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Xterio and AltLayer unveil gaming blockchain for Web3 adoption

Xterio and AltLayer have joined forces to introduce a new game-based rollup on their Web3 gaming platform. The restaked rollup, powered by AltLayer’s open and decentralized protocol, is tailored for the launch and operation of native and ZK rollup stacks in the Web3 gaming industry.

The launch of a game-centric restaked rollup, specifically tailored for Web3 games, has been announced by Xterio, a prominent Web3 gaming publisher and platform, in collaboration with AltLayer, an open and decentralized protocol for introducing native and ZK rollup stacks.

What is Xterio?

Xterio is a gaming ecosystem and infrastructure that operates on the Web3 platform. It stands out as a publisher in the gaming industry due to its exceptional development abilities, unmatched distribution expertise, and a significant funding of over $80M for its ecosystem.

With five AAA games and a strong network of 45 gaming partners, Xterio has built a gaming community of more than two million users globally and also launched a highly successful gaming NFT platform.

It was founded by industry experts such as Michael Tong, former COO of NetEase and CSO of FunPlus, and Jeremy Horn, former Vice President of Jam City. Xterio is dedicated to driving the adoption of Web3 technology in gaming and attracting billions of gamers to the platform.

AltLayer will be responsible for operating and managing the Xterio chain, which will function as a Layer 2 solution on Ethereum. It will utilize the OP Stack as its rollup framework and EigenDA as the Data Availability (DA) layer.

The Xterio marketplace and NFT launchpad will also utilize the Xterio token as a versatile payment option, accepted for both purchases and gas fees, providing users with a seamless and convenient experience.

In the future, the Xterio chain plans to welcome game developers who are in search of a sophisticated and user-friendly solution to support their projects.

By utilizing the Xterio chain, developers will have the opportunity to utilize the vast first-party gaming library available in Web3 and tap into its rapidly expanding user base of over 2 million.

Unlike traditional rollups, the Xterio chain will be a “restaked rollup” based on AltLayer’s pioneering framework. This means that it will incorporate MACH, an Actively Validated Services (AVS) that offers faster finality and economic security through EigenLayer’s restaking mechanism.

What’s the focus?

The focus of the rollup will be on web3 and AI-powered games, and there are plans to develop an on-chain ecosystem centered around AAA games, utilizing the $XTER token.

The Xterio chain will serve as the foundation for the Xterio ecosystem, connecting multiple Xterio titles and providing access to a dynamic gaming environment.

This will empower players to easily collect, own, and trade digital assets in a secure and user-friendly setting. Developers will also benefit from the chain, as they will be able to create, distribute, and manage millions of assets seamlessly.

The chain, in conjunction with the comprehensive Xterio tech platform, aims to make on-chain processes nearly invisible by utilizing abstracted wallets, efficient off-chain and on-chain systems, low-cost transactions, one-click purchases, a flexible payment marketplace, and a launchpad.

According to Yaoqi Jia, the CEO of AltLayer, Xterio is a strong and respected platform for its many content partners in the gaming industry.

As gaming continues to evolve and demand more advanced game mechanics, economics, and in-game transactions, Xterio has made the smart decision to incorporate rollups in order to enhance its technical capabilities.

With the use of AltLayer’s innovative MACH product, which utilizes EigenLayer’s restaking mechanism, Xterio will also have improved security and faster finality features. This will ultimately lead to a better gaming experience for both developers and players.

According to Xterio’s CEO, Michael Tong, their partnership with AltLayer is driving the progress of an advanced blockchain system that will power their Web3 gaming releases.

Renowned in the industry for its ability to support on-chain gaming, this platform backed by Binance Labs is currently expanding its game and technology capabilities, such as incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and launching a new token.