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Top Altcoins to Buy After the Bitcoin Halving – Stacks, CoreDAO, DogWifHat

As the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving approached, savvy investors are seeking opportunities beyond the flagship cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin remains the focal point of attention, several altcoins have emerged as promising contenders poised to capitalize on the halving-driven bull rally. 

Here, we look at five top altcoins that investors should consider adding to their portfolios during this pivotal period.

Top Altcoins to Buy After the Bitcoin Halving

This section looks at cryptocurrencies most likely to mirror and surpass Bitcoin’s halving-driven gains. We look at Ethereum and its growing price correlation to Bitcoin over the years, Stacks rising position as the top Bitcoin DeFi solution, and CoreDAO, another innovative solution promising to open up the Bitcoin smart contracts ecosystem.

We also look at Ethena, a synthetic dollar protocol incorporating Bitcoin reserves to back its USDe stablecoin, and DogWifHat, a meme coin that has proven to rally more than Bitcoin whenever Bitcoin shows bullish momentum. 

1. Ethereum (ETH): The Smart Contract Pioneer

Ethereum (ETH) is one of the cryptocurrencies most set to benefit in a Bitcoin halving rally. Often hailed as the pioneer of smart contracts, Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Ethereum’s prominence in the crypto space is enhanced by its robust infrastructure, developer ecosystem, and widespread adoption across various sectors.

While Ethereum had not been created during Bitcoin’s first halving in November 2012 and was still in its early stages during halving two, a clear pattern has emerged.  For instance, after the 2016 Bitcoin halving, Ethereum’s price did not follow Bitcoin immediately.

However, Ethereum rallied fast as Bitcoin peaked in 2017, hitting a high of $1,400 in January 2018. Since 2020, the correlation between Ethereum and Bitcoin has become much stronger. If Bitcoin rallies after today’s halving, Ethereum could follow the lead immediately. 

Already, Ethereum is showing an increase in bullish momentum as Bitcoin surges higher ahead of the halving. It could be a pointer of how it could trade if Bitcoin goes parabolic post-halving. 

Besides, the Ethereum network’s versatility and scalability have positioned it as a fundamental pillar of the crypto ecosystem, making it an attractive investment option as the Bitcoin halving hype gains momentum.

2. Stacks (STX): Unlocking the Potential of Bitcoin

Stacks (STX), a leading Bitcoin layer-2 solution, has garnered considerable attention for its mission to unlock the full potential of the Bitcoin ecosystem. By enabling smart contracts and decentralized applications on the Bitcoin network, Stacks aims to bridge the gap between Bitcoin’s robust store of value proposition and Ethereum’s expansive dApp ecosystem.

One of Stacks’ most compelling features is its ongoing implementation of the Nakamoto release, which promises to enhance scalability and efficiency for smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain. As the crypto community eagerly awaits the rollout of the Nakamoto release, Stacks emerges as a top contender poised to thrive amid the halving-induced bull rally.

Stacks price action is already pointing towards such a rally. In the past 24 hours, when Bitcoin jumped from $61k to over $65k, Stacks has stood out as a top performer among large-cap cryptocurrencies. It has also done better than average since the Bitcoin ETFs were approved and put Bitcoin on a bullish trajectory. All these factors make Stacks a top cryptocurrency to watch as the Bitcoin halving hype gets stronger hours to the main event. 

3. CoreDAO (CORE): Empowering Decentralized Finance

CoreDAO, a pioneering L1 blockchain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), spearheads innovations in DeFi and cross-chain interoperability. Based on the “Satoshi Plus” consensus mechanism, CoreDAO combines the security of Bitcoin’s mining hash with the efficiency of delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS).

One of CoreDAO’s standout features is its ability to execute Ethereum smart contracts and dApps seamlessly, opening up many possibilities for decentralized exchange (DEX), crypto lending, staking, and cross-chain integrations. It is already considering Bitcoin integration, putting it on course to open up the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem. With hype building up around Bitcoin DeFi, as seen in the growing importance of Bitcoin ordinals in the market, CoreDAO is a top cryptocurrency to watch today. 

4. DogWifHat (WIF): Riding the Meme Coin Wave

Meme coins like DogWifHat (WIF) have captured the imagination of the crypto community with their viral appeal and potential for meteoric gains. As Bitcoin bull rallies gather momentum, meme coins have historically outpaced Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies, driven by their cult-like following and speculative fervor.

DogWifHat, in particular, has garnered attention for its unique branding and community-driven approach. With Coinbase’s recent announcement of the listing of WIF perpetual futures and an upcoming marketing campaign, DogWifHat is poised to capitalize on the halving hype and gain momentum in the market.

5. Ethena (ENA): Revolutionizing Synthetic Assets

Ethena (ENA), a groundbreaking synthetic dollar protocol built on Ethereum, is revolutionizing the concept of synthetic assets in the crypto space. Ethena offers users unparalleled access to decentralized finance (DeFi) and liquidity pools by providing a crypto-native solution independent of traditional banking infrastructure.

Recent updates, including integrating Bitcoin as a backing asset for USDe and releasing custody attestations for transparency, have bolstered Ethena’s credibility and appeal among investors. With its innovative approach to synthetic assets and a robust ecosystem, Ethena emerges as a high-potential altcoin poised to thrive alongside Bitcoin during the halving bull rally.

Overall, as the Bitcoin halving event draws near, investors have opportunities to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on the market dynamics. While Bitcoin remains the undisputed leader of the cryptocurrency space, altcoins like Ethereum, Stacks, CoreDAO, DogWifHat, and Ethena offer unique value propositions and growth potential in the evolving crypto landscape.

By conducting thorough research and staying informed about market trends, investors can confidently navigate the halving-induced bull rally and seize the opportunity to maximize their returns.