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Trezor Introduces Safe 5 Wallet with Bitcoin-Only Option

Trezor, a leader in cryptocurrency hardware wallets, recently introduced several new products designed to enhance digital asset users’ self-custody. The launch occurred during the BTC Prague 2024 event, highlighting the company’s ongoing commitment to security and user empowerment in the crypto space.

Enhanced Security and Usability Features

Trezor Safe 5 introduces advanced features for enhanced security and user experience. It is a key part of Trezor’s latest product lineup. This device supports the secure storage, management, staking, and use of thousands of cryptocurrencies through the Trezor Suite application, which is accessible on desktop and mobile platforms.

The Safe 5’s prominent feature is its sizable color touchscreen that includes haptic feedback, simplifying navigation. Furthermore, the wallet features a new secure element that conducts cryptographic operations and protects sensitive data. This component has received an EAL 6+ certification, indicating it has passed testing and can resist sophisticated security attacks.

Security with Trezor’s New Backup Solutions

Moreover, Trezor has upgraded its backup capabilities by introducing a sophisticated multi-share backup system. This new feature uses Shamir’s secret-sharing algorithm to divide the master secret key into multiple shares. Users can determine the number of shares created and the quantity needed to recover access to their wallet. This method ensures that even if some shares are lost, the user can still retrieve their cryptocurrencies without compromising security.

From July, Trezor will extend its protective measures with a 20-word version of the Trezor Keep Metal solution, designed to shield backup phrases from fire, water, and physical damage. The company reassures that while new safety features are introduced, traditional backup processes will remain supported.

Enhancing Crypto Wallet Onboarding

Recognizing new users’ challenges in transitioning to hardware wallets, Trezor has introduced “Trezor Expert,” a personalized onboarding service. This initiative offers one-on-one sessions where users can learn about setting up and using their Trezor devices effectively. Trezor CEO Matฤ›j ลฝรกk emphasized the importance of this service, noting that it caters to those new to the hardware wallet environment, providing them with the confidence to manage their digital assets securely.

The $99 service is available worldwide and provides guidance, allowing clients to maintain exclusive control of their wallet’s sensitive data. With this move, Trezor aims to foster a deeper understanding of self-custody principles, including private key management and safe online practices.

Trezor Safe 5 Pre-Order Details and Color Options

The Trezor Safe 5 is available for pre-order at $169, with Bitcoin-only and Black Graphite versions shipping in July. Additional color variants, Green Beryl and Violet Ore, will follow in mid-August. Trezor is launching an unlimited orange edition of its bitcoin-only wallets, meeting customer demand and demonstrating its dedication to accessibility and choice in the cryptocurrency hardware market.

Trezor’s new offerings underscore its dedication to enhancing user security and autonomy in the digital age. They respond to the growing demand for reliable self-custody solutions in the cryptocurrency sector.

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