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zkSync Price Makes V-Shaped Recovery, Rebound Signals to a Potential Short-Term Rally


  • zkSync making a V-shaped recovery with high volumes
  • Bullish momentum driven by rising adoption
  • Bitcoin strengthening momentum could support zkSync rally

zkSync, a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, is experiencing a slight correction today. At the time of going to press, zkSync was trading at $0.1592, down by 2.54% in the day.

Paymaster Transactions Increase

However, recent developments suggest that zkSync may soon be poised for a significant rally. Yesterday, zkSync announced a major milestone: a tenfold increase in paymaster transactions since February. This achievement underscores zkSync’s growing adoption and the potential for a parabolic price move.

In a recent tweet, the zkSync team highlighted this milestone: “Paymaster transactions are up 10x since February. Eemajin has to pay gas fees. In February, the number of transactions stood at 1 million. Today, they are at 11.5 million.” This dramatic rise in transactions reflects zkSync’s effectiveness in addressing Ethereum’s scalability and cost challenges.

zkSync Unique Features and Mainnet Launch

zkSync, developed by MatterLabs, is designed to enhance Ethereum’s scalability using zk-rollup technology. This technology processes transactions off-chain while maintaining security by anchoring to the Ethereum mainnet. This approach distinguishes zkSync from other Layer-2 networks, such as Optimism and StarkNet, aiming to improve Ethereum’s scalability. However, zkSync sets itself apart with its focus on high-speed, low-cost transactions and its commitment to being open-source.

The increase in transaction numbers coincides with the recent launch of zkSync’s mainnet, which has attracted significant attention from the cryptocurrency community. This mainnet launch has increased the platform’s visibility and boosted investor confidence in its long-term potential.

zkSync Making A V-Shaped Recovery, A Bullish Signal

Analyzing the price charts, zkSync has shown a remarkable V-shaped recovery in the past few hours. After hitting a low of $0.15, the cryptocurrency has established strong support at $0.1509. Currently, bulls are gaining momentum, driving the price upward. If this momentum continues, the critical resistance level to watch is $0.174. Breaking this resistance could cause zkSync’s price to rise to $0.187 within the day.

zkSync Making A V-Shaped Recovery
Source: TradingView

Conversely, if bearish forces regain control and the price breaks below the $0.1509 support level, zkSync could drop to a low of $0.10. However, the likelihood of a continued upward trend appears stronger. This is supported by rising buying volumes as the price increases, indicating growing investor interest.

Bitcoin Likely To Support zkSync’s Increasing Bullish Momentum

Furthermore, broader market sentiment could play a supportive role in zkSync’s price action. The leading cryptocurrency has been holding steady above the $60,000 support level. This stability suggests that Bitcoin may have found a bottom, which often signals a potential market rebound. Historically, when Bitcoin stabilizes or rallies, it tends to boost the performance of top-trending altcoins. Given zkSync’s solid fundamentals and recent achievements, Bitcoin will benefit significantly if it gains momentum.

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Driving Scalability To New Levels

One of zkSync’s key strengths lies in its innovative use of zk-rollup technology. By processing transactions off-chain and securing them on the Ethereum mainnet, zkSync offers a scalable and cost-effective solution that addresses some of the most pressing issues in the Ethereum ecosystem. This technological advantage and the platform’s open-source nature position zkSync as a leading contender in the Layer-2 space.

The recent surge in paymaster transactions is a testament to zkSync’s growing utility and adoption. Paymaster transactions involve third-party entities covering the gas fees, making the user experience more seamless and cost-effective. The tenfold increase in these transactions since February indicates that more users and developers recognize the benefits of zkSync’s approach.

Future Looks Bright 

As cryptocurrencies grow in adoption, the demand for scalable and efficient solutions like zkSync will likely grow. Ethereum’s popularity and the subsequent congestion and high gas fees have created a fertile ground for Layer-2 solutions. zkSync’s ability to offer fast, low-cost transactions while maintaining security through Ethereum mainnet gives it a competitive edge.

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