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XRP Price Forecast: Is $1 the Next Target Amidst Increasing Whale Activity?

XRP price has seen a slight bullish trend over the past 24 hours after a market recovery. At the time of reporting, the XRP price is trading at $0.4979, with a surge of 1.28% during the U.S. section on Thursday, according to data from CoinMarketCap

The market capitalization of XRP has grown to approximately $27.7 billion, placing it seventh globally among cryptocurrencies. There has been a significant 25.83% increase in trading volume over the last day, totaling over $1 billion. 

The coin’s supply dynamics remain robust, with about 55.57% of the total XRP in circulation. This represents a substantial fraction of the maximum supply limit of 100 billion XRP. Today’s market cap growth surge reflects a heightened investor interest and positive market sentiment.

XRP Price Forecast: Recent Recovery and Market Performance

Over the past week, XRP’s price has surged by over 3% following a recent recovery. This upswing reflects growing investor confidence and increasing market activity. The altcoin has been trading in a range of $0.45 to $0.50, indicating strong market support. 

The global crypto market cap is $2.42 trillion, marking a 1.80% increase over the last day. Most of the top cryptocurrencies are experiencing a recovery, contributing to the overall market uplift. Bitcoin is currently hovering above $66,000, showing signs of a steady climb. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, has also seen gains, trading around $3,600. 

Whale Transactions Highlight Market Confidence

According to Whale Alert, there has been significant activity involving XRP, as a large volume of the currency was recently moved. Specifically, exchanges witnessed the transfer of 6,761,488 XRP, equivalent to 13,206,476 USD, from Binance to an undisclosed wallet. 

Despite this large-scale transfer, the overall market sentiment for XRP remains bullish. Over the past day, the market has demonstrated resilience and a positive trend, suggesting that while there might be potential selling pressure, the currency’s recovery appears robust.

XRP Case Update

Following the SEC’s decision to retract all charges against Ethereum, the focus has now shifted to the ongoing Ripple vs. SEC legal battle. This comes as new developments suggest the SEC might accept the ruling by Judge Torres, which found that XRP does not qualify as a security.

Industry Response and SEC’s Stance

Legal expert James Murphy, often referred to as MetaLawMan, pointed out the SEC’s inconsistent policies concerning digital assets. Former SEC Crypto Enforcement Chief Kristina Littman voiced concerns about the risks of an appeal, which could potentially undermine the SEC’s position in future cases. 

Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer, Stuart Alderoty, has openly criticized the SEC for its unclear regulations, especially after Ethereum’s investigation was dropped, casting doubt on the SEC’s standards for classifying digital assets.

Technical Indicators Suggest Upward Trajectory

With the current market recovery, the XRP currency shows signs of potential volatility, highlighted by recent notable market swings. This slight increase in bullish activity may propel XRP past the resistance mark of $0.50. If this upward trend persists, XRP could see its value approaching $0.70, potentially hitting $1 in the near term.

On the other hand, if the market shifts towards a bearish stance, the price of XRP will likely find a new balance of around $0.48. Any further decrease could lead the price to fall as low as $0.45, illustrating the inherent unpredictability of the cryptocurrency sector.

XRP Price Forecast: Is $1 the Next Target
XRP Price Chart: Source, Tradingview

The 24-hour technical indicators for XRP price show slight bullish signals. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 48, suggesting a neutral momentum with no strong buy or sell pressure. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) illustrates a slight bullish crossover, suggesting potential upward price movement in the short term. The MACD line shows a narrow gap between the signal and the MACD line, indicating a potential for either direction.

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