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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy Altcoins, According to Analysts

It is no longer news that the crypto market had experienced a spontaneous decline from the previous week, eliciting profound uncertainties among crypto faithful, particularly altcoin enthusiasts, who have been following the market closely to make informed investment decisions and choices regarding Bitcoin (BTC) price actions.

While events appear to be unfolding as envisaged, the sudden declines that ensued last week have presented a plot twist, leaving many investors wondering about the propensity of further declines or the possibility of a bull cycle setting in next.

Amid the confusion and uncertainties, several market experts think now might be the last chance to accumulate cryptocurrencies, particularly altcoins, before the market swings in its favor.

This insight shall highlight some of the bold predictions by some selected experts as they try to convince investors why now presents the final opportunity to buy altcoins.

Re-Accumulation Phase – A Good Gift To Buy Altcoins

Taking to X, a verified account with the pseudonym “ParabolicPump” asserted that the highly anticipated market rally is yet to begin, adding that the crypto space is simply experiencing a typical correction in a bull market.

Interestingly, the anonymous X user described the present decline as a re-accumulation phase and a massive gift for investors willing to spend more to acquire more altcoins.

In addition, the yet-to-be-identified account highlighted rejection from “target 1” as a possible reason for the dwindling prices, adding that once the market price can find acceptance above “target 1,” it will not be long before “target 2” sets in to orchestrate altcoins’ season.

Expantiating further, the anonymous X handle mentioned BTC’s present dominance over other coins, which it claimed must be reversed before market participants can anticipate the altcoins rally. “Please be patient right now, HODL, and if you have more capital to invest, BUY THE DIP! This re-accumulation phase won’t last forever,” the anonymous X account stated to conclude its take on the topic.

Last Altcoins Accumulation Opportunity Based On Historical Trends

Corroborating the above claims, another market analyst on X, “MilkybullCrypto,” has cited historical price patterns since 2016 to back up his claims that now is the last opportunity to buy altcoins.

In his exact wordings, MilkybullCrypto noted, “I don’t know how I will say this, but this is the last accumulation opportunity before the monster rally sets in. It’s a rare signal that has never failed since 2016!”

Notedly, the market analyst assertion had a chart attached, indicating different phases of the market cycle leading to a bull run. According to the trading chart, the market cycle always begins with an uptrend, which eventually stabilizes at some point, giving rise to a new phase termed “Flipped Bullish.”

The Flipped Bullish phase ends by kick-starting another upward trend, which is more steep and sustained than the initial price increment trajectory, and eventually concludes the market cycle. Based on the price chart, we are currently in the Flipped Bullish phase, implying that a potentially more pronounced market rally is imminent.

Bitcoin And Ethereum Accumulation Continuous To Soar

While some market participants might be considering the propensity of a further decline, some investors have shown profound confidence in the market’s ability to bounce back, evidenced by a massive accumulation of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

According to a post on X by Ted, a renowned market analyst, BTC and ETH balances on exchanges hit their lowest lows daily, underscoring the above claims about investors procuring the tokens amid the doubt that seemed to be clouding the crypto space.

Bitcoin And Ethereum Accumulation Continuous To Soar
Source: Twitter

While the market appears to show signs of stabilizing away from its previous height before the price declines, it is safe to say that the market experts in this insight might be right in their assertions for investors to buy altcoins now. On the other hand, the crypto market remains highly volatile, implying that it could take any direction in the future. Hence, the expert predictions in this insight should not serve as absolute verdicts.

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