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WEMADE inks partnership deal with Crypto Rogue Games for Blockchain RPG

South Korea’s WEMADE on Tuesday signed a partnership deal with European game developer Crypto Rogue Games to introduce the action role-playing game (RPG) “Crystals of Naramunz” to its blockchain-based online gaming platform, WEMIX PLAY.

Crystals of Naramunz brings a unique blend of elements from Diablo 2 with a distinctive steampunk style, set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with dungeons, ruins and powerful artifacts. The game not only offers a comprehensive single-player experience but also features a multiplayer option in Arcadia, Naramunz’s capital, allowing player interactions and trades.

Developed by a team of industry veterans, including the former creative director of “Path of Exile” and the creator of “Pillars of Eternity” and “Stellaris,” the game aims to redefine the gaming sector by incorporating blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into online gaming.

The rise of NFT games in South Korea

In the last decade, South Korea has become a global hub for online gaming. Many gaming startups and established companies in the East Asian nation are also now exploring the potential of integrating NFTs and blockchain technology into the gaming industry. Local media reports indicate a steady growth of NFT game studios and blockchain gaming startups in the country.

These games offer various advantages for both players and developers. By incorporating blockchain technology, developers can monetize their games and attract new users through an innovative approach. Players, in turn, enjoy an exclusive gaming experience that allows them to earn attractive rewards while playing. These rewards are typically stored as points or digital assets

WEMADE is a pioneer among Korean PC and mobile game developers. The company is leading the charge in the new wave of Web3 games that are pushing the boundaries with blockchain technology.

Operating on the WEMIX3.0 Mainnet, the WEMIX PLAY blockchain gaming platform stands as the world’s largest, boasting millions of users and offering a diverse array of game genres. These include card, puzzle, simulation and strategy games, as well as first-person shooters, battle royale, MOBA, MMORPG, SNG and sports games, among others.

WEMADE-Whampoa Digital’s game-changing partnership

In December last year, WEMADE also unveiled a $100 million Web3 fund in collaboration with Singapore-based investment firm Whampoa Digital. The WEMADE Web3 Fund, formed through this partnership, is dedicated to investing in blockchain gaming projects, with a specific focus on the Middle East region.

The fund’s goal is to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology, and it will support blockchain gaming entities that establish office spaces within the Wemix Play Center, a commercial space in Dubai’s DIFC Innovation Hub focused on blockchain gaming, actively being developed by WEMADE. This initiative aims to foster collaboration and mentorship among supported companies.

The partnership with Whampoa Digital is seen as an opportunity to explore new frontiers in the digital asset industry and promote innovation in the rapidly growing Web3 space in the Middle East. WEMADE CEO Henry Chang emphasized the exchange of valuable insights between the two parties to enhance their collaboration in blockchain technology.

WEMADE had earlier partnered with Space and Time in March to strengthen the infrastructure for blockchain gaming by integrating on-chain and off-chain data within a single trustless environment. This collaboration aimed to optimize on-chain gaming experiences and empower gamers with increased ownership and control over their digital assets.