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Warren Buffet affiliated Nubank expands crypto services: enables BTC, ETH, SOL withdrawals

Brazil’s major bank, Nubank, recently announced that it will now support Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana withdrawals. According to their official statement, customers can easily transfer these cryptocurrencies to and from their app-based wallets.

Nubank discussed enabling withdrawals in December last year, but the service is now running. They’ve also hinted at adding support for more types of cryptocurrencies soon, slowly rolling out the function for a smoother customer experience.

Nubank expands crypto services

The news that Nubank is entering the world of cryptocurrency services has created a buzz among its users. Some went on to liken the bank to a crypto exchange. However, many wonder why they can’t yet send or receive Nubank’s token, Nucoin.

Nubank boasts an impressive 80.4 million customers in Brazil and is steadily expanding in the region. Its mobile app has already let customers buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

With around 20 million customers using crypto wallets, Nubank has steadily added access to more altcoins on its platform. Nubank now lets you buy Bitcoin.

They’ve also introduced a new loyalty scheme with a token called Nucoin, which they made in partnership with the Polygon network.

The bank is also getting involved in the crypto world, teaming up with Circle, an American company backing the USD Coin, and featuring coins like Polygon and Uniswap.

Nubank’s managing operator, Nu Holdings, the biggest independent digital bank globally, has invested an additional $100 million in its Mexico branch.

This increases the bank’s total investment in the second-largest economy of Latin America to $1.4 billion. It shows the bank’s resolve to grow more in the area and improve its services. Nubank made a splash when it debuted on the New York Stock Exchange in December 2021, earning a whopping $45 billion valuation.

The Brazilian firm has big-name supporters, like Warren Buffet, who invested a cool $500 million. Now, Nubank is up to fresh, innovative moves in the finance world.

Nubank expands to mobile phone services

Nubank is also set to broaden its offerings by launching a mobile phone service. The National Telecommunication Agency, Anatel, has confirmed that telecommunications operator Claro has submitted a request to accredit Nubank with Personal Mobile Service credentials as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

Therefore, Nubank customers can look forward to using mobile phone services in addition to banking.

A report by Tecnoblog uncovered that this agreement has been in the works since January 2024. Anatel’s competition superintendence approved the partnership between Claro and Nucommerce. Notably, upon checking the CNPJ register, it was discovered that all of Nucommerce’s key personnel are team members at Nubank.

This business also involves services like brokering deals and agency services in various fields, excluding real estate. It offers software development and licensing tailored to specific needs, as well as IT consultancy services. Moreover, it provides internet services, including portals, content suppliers, and other information services.

The specifics of Nubank’s new offering are not yet clear. Whether it will be for businesses, consumers, or both remains uncertain. The bank’s manual for supplier invoicing lists Nucommerce’s CNPJ but does not state what it is. Nubank, currently serving users in Brazil, focuses on delivering budget-friendly financial services.

According to insiders, Nubank has a strong standing in the telecommunications sector. It is a leading platform for selling recharge options in Brazil. Its huge customer base, user-friendly app, and industry-leading position let the company negotiate favorable terms with Claro.

Notably, choosing Claro aligns with Nubank’s international strategy, as the company also operates in Mexico and Colombia.

Nubank has shared new updates and partnerships, including adding the NuInvest platform to the Nubank app. This long-term plan aims to make various investments accessible within the Nubank app, promising user-friendly navigation and added security.

In this update, Nubank has also introduced more privacy measures and a separate space specifically for investments, which helps to streamline portfolio management.