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ZetaChain Price Prediction - Will ZETA AI Token Hit $2?

ZetaChain (ZETA) is one of the cryptocurrency best performers in the last 24 hours. In this period, ZETA has rallied by 64% from a low of $0.65 to a high of $0.96. 

ZetaChain is one of the newer L1’s that focus on enhanced efficiency. One of the key defining characteristics of ZetaChain is interoperability. When using ZetaChain, developers can transfer data between chains without having to wrap assets. 

For a start, investors are excited about the ZetaChain mainnet, which has gone live today. With this, ZetaChain has become one of the most watched crosschain cryptocurrencies in the market. Investors are waiting to see how the integration of multiple blockchains will aid in more efficient Dapp’s development. 

Investors are also excited by the fact that ZetaChain has been listed on Kucoin, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the market. This is a big deal because it makes ZetaChain more accessible to investors just when its mainnet has gone live. Kucoin is also running a special campaign to celebrate the ZetaChain launch, a factor that is likely to drive volumes in the short term. 

ZetaChain is also accessible in several other top exchanges. Among the top centralized exchanges where you can buy ZetaChain include OKX, Coinbase, and Gate.io. 

In the follow-up sections, we do an in-depth ZetaChain price analysis. The idea is to give you perspective on whether ZetaChain is a good cryptocurrency to buy now.

ZetaChain Crypto Price Prediction

When going to press, ZetaChain was trading at $0.905. Its trading volumes stood at $61.75 million. In the last 24-hours of trading, ZetaChain has seen its price increase by 64%. 

In the last 24-hours, ZetaChain has broken through a key resistance level at $0.892 and with high volumes. This is an indicator that bulls are firmly in control. If bulls can sustain this momentum, then ZetaChain could rally towards $1 or more in the short term. 

However, if bulls lose momentum, and $0.892, now support, is broken, ZetaChain could easily retest the 24-hour low of $0.65, which is now a key support level. 

With all the hype around cross-chain functionality, some experts believe ZetaChain could easily rise to $10 or more in the coming months. However, there are no guarantees that the crosschain tech will work as planned. It has been tried by other chains before and failed due to numerous hacks. 

As ZetaChain Trades Post-News, Focus Shift To PepeFork Meme Coin

With most of the big news now behind it, ZetaChain seems to be faltering at $0.95. This has seen some investors move away in fear of a dump, especially now that the broader market is in the red intra-day. 

It is for this reason that savvy investors are beginning to diversify into high-potential meme coins like PepeFork. While there is little information about PepeFork, one thing stands out, it is attracting a lot of social media hype at the moment. This is important because it is the primary factor that drives meme coin prices. 

It is also noteworthy that the person behind this memecoin, calling themselves PaulyOx, is behind another successful meme coin. While it dumped at some point, just like all other meme coins, those who rode the bullish wave made a good return on investment. 


PepeFork is currently up by 113% and has a market capitalization of $258.04 million. Trading volumes are up by 13% in the past 24-hours to stand at $62.08 million. It’s an indicator that investor interest in the token is on the rise. 

With the momentum that PepeFork has gained so far, this can only mean potentially higher prices in the short term. 

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