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Zero-Fee Invitation: Coinbase Wooing High-Volume Traders from Competitors

Coinbase is strategically positioning for market expansion, taking advantage of the upcoming exit of key players such as Binance from the US market.

Transitioning from being the primary custodian for Bitcoin ETF issuers to becoming the top exchange in the country, Coinbase demonstrates steadfast momentum in fulfilling its mission.

In its recent move, Coinbase has announced an enticing offer for high-volume traders from other cryptocurrency exchanges. The U.S.-based exchange is inviting these traders to join its ranks and enjoy lower trading fees, starting at 0.0% on spot trades through Coinbase Advanced.

The biggest thing [crypto exchanges] are lacking is adoption, and the biggest reason institutions are coming in is the fact they can access bitcoin via an ETF,” said Christopher Perkins, president of Coinfund, a cryptocurrency investment firm, and former head of OTC clearing at Citigroup.

He further emphasized that as trading volumes increase, fees are likely to decrease, reflecting the natural evolution and maturity of markets, especially in spot markets.

Moreover, to qualify for this exclusive offer, traders must verify their monthly trading volume exceeding $500,000 from their current platform. This zero-fee period lasts for an initial 60 days, providing ample time to familiarize themselves with the Coinbase ecosystem.

Once the promotional period concludes, traders’ ongoing fees will depend on their monthly trading volume on Coinbase.

Boosting Market Presence

The digital currency exchange, Coinbase, plans to announce its Q4 2023 financial results soon. In anticipation of this disclosure, they are focusing on expanding their client base among heavy traders.

The company faced a decline in transaction revenue last year due to lower trading volumes, but anticipates consistent revenue for the final quarter. By offering reduced fees and a welcoming environment for experienced traders, Coinbase looks to expand its market share and boost liquidity.

Institutional clients are also subject to a new fee policy.

Beginning March 31st, institutional clients converting USDC to USD net in excess of $75 million will be charged a fee of 0.1%.

Global Expansion and New Markets

With licenses now obtained in France, Spain, Singapore, and Bermuda, Coinbase can offer their services to more customers in international markets. Moreover, the exchange has expanded its product offerings to over 20 nations across Africa.

The company’s commitment to accommodating a diverse user base extends beyond fee promotions and regulatory compliance. Coinbase is also addressing accessibility issues by exploring various methods to make cryptocurrency more convenient for users around the world.

For instance, they are considering integrations with local payment processors and mobile wallets.

In a recent interview, CEO Brian Armstrong expressed his desire to build Coinbase into a one-stop shop for all things crypto.

“Our goal with crypto is to get it plugged into all areas of the economy. We want the massive pools of capital out there in endowments, institutions, pension funds, they should all be able to participate in this new asset class. So I think mostly it will be a complement…”

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO

In addition, the company is currently encountering heightened competition from overseas counterparts like OKX and Huobi.

Since the beginning of 2023, Coinbase’s portion of the spot cryptocurrency market has remained stagnant at 6 percent, while OKX has increased from 4 to 7 percent, and Huobi’s has surged fourfold to nearly 4 percent.

Coinbase’s competitors, such as Binance, have implemented comparable strategies in the past.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, expanded a free trading program in September 2022, enabling it to dominate over half of the spot market for cryptocurrencies. However, its market share declined after the conclusion of the program, coupled with charges from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for evading federal laws.

In a blog post, Coinbase acknowledged the significance of fees in the decision-making process for selecting and trading on a cryptocurrency exchange, stating, “We know that fees are among the most crucial factors when it comes to selecting and trading on a crypto exchange.”