is and why ATOM coins are worth buying today. In this section, we expound on the process of buying ATOM tokens on eToro. As we have mentioned above, eToro has one of the most straightforward crypto-buying processes.

Step 1: Register a free crypto trader account

Start by creating a crypto trader account on eToro. It is simple. Hit the “Join Now” button on the eToro website or mobile trading app. Complete the registration form that pops up here. It will only ask for basic personal information like name and address, phone number and country of residence. It will also inquire about your trading experience and income sources. You will also need to come up with a unique username and strong password for this account.

Step 2: Verify your identity

The registration process on eToro is only complete after you have verified your identity. Simply upload a photo of your government-issued ID – such as a passport or driver’s license. eToro will notify you via email of the account approval.

Step 3: Deposit funds into this account

Log in to the approved trader account and hit the “Deposit Funds” icon on your user dashboard. A funding tab will pop up, indicating all the payment methods available to you based on your country of residence. Choose one and follow the prompts to deposit at least $10 into eToro.

Step 4: Search for Cosmos/ATOM

Once the payment is reflected in your account, hit the “Discover” tab on the user dashboard. This reveals all the financial assets supported on eToro. Choose “Cryptos,” and from the list of supported crypto assets, select ATOM.

Step 5: Buy ATOM

Hit the “BUY” option against ATOM. A trading tab will pop up. Use it to customize this trade by indicating how much you intend to invest in the altcoin. Then, hit the “Open Trade” button to execute.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

Step 6: Set up and activate the eToro Money – mobile wallet app

The private keys for the ATOM tokens you just purchased will be deposited into the exchange-provided web wallet. This doesn’t support inbound or outbound crypto transfers to third-party exchanges or wallets. To move these funds, you first need to download and activate the eToro Money mobile wallet app.

Buy Cosmos on eToro

Simply download the app and use the credentials created in Step 1 above to log in. Link the trading account with the wallet account and transfer funds to the latter. You will be charged a 0.5% crypto transfer fee (capped at $50). From here, you can transfer your crypto to any third-party exchange or wallet globally.

How to Sell Cosmos Coins

In this section, we will walk you through the process of selling ATOM tokens on eToro.

  • Step 1: Log back into the eToro trading account.
  • Step 2: Hit the “Portfolio” icon on your user dashboard to reveal all your open crypto trades.
  • Step 3: Choose “ATOM” and choose the “Close” trade option.
  • Step 4: Indicate whether you want to sell a portion of coins or the entire position and hit “close” to execute.

Note: The cash equivalent of the ATOM coins you just sold will be immediately deposited into your account. Use it to buy top trending cryptos like Solana or Ripple or simply withdraw it.

Conclusion – How to Buy Cosmos Coins in 2024

This guide has cleared the mist on how and where to buy Cosmos crypto in 2024. We told you why our analysts believe they are the best places to buy ATOM coins today and have identified the best Cosmos brokers in the market today and in terms of user-friendliness, fees, spreads, supported markets, and more – we like eToro.

This top-rated crypto broker offers low commission crypto trading for multiple global markets, alongside margin, tight spreads, and short-selling capabilities. Not to mention that eToro requires a minimum deposit of $100 and the platform accepts instant payments via debit/credit cards and e-wallets.

Want to start investing in Cosmos coins right now? Follow the step-by-step guide to buying ATOM on eToro that we have outlined above.

Author Checked Reviewed and Fact Checked by Kamal Masri, Crypto Writer and Investment Analyst.

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  • Free Copy Trading of Professional Traders
  • Best Place to Buy Cosmos
  • Minimum Deposit only $10
  • Best Beginner exchange
  • Open to US & Worldwide

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.


FAQs on Buying Cosmos Coins Today

What is the best Cosmos exchange?

eToro is our top pick for the best Cosmos exchange. We rank it this high because it is transparent with its trading fees, has a straightforward crypto-buying process, and is user-friendly.

Yes. The Cosmos coin is worth buying today because it is grossly undervalued even though it has a hugely promising future. Buying it today exposes you to possible unimaginable gains in the future when its value eventually blows.

The process of buying Cosmos is simple. Start by identifying the best crypto exchange for you, creating an account there, and depositing funds. Next, open a buy order for ATOM coins.

There is no standard limit to how much you need to start buying ATOM coins. Some exchanges will even let you buy Cosmos with as little as $2. We, however, advise you to consider your risk tolerance and disposable income when determining the maximum investment. Importantly, don't invest more than you are willing to lose.