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Toncoin Price Rebounds After Supply FUD Clarification, Eyes $6.534 Resistance

Bears Have Lost Momentum Despite Breaching Critical Intra-day Support 

Toncoin (TON) has shown remarkable resilience in a day marked by significant market volatility. As of 08:47 UTC, TON was trading at $6.40, reflecting a minor drop of 1.16% over the past 24 hours. Compared to the larger losses experienced by many other altcoins, TON’s performance stands out, suggesting a vote of confidence from the market despite the uncertainty.

TON Market Cap Drop Raises Eyebrows

Today’s market activity saw a significant drop in Toncoin’s market capitalization, sparking widespread speculation and concern among investors. Notably, a sudden $7 billion decrease in market cap without a corresponding price drop led to questions and fears of potential issues within the Toncoin ecosystem.

On social media platform X, users voiced their concerns. One user, Paul, questioned:

“Did Toncoin remove coins from their supply? Marketcap of $TON dropped by 7b earlier today with the price staying stable.”

Another user, Satoshi Stacker, said:

 “$TON might be the next $LUNA 🚨 Just a few minutes ago $7,500,000,000.00 of the market cap literally VAPORIZED without any change in price. #Toncoin isn’t even listed on #Binance, and yet it’s been in the top 10 for several months now. Shady stuff going on here.”

TON Blockchain Team Clarifies the Situation

In response to the flood of speculation and FUD, the Ton Blockchain team quickly provided clarification via their Telegram channel. They explained that the circulating supply of Toncoin had been updated on data aggregators such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and Tontech.io to align with industry practices as set out by CoinGecko.

This update, effective from May 29 at 17:00 GST, followed a thorough review of TON Blockchain data. It specifically excluded locked or reserved tokens from the circulating supply calculation. These exclusions included Toncoin, held in the TON Believers Fund; Toncoin, held by Telegram; and Toncoin, which The Open Network Foundation held. As a result, the market cap now only reflects tokens actively circulating in the market, offering a more accurate representation of Toncoin’s active supply.

Impact on Toncoin’s Market Position

Despite the initial panic, the clarification provided by the TON team has helped stabilize the situation. The minor price drop of 1.16% in the face of significant FUD indicates Toncoin’s strength and the confidence investors have in the project. The price stability amidst the market cap adjustment suggests that the market has absorbed the news without significant sell-offs, contrasting sharply with the dramatic drops in other altcoins.

Broader Market Context

Today’s market correction is primarily attributed to fears of a potential selloff related to the Mt. Gox Bitcoin holdings. However, Bitcoin’s firm hold above $67,000 since the Mt.Gox news indicates growing confidence that the Mt. Gox event will not have as severe an impact as previously feared. This broader market positivity will likely influence investor behavior towards altcoins, including Toncoin.

Future Outlook for Toncoin

With the clarification from the TON team, the FUD is dissipating. As investors digest the accurate information regarding Toncoin’s circulating supply, the focus will likely shift back to the fundamental strengths of the Toncoin project. If Bitcoin continues to show strength, it could rejuvenate investor interest in altcoins, potentially driving Toncoin’s price higher.

Overall, while today’s market turbulence tested the resilience of Toncoin, the swift and transparent communication from the TON team has mitigated fears. As the broader market stabilizes and recovers, Toncoin’s solid fundamentals and transparent communication strategy may position it well for future growth, solidifying its place as a critical player in the cryptocurrency market.

Toncoin Breaches Key Support But Selling Volumes Drying Up

After rangebound trading between the $6.452 support and $6.534 resistance, Toncoin broke out bearish a few hours ago. However, bears lack the market volume, and bulls appear to be regaining control. TON bulls were regaining control when writing, and TON testing $6.452 was now resistant. If in the day, bulls push through this resistance, TON could retest the $6.534 resistance in the day. 

On the other hand, if bulls fail at $6.452, then TON could be headed lower and drop to $6.29, which is a critical weekly support level. 

Why TON Bulls Could Regain Control

With Bitcoin holding steady despite the Mt. Gox FUD and the Ton Blockchain’s clarification on total supply, TON could see a rebound soon. The odds of it hitting $7 today are high. 

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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