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Top Cryptocurrency To Explode March 28 – Fetch.Ai, Singularity, ONDO

The cryptocurrency market is mainly range-bound today. However, some cryptocurrencies, especially AI cryptocurrencies, send signals of a potential breakout today. With the signals the market is sending, it is only natural for investors to wonder, which is the top cryptocurrency to explode on March 28?  

This is the question that this article seeks to answer and help investors maximize returns. To answer the question, the article zeroes down on cryptocurrencies that align with market aspects gaining traction, such as Artificial Intelligence and Real-World Assets tokenization cryptocurrencies. The article also touches on cryptocurrencies with big news around them that could see buying volumes keep increasing in the day. 

Top Cryptocurrencies To Explode Today

In this section, we look at cryptocurrencies in top trending and high-potential market segments and those whose volumes point to more upside in the short term. The article touches on Fetch.Ai, an AI cryptocurrency that has a hackathon coming up, Singularity, an AI cryptocurrency that is benefiting from a renewed investor interest in AI tokens, and ONDO, one of the leading players in the RWA space, now getting all the attention.

The article also touches on Near Protocol, a fast-rising cryptocurrency in the Ai cryptocurrency space, and Toncoin, one of the cryptocurrencies that have sustained positive buying volumes throughout the week. 

Fetch.Ai (FET)

Fetch.Ai (FET) is one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies today and was up by more than 10% when going to press. Fetch.AI is benefiting from the rising momentum in the AI space, and it has some big news coming up for itself. 

Fetch.Ai will have a hackathon on March 31, which is expected to showcase many innovations that are coming up while leveraging Fetch.Ai agents. Already, the use cases of Fetch.Ai are proving to be quite diverse, with innovators now applying Fetch.Ai to come up with smart home solutions and intelligent job-seeking applications, among many others.

These all add to the confidence that investors have in Fetch.Ai. Even better is that, overall, not just in crypto, there is a growing acceptance that the future is AI. This means cryptocurrencies that have an AI use case stand to do well going forward. For Fetch.Ai, which is already shaping up as a market leader in the decentralized AI agents’ space, the odds are high that it could be headed to new highs. Fetch.Ai price action already points to this potential, as the price has already broken a critical resistance level on the day charts. 

Singularity (AGIX)

Singularity (AGIX) is another top AI cryptocurrency that is showing a lot of potential today. In the last 24 hours, Singularity’s core service is to act as a marketplace for AI products. Users can buy, test, and deploy whatever AI service they need through this marketplace. 

Singularity is also designed to allow developers to develop new, highly developed AI systems that take smart living to the next level. Like the other AI tokens, Singularity has seen a surge in demand today, as investors seem keen on AI now that the broader market appears to be headed for another bullish breakout. Being one of the better-known AI cryptocurrencies alongside Fetch.Ai, Singularity looks set to go parabolic this week.

Besides, investors are finding Singularity highly undervalued at its current market cap of $1.73 billion. With all the hype around AI, expectations are high that Singularity could easily hit a market cap of $10 billion or more in the foreseeable future. This explains the rising demand as investors see it as one of the top undervalued cryptocurrencies today. 

Near Protocol (NEAR)

Near Protocol (NEAR) has dipped slightly today but has had an impressive performance throughout the week, up by over 20% in 7 days. 

Buying volumes also rise daily, signaling a possible continuation of this price pump. Near Protocol’s price potential is much related to the growing investor interest in AI cryptocurrencies. Near is one of those blockchains that emphasize the pivotal role that AI has to play in optimizing the capabilities of blockchain technology.

Near Protocol is one of the most efficient L1s in the market, and investors expect it to get even better thanks to its integration of AI. This aspect of Near Protocol means it will likely keep gaining value as momentum builds around AI cryptocurrencies. 


ONDO (ONDO) is a major player in another aspect of cryptocurrencies that is gaining traction as fast as AI: Real-World Assets tokenization (RWA). Cryptocurrencies related to RWA tokenization have been on investors’ radar this week, and ONDO is leading the way with gains. 

Looking ahead, ONDO will likely keep doing well because its partner, BlackRock, is the investment fund that has started the whole Real World Asset tokenization narrative. The odds are that ONDO could be headed to new highs this week. Besides, ONDO has a low market cap of just $1.24 billion. That’s a pretty low market cap for a cryptocurrency in the middle of a narrative that could see up to $5 trillion flow into tokenized assets. 

Toncoin (TON)

Toncoin (TON) is an outlier among the cryptocurrencies in this list. However, it is still a top performer this week and is likely to keep outperforming the broader market. 

That’s because the Ton blockchain is one of the most efficient, especially regarding scaling. This has seen it gain traction as a top platform for launching new tokens. Several top-performing tokens have launched on the Ton blockchain, and many more are coming up. Since Toncoin is the currency used to raise funds within the Ton blockchain, it goes without saying that demand for TON will keep going up. In addition, Toncoin is used for payments in Telegram, and it is easy to see why It is a hot cryptocurrency to buy today.