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Trending Crypto To Buy February 14 – ZetaChain, Nervos Network, Pyth Network

The cryptocurrency market is gaining upside momentum and is inching closer to $2 trillion. This coming ahead of the Bitcoin halving means it’s a perfect time to scout for high-potential cryptocurrencies to buy now. 

The only challenge at this point is an information overload, with so much good news happening everywhere. This can make it hard to determine the best cryptocurrencies to invest in today to maximize gains without spreading resources across too many cryptocurrencies. 

If this is a challenge you are dealing with now, you have come to the right place. In this article, we narrow down five high-potential cryptocurrencies to invest in today. 

Trending Crypto To Buy Today 

This article looks at high-potential cryptocurrencies that can give good returns today, and going into the foreseeable future. The article takes a look at Bitcoin after it broke the $50,350 resistance, Nervous Network’s fundamentally important news, and Solana’s match to become one of the top four cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The article also looks at ZetaChain’s collaboration with BitKub and how some of the top protocols in the market are turning to Pyth Network. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) continues its upside push after a brief consolidation period between $48k and $50,350. Bitcoin is now trading at $51,200. This indicates that Bitcoin is firmly bullish, and every minor dip is being bought up.

The increasingly bullish case for Bitcoin is evident in the fact that institutional investors are getting more aggressive in their buying. Yesterday, Blackrock bought 95,000 Bitcoin adding to their already big stash of the number one cryptocurrency. 

Such moves add to FOMO that the next Bitcoin halving, which is less than 70 days away, could trigger a Bitcoin rally like no other. Such high buying pressure ahead of the halving means that despite the currently fast-rising price, Bitcoin still has a lot more room for upside gains. 

With some analysts projecting that Bitcoin could rally to $150k or more after the halving, BTC comes off as a high-potential cryptocurrency to buy now. 

Nervos Network (CKB)

Nervous Network (CKB)  is a cryptocurrency that wants to leverage the power of blockchain to build a fully decentralized economy. It is a platform through which developers can build secure and scalable decentralized applications that have real-world cases. Nervos Network’s strengths continue to reflect in its price, and it is now one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies of the day, up by more than 25%. 

Nervos Network currently has a market capitalization of $428.79 million, and volumes within the day are up 198% to stand at $349.2 million. 

Looking ahead, Nervous Network looks all set for even higher gains. That’s because developments on the network are growing, with some Dapps like JoyID now surpassing 200k users. Nervos Network is also continually working to improve the ecosystem, the latest such move being the launch of RGB++ to leverage the strengths of the Bitcoin network within Nervos. 

With such strong fundamentals and its low market cap, of under $500 million, Nervos Network is a network that stands out as a hot cryptocurrency to invest in today. The potential for it to do as high as 10x from its current price point is a pretty realistic expectation. 

Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) is easily the best large-cap cryptocurrency to invest in now that the market is headed into FOMO territory. That’s because Solana recently overcame what could have potentially been damaging FUD without even a tiny drop in the price. 

Last week, Solana experienced a 5-hour network outage, and investors didn’t even care. This is an indicator that investors no longer see such outages as a big issue, and that means investors’ other metrics take center stage. 

Solana is one of the best platform blockchains in terms of cost and scalability. These have seen it grow exponentially, with most of the meme coins launching at the moment going so on the Solana blockchain. Solana-based DEXs like Jupiter are also outpacing Ethereum ones like Uniswap at the moment. 

With such adoption, the fact that Solana has risen to become one of the top four cryptocurrencies by market cap gives it so much potential at a time when investors are highly optimistic about cryptocurrencies. 

ZetaChain (ZETA)

ZetaChain (ZETA) has recorded consistently strong growth over the past week, and that momentum is not slowing down. In the last 24 hours alone, ZetaChain is up by 8%, mirroring the momentum across the market. 

ZetaChain’s strong growth has much to do with the good news coming out of the project. One of them was the launch of its mainnet at the start of the moment. The latest news coming out of the ZetaChain ecosystem is that ZetaChain is partnering with Bitkub  Exchange for blockchain education. 

This comes barely two days after ZetaChain announced some equally big news that ZetaChain pools are now fully seeded with liquidity at Curve Finance. Progress is good and so far more than 75k ZETA tokens have been staked.

With such regular good news from ZetaChain, this is a hot cryptocurrency to consider buying today. 

Pyth Network (PYTH)

Pyth Network (PYTH) continues to draw traction as one of the best-decentralized oracle networks in the market today. Pyth Network has a market capitalization of 1.015 billion, up 13% in just 24 hours.

Pyth Network’s increasing upside momentum has a lot to do with the many protocols that are now choosing it as a preferred data oracle. Among the latest protocols that are choosing Pyth Network and creating market excitement are Synthetix, Layerbank, and MarginFi. 

Synthetix, which stands out as one of the top names choosing Pyth Network, announced that it went in this direction on the strength of Pyth’s low latency in relaying feeds. This is a massive validation of Pyth Network as one of the most practical data oracles for cryptocurrencies that are seeking to scale, and meet the needs of the mass market. 

With such a strong use case and growing adoption, Pyth Network is without a doubt, an undervalued cryptocurrency to invest in now.

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