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Toncoin Price Prediction: Potential Price Uptick for TON Above $5 Amid Chain Improvements

Following recent market fluctuations, Toncoin (TON) appears poised for a potential upswing after narrowly maintaining its value above the $5 mark. If current TON holders seize the moment to increase their stakes, this upward trend could gain momentum.

From its inception, the TON token was destined to succeed. Main reason for this is that the token is associated with the extremely popular messenger called Telegram, and hence it was only a matter of time, for TON to gain utility within the messenger app. This has already happened, which massively pushed the price of TON up, but the team behind the chain has more positive surprises yet to be uncovered.

Potential Upsurge for TON

Anticipations of a surge in Toncoin’s value were high last week. However, after a break from the downward trend, the dynamics shifted. TON managed to stay above water, hovering between $5.2 and $6.4 for TON/USDT on all major crypto exchanges including Gate.io, which currently acts as a pivotal resistance zone.

Potential Upsurge for TON

Source: TradingView

Investors could drive a change if they decide to bulk up on their TON investments. The Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio indicates that the cryptocurrency is experiencing a pivotal moment due to recent developments.

The MVRV ratio is a tool that tracks the profit and loss status of investors. With a 30-day MVRV standing at -13.22%, indicating a prevailing loss, signs are pointing towards a possible recovery. Historically, when TON’s MVRV dips into the -10% to -20% range, it often signals a prime phase for accumulation. An increase in buying activity could trigger a demand spike, potentially elevating the cryptocurrency’s price.

This growing interest is further supported by changes in market sentiment towards TON. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator, a measure used to identify shifts in momentum and trends, is on the verge of a bullish crossover. Such a crossover could signify that the market recognizes value in TON, potentially leading to a price recovery and an upward trajectory.

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Toncoin’s Next Moves

Currently trading just below the $5.4 resistance level, a breakthrough could signal a bullish phase for Toncoin. This resistance point has been tested significantly in the past, proving to be a strong barrier.

Though TON has struggled to surpass this level recently, it has successfully avoided any significant declines. This resilience might attract further investment, possibly pushing Toncoin’s price toward the $6 mark, following the projected price travel as per the forecasted price of TON

Dropping the Transaction Costs

The project team has indicated that transaction fees will fluctuate based on the dollar value of the native token. For instance, when Toncoin (TON) is priced at $1, the fee for the initial transaction using Jettons will be approximately $0.06, with subsequent transactions costing $0.04 each.

From April 16, there has been a promotional reduction in transaction fees for USDT, setting the cost at 0.02 TON for the initial transaction and 0.0145 TON for any following transactions, down from the usual fees of 0.032 TON and 0.0145 TON, respectively. Moreover, the upcoming software update for the nodes is expected to include new functionalities for pre-compiling smart contracts.

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The TON Blockchain

Toncoin is a cryptocurrency that operates on the TON Blockchain, initially designed by the developers behind the popular messaging app Telegram. Although Telegram eventually distanced itself from the project due to regulatory challenges, the network has been taken over and continued by an independent community of developers. Toncoin serves as the native cryptocurrency of the TON (The Open Network) blockchain, playing a central role in facilitating transactions and governance within its ecosystem.

The TON Blockchain is designed to be a highly scalable and user-friendly platform for decentralized applications (dApps). Its architecture includes unique features like dynamic sharding, which helps the network efficiently manage load and increase throughput as demand grows. This means that as more transactions occur on the network, it can divide itself into smaller, more manageable pieces, or “shards,” which can process transactions in parallel, significantly speeding up processing times.

TON also offers advanced smart contract capabilities, allowing developers to create sophisticated dApps that can operate autonomously on the blockchain. The platform is also known for its focus on user-friendliness, providing features like username-based addresses instead of the traditional complex cryptographic addresses, which helps lower the barrier to entry for new users.

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