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Crypto bulls are back in full swing, and the total cryptocurrency market cap is inching closer to $2 trillion. This means the market now provides lots of opportunities for value growth. But in a market with over 10,000 tokens, which are the best altcoins to invest now for exponential gains? This is the question that we seek to answer in this article. 

To ensure that you choose cryptocurrencies that offer a higher return than Bitcoin, we have focused on those with big news around them. These cryptocurrencies will likely get investors FOMOing in, as has been the trend over the past week. 

Best Undervalued Altcoins To Buy Today

In the section below, we look at some of the undervalued altcoins attracting the most investor attention. This is based on the news they have at the moment on upgrades and new exchange listings, among other factors. For context, the article touches on Ethereum’s possible spot ETF, CatFish Binance listing possibility, Heroes of Mavia attracting a standout investor, MemeAI’s fast-growing marketplace, and Jupiter’s new initiative to drive growth. 

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) is one of the top trending cryptocurrencies, which is quite evident in its trading volumes. In the past 24 hours, Ethereum trading  volumes have increased by 178% to $19.67 billion. 

The hype around Ethereum price is driven by renewed optimism that an ETF is around the corner. This follows the move by Franklin Templeton to file for an Ethereum spot ETF with the SEC. The move comes as analysts at Standard Chartered Bank believe that the first Ethereum spot ETF could be approved as early as May this year. 

Such optimism is enhanced by crypto exchanges like Kraken, which are already upping their ETF custody game ahead of such an outcome. 

The possibility of an Ethereum ETF and the fact that an Ethereum upgrade is coming up may all add to the optimism around ETH as an investment. Combining the above factors with the broader market bullish makes Ethereum an altcoin worth investing in today.


CatFish (CATFISH) is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies at the moment. It is up by over 200% in just 24 hours, and volumes remain high. CatFish currently has volumes of $7.4 million, up 219% in the last day. 

CatFish, like all other meme coins, is driven by hype, and if news around the token is anything to go by, then the hype is about to get stronger. That’s because CatFish just got added to Binance’s list of new tokens to be headed to the exchange.

Usually, a Binance listing for any cryptocurrency triggers a pump. For a meme coin that is already in the FOMO stage, such a listing could easily see the token rally by several thousand percentages once the listing is done. 

Investors are also keen on CatFish because it has mechanisms to prevent a rug pull. There are no transaction taxes, and the founders cannot play around with the contract to the community’s disadvantage. 

In a period like this, when there is so much expectation for parabolic gains in the market, CatFish is one of the best meme coins to buy today. The rationale for a parabolic price move is there, and it’s rock solid.

Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA)

Heroes of Mavia is a meme coin that has been trending for over a week. This can be attributed to renewed investor interest in gaming tokens. It can also be attributed to the fact that the Heroes of Mavia team has been aggressively marketing the project on social media, especially on Instagram.  

However, today’s news about an investor buying MAVIA has solidified all the hype and could push this token to new highs. The latest news is that a smart investor who is known to make highly profitable cryptocurrency trades has made a bet on MAVIA. On-chain data shows that the investor shelled out $100k to buy 12k MAVIA tokens at about $8.125. That’s around the market price that MAVIA is currently trading at. 

The move has created the impression that the investor knows something about the token that could take it to new highs. Because hype plays a role in crypto pricing dynamics, MAVIA is a cryptocurrency to watch today. 


MemeAI (MEMEAI) is another top meme coin doing exceptionally well. In the past week, MemeAI has seen a surge in momentum that has seen it gain by 22%. Volumes are pretty high, too, rising by 1262% in the week to stand at $3.2 million. This is an indicator of increasing investor activity around the token. 

Going forward, MemeAI has what it takes to make parabolic gains. This is thanks to its NFT marketplace, which has made it easy for artists to monetize meme NFTs. As uptake of the platform continues to grow, so does the value of the MemeAI token since it underpins the whole ecosystem. It’s an altcoin worth buying today, especially due to its relatively low market capitalization of just $1.2 million a total token supply of only 900 million tokens. 

Jupiter (JUP)

Jupiter (JUP) has been quite volatile since its massive airdrop launch at the start of the month. However, the price is stabilizing, and upside momentum is gaining traction. In the past 24 hours, Jupiter has gained by 5.34%, marking several consecutive days of gains. 

Jupiter’s current momentum is fueled by the founder’s move to give direction to JUP’s growth. The founder has announced the coming launch of the Jupiter Work Groups (JWGs). The idea behind the working groups is aimed at helping increase collaboration and help make Jupiter even more scalable. 

Such initiatives, coupled with Jupiter’s fast rise to become one of the largest DEXs in the market, point to an undervalued cryptocurrency up of strong gains. 

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