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XRP Price Set for Bullish Breakout Amid News of Apple Using Ripple Tech – $1 Target in Sight

Series Of Good News Could Send XRP To New Highs Soon

Today, while many altcoins are experiencing significant declines, XRP has remained relatively stable, showing a slight decrease of 0.66% to trade at $0.494 as of 11:59 UTC. This resilience in a sea of red across the cryptocurrency market suggests that XRP may be on the brink of a bullish breakout, potentially driving its price to $1 or higher soon.

Technical Analysis: A Glimmer of Hope for XRP

A closer look at XRP’s charts reveals promising signs for investors. Over the past three months, XRP has bounced off the $0.473 support level twice, demonstrating strong buy-side interest at this price point. The most recent bounce has resulted in a V-shaped recovery, a pattern often indicative of a bullish reversal. This pattern suggests that bullish momentum is building, and if it continues, XRP could soon challenge its monthly resistance at $0.540.

Technical Analysis Chart for XRP

Source: TradingView

Should the bulls succeed in pushing XRP through this resistance level, the path to $1 becomes more plausible. This would mark a significant psychological milestone and trigger further buying interest. Conversely, if bearish sentiment prevails and XRP falls below the critical $0.473 support, the price could dip below $0.40. However, given the current market dynamics, the likelihood of a bullish breakout appears higher.

Market Dynamics: XRP’s Stability Amid USDT Delisting News

The broader cryptocurrency market has been roiled by the announcement that some European exchanges are considering delisting USDT, the largest stablecoin. This news has sparked a mass selloff in most altcoins. Despite this, XRP has shown remarkable stability, reflecting investor confidence that it has likely hit its bottom.

This resilience suggests that XRP might soon become more responsive to positive news. Indeed, several bullish catalysts are currently in play for XRP, which could further boost its price action.

Ripple’s Strategic Moves: CBDC Partnerships and More

One of the most significant positive developments for XRP is Ripple’s continued expansion into central bank digital currency (CBDC) partnerships, despite ongoing legal challenges with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently revealed in an interview shared on X that Ripple has secured partnerships with ten governments. 

These governments aim to leverage Ripple’s blockchain technology for their CBDC initiatives, positioning Ripple as a crucial player in the future of digital central banking systems. This move enhances global financial security and efficiency and bolsters XRP’s reputation within the crypto space.

Apple Integration: A Major Boost for XRP

The most exciting news for XRP today is its connection with Apple. Apple has implemented Ripple’s Interledger Protocol (ILP) for its “tap to pay” system in iOS 18. While ILP does not require XRP, it can use XRP as a bridge currency, highlighting the potential for increased XRP utility. This relationship with a tech giant like Apple could boost market confidence in XRP and its underlying technology.

The Path Ahead: Potential for New All-Time Highs

Given these developments, XRP seems well-positioned for a breakout. If the current bullish momentum is sustained and the $0.540 resistance is breached, XRP could quickly rally to $1. Beyond this, the broader market sentiment and strategic partnerships could drive XRP toward its previous all-time high of $3.5.

However, the market remains volatile, and investors should consider potential risks. A drop below the $0.473 support could lead to a further decline, though this scenario appears less likely given XRP’s current resilience.


Which Way For XRP?

While the broader cryptocurrency market faces headwinds due to regulatory concerns and potential USDT delisting in Europe, XRP has shown notable stability. This resilience, combined with positive news from Ripple’s strategic partnerships and technological integrations, positions XRP for a potential bullish breakout. Investors will closely watch XRP’s performance around the $0.540 resistance level, as breaking this barrier could pave the way for significant gains. 

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