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Top Crypto To Buy February 12 – Bitcoin, Pandora, Heroes Of Mavia, Chainlink, Oasys

The cryptocurrency market started the new week in a consolidation after a pump for the better part of last week. However, buying volumes remain high across the market, an indicator that more upside is on the way. With this in mind, investors may now wonder what the top cryptocurrencies to buy today.  

While this may seem like a relatively simple question, it gets complicated when you factor in the fact that there are thousands of coins launching daily. Matters are complicated further by the fact that there are tons of scams that are mixed up with high-value cryptocurrencies. 

This is why this article narrows down on high-potential cryptocurrencies that are credible. The article narrows down on cryptocurrencies that have real teams behind them and whose recent news points to growth potential. 

Top Crypto To Buy Today 

In this article, we narrow down popular cryptocurrencies whose news could propel them higher now that bullish accumulation is happening across the market. The article touches on Bitcoin and its shrinking supply, Pandora’s new partnerships, Heroes of Mavia’s online marketing campaign, Chainlink’s break into the top 10 by market cap, and Oasys getting listed on new exchanges. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin made huge strides last week and hit $48,800 over the weekend. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $47,945 with a market capitalization of $941.164 billion. However, Bitcoin seems to be entering a consolidation phase, but all metrics point to a bullish breakout that could push it to its all-time highs way before the halving. 

One of the most telling metrics is that Bitcoin holders are not selling. Data shows that 79% of all Bitcoin in supply has not been traded for six months. This means that those already invested in Bitcoin are not willing to sell despite Bitcoin more than doubling in value in the past year. 

Considering that halving hype will trigger more buying pressure, Bitcoin easily stands out as one of the hottest cryptocurrencies to invest in now. 

Pandora (Pandora)

Pandora has quickly risen to become one of the most watched cryptocurrencies. That’s due to its recent stellar performance and the fact that it has a really low supply, at just 10,000 tokens. 

However, these are not the only reasons why investor interest in Pandora as a high-potential cryptocurrency is growing. There is also the fact that Pandora has a lot of big news coming up. For instance, Pandora is now supported by Wasabi, a fast-growing cryptocurrency wallet. 

Even bigger news is that developers have been proposing ways that Pandora’s token standard, the ERC404 can deal with the challenge of high gas prices. This could help draw in more investors to the token and drive up the buying pressure.

Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA)

Web 3.0 gaming is gaining traction, and Heroes of Mavia is one of the games that have captured a huge deal of user interest. Gamers love Heroes of Mavia not just because it is mobile-based but also because it is easy to play. This has seen user numbers grow exponentially, and since MAVIA is the token that transacts within the game, it has captured the attention of crypto investors. 

Heroes of Mavia Crypto

This may explain why Heroes of Mavia has been one of the top trending cryptocurrencies for the better part of February, rising to a market capitalization of $198.11 million. 

MAVIA has also emerged as an undervalued cryptocurrency to buy now because the team behind it has launched an aggressive marketing campaign. The campaign cuts across major social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

As the campaign draws in more users to Heroes of Mavia, MAVIA token would be a worthwhile cryptocurrency worth considering today.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is the largest decentralized oracles network in the market. Chainlink is so entrenched in this market that it is a near monopoly in the oracles market. This makes it one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in for value investors. After a price rally towards the end of last week, Chainlink now ranks as the 10th largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of $11.898 billion. 

Going forward, there is a lot to look forward to for Chainlink. For starters, Chainlink has been range-bound for a very long time. The recent breakout has signaled to investors that the LINK bullish breakout has happened. This is likely to see a lot of investments coming into LINK, and the same will show in the price. 

This momentum is likely to be enhanced because whales are accumulating Chainlink. Just recently, one whale bought more than $80 million of LINK and took it off exchanges. This is an indicator that they are looking to HODL.

Such confidence-boosting moves could see Chainlink gain upside momentum, especially if Bitcoin crosses the $50k mark. In a fully-fledged bull market, Chainlink is a cryptocurrency worth buying. 

Oasys (OAS)

On a day that most cryptocurrencies are consolidating, Oasys has bucked the trend with strong upside momentum. Oasys is currently up by 7% to trade at $0.117. Volumes are up by 258% to stand at $15.561 million. 

Oasys has benefited immensely from the renewed investor interest in crypto gaming tokens. However, this is just part of the reason why there is so much interest in Oasys at the moment.

The key price driver at the moment is the fact that more exchanges are listing Oasys, making it available to a wider customer base. For instance, towards the end of last week, the LBank cryptocurrency exchange announced that it was listing OAS. 

This came just days after X2Y2 Pro, a world-leading platform for NFT trading, announced that it was linking up with Oasys. This is a big deal as it adds to the overall liquidity of the OAS tokens.

With the growing partnerships and increased investor interest in gaming tokens, Oasys is a crypto gem worth buying today. 

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