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WiMi's Revolutionary Use of RAFT Consensus in Blockchain

WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., a top global provider of Hologram Augmented Reality technology, has announced that it will use the RAFT consensus algorithm in blockchain to ensure data consistency.

The RAFT algorithm is a straightforward and easy-to-understand distributed consistency protocol. It is perfect for closed or semi-closed network environments that need high performance and reliability, such as private blockchains or internal parts of specific blockchain systems. Its technical strengths include quick and efficient log replication and data synchronization.

RAFT promotes efficient blockchain consensus

The RAFT consistency algorithm uses a Leader-Follower setup. Here, only one leader handles client requests and replicates logs. This makes managing the system more straightforward and decision-making more efficient.

The leader node can handle client requests quickly without long discussions between nodes, speeding up the system’s decision-making. If the leader node fails or there are network problems, RAFT quickly chooses a new leader through its election process.

The election process follows strict rules to avoid node conflicts, ensuring the system can quickly restore services and remain highly available. Compared to other consensus mechanisms that may have extended leadership vacancies or double spending problems, RAFT’s election system provides a more stable operating environment for the blockchain. The leader node records client requests into the log and replicates these log entries to all follower nodes.

RAFT keeps logs consistent across different nodes using strict checks. When most nodes confirm a log entry, it’s considered committed. This method ensures data stays consistent, even during network issues or node failures.

WiMi’s RAFT consensus algorithm can integrate deeply into blockchain systems, boosting performance and reliability. It is mainly used for efficient consensus in private blockchain scenarios, optimizing performance in sidechains/subchains, and enhancing system reliability.

RAFT can serve as the main consensus method in alliance and private chain projects for specific industry groups or partners. Because the participating nodes are strictly checked and relatively few, RAFT’s strong leadership approach ensures quick agreement, shortens transaction confirmation times, and easily handles high transaction volumes.

At the same time, the orderly log replication mechanism ensures that node statuses are precisely synchronized, enhancing system data consistency and reliability. When building multi-chain architecture, RAFT can efficiently provide internal consensus services for sidechains or subchains.

Sidechains and subchains handle specific transactions, run particular business rules, and connect with the main chain using cross-chain protocols. The RAFT algorithm helps sidechains and subchains process transactions independently and quickly, reducing the load on the main chain and making the whole system more scalable.

The RAFT consensus algorithm helps keep data consistent within the sidechain or subchain, preventing business issues due to mismatched data. Additionally, RAFT can be used in essential parts of the blockchain system, like storage modules and management services, to ensure all data stays consistent.

For instance, RAFT is used to manage state machines. This ensures each machine follows the exact instructions in order, avoiding errors. In management services, the RAFT protocol keeps system configurations in sync. This prevents interruptions or data errors due to inconsistent settings.

WiMi plans to keep exploring how to combine the RAFT consensus algorithm with other consensus methods. This will expand the use of blockchain technology, making it suitable for more complex situations. It will help more industries manage data securely and efficiently, boosting the growth of the digital economy.

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