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What is Solana Hunger Games: A Closer Look

The upcoming AR-crypto event, the Solana Hunger Games by game studio GG.zip, signifies a thrilling convergence in gaming. The pre-release access of this mobile augmented reality game inspired by the “Hunger Games” is generating excitement within the cryptocurrency enthusiast community.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the mechanics and reception of this innovative gaming experience set to debut in Spring.


The initial phase of the Solana Hunger Games attracted substantial attention from the gaming industry and the cryptocurrency market. Social media platforms buzzed with activity as the game amassed a large following, causing its website to crash due to over two million page views within the first 24 hours.

Inspired by the Hunger Games franchise, Solana Hunger Games presents players with an AR-powered treasure hunt experience that can be played on smartphones.

The upcoming game, set to launch in the Spring, aims to blend augmented reality (similar to Pokemon Go) with cryptocurrency, creating what GG (unrelated to Decrypt’s GG) refers to as “ARC,” signifying Augmented Reality Crypto.

Participants can opt to take on the role of a “Hunter” or engage in speculation on game outcomes as a “Sponsor.” Hunters are anticipated to explore the designated “Host city” to uncover AR GBoxes containing the digital currency called “G.”

G is a token that’s claimable on Monday for Solana users, depending on their level of activity on the Solana blockchain. Although users can “claim” the token on the website, it is currently inactive and has not been distributed to any wallets.

Players have the opportunity to accumulate G through a referral program. Each player is granted 10 invites, earning 20% of the G claimed by those they invite, and also earning 10% of the G claimed by the invitees of their invitees.

Moreover, the new genre combines augmented reality (AR) and cryptocurrency features, resulting in an immersive game that bridges the gap between physical engagement and virtual incentives.

Game Concept, Mechanics and Structure

  • Player Roles: Players can select between assuming the role of a “Hunter,” tasked with discovering treasure in the game world, or a “Sponsor,” who speculates on players’ success and offers support.
  • In-Game Currency and Rewards: The introduction of a native token called “G” enables players to earn rewards through their involvement and participation within the game ecosystem. Moreover, prominent members of the crypto community, including Delphi Digital’s investment division and well-known influencers such as Cozomo Medici and Gmoney, have thrown their weight behind the project.
  • Hunter Experience: Players embark on a quest to discover AR GBoxes scattered throughout designated “Host cities” to obtain the game’s currency. Their achievements are tracked through a leaderboard, encouraging competition and fostering engagement. Sponsors can also place bets on players’ success and obtain “Player cards.” Players have the opportunity to increase their Game earnings by bringing in new members and earning a portion of the Game currency claimed by those they invite.
  • Invite-Only Phase: The Solana Hunger Games is currently in an exclusive, invite-only phase, leading to a surge of interest and community engagement.


With its invite-only phase generating a surge of interest and community engagement, the Solana Hunger Games stands poised to redefine the gaming landscape.

The convergence of AR and cryptocurrency not only adds a layer of excitement to the gaming experience but also creates a unique bridge between physical engagement and virtual incentives.

As the Web3 gaming era unfolds, the Solana Hunger Games promises to be a trailblazer, captivating the imaginations of enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the groundbreaking journey that lies ahead.