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Telos and Ponos Technology collaborate to boost Ethereum L2 ZKEVM network with hardware acceleration

Telos Foundation revealed its collaboration with Ponos Technology, an industry leader in Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology. Their goal is to build a highly yielding, hardware-boosted Ethereum Layer 2 network, spotlighting SNARKtor—an innovative tool developed by Telos that immensely simplifies proofs.

Their plan involves a joint design effort, leveraging both hardware and software. The expected outcome is monumental scalability, enhanced data safety, and effortless interoperability for Ethereum users across the globe.

Ponos Technology’s ZK proving solutions

Ponos Technology offers comprehensive solutions for ZK proving. This is done by using FPGA acceleration, a method that boosts business value streams by balancing cost and performance in its computation.

The company does this by syncing modules and execution environments designed for hardware and software. At Ponos, teams are composed of seasoned scientists and industry professionals, each boasting deep technical understanding of ZKPs.

Slobodan Lukovic, CEO and co-founder of Ponos Technology, shared his insights on the future of zero-knowledge technology. He emphasized on how it is poised to become increasingly mainstream, unlocking potential efficiencies and security improvements across a multitude of industries.

Zero Knowledge technology is going to become increasingly mainstream and can open the door to increased efficiency and security across so many industries

Slobodan Lukovic

Drawing parallels with AI, Lukovic discussed the role of continuous algorithm improvements coupled with advancements in underlying hardware infrastructures. He predicts that these developments will facilitate the commoditization of Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), leading to widespread adoption of the technology in the imminent future.

Strategic partnerships and collaborations

In creating this new network, Telos isn’t working alone. They’ve teamed up with some unique partners.

Digital M.O.B. – Known globally for their stellar Ethereum development work. They’ve played key roles in projects like MetaMask, MakerDAO, and Gnosis. A highly respected team in the Ethereum community.

ATKA – Hailing from Paris, this incubator specializes in Web3 projects from start to finish. It’s been involved in successful projects like Morpho and Mangrove. In March 2024, it became strategic partners with Telos.

Cometh – Led by Jerome de Tychey, ETH France President, this award-winning team has provided invaluable guidance as technical EVM advisors. They joined forces with Telos in March 2024.

Telos executive director leads innovative partnership

John Lilic, Telos Executive Director, is all set to help steer this new partnership. With his experience at Consensys and Polygon and his reputation as one of the Top 50 Web3 angel investors, he is perfectly equipped for the job.

He will join forces with Alberto Garoffolo, the Head of ZK technology at Telos. Garoffolo is also a co-author of the impressive SNARKtor whitepaper. Adding to this experienced team is Jesse Schulman, who as the CTO and Head of Engineering at Telos, will play a significant role in the partnership.

Lilic shared his thoughts on the future of Ethereum by emphasizing the necessity of a hardware-software co-design approach.

According to him, the realization of zkEVM performance at an impressive scale lies in this methodology. He further commented that Telos is applying the same approach in their partnership with Ponos Technology.

They aim to create a hardware-accelerated zkEVM L2 with their growing partner network. Lilic confidently announced that by combining this unique formula with the innovative work their team is investing in recursive proofs via SNARKtor, they aspire to deliver captivating services not only to the Ethereum community but also to a broader audience.

Telos came into existence in 2018, launching without an ICO or token sale, which is known as a fair drop network launch.

Over the last six years, the Telos Foundation has fostered the growth of two main networks – Telos EVM and Telos Zero. And now, they’re turning their energy towards developing a highly efficient and demonstrably reliable L2 zkEVM.

We’ll be hearing more about Telos L2 as we edge closer to EthCC in July, with Telos featuring as a primary sponsor. Broadcasting live from EthCC in Brussels, the Telos team is all set to showcase their first-ever SNARKtor demo. This big reveal is just a teaser before the grand launch of Telos L2.