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Super Best Friends Price Prediction As SUBF Soars By 100% Despite Neutral Market Sentiment


  • SUBF is one of the top crypto gainers today
  • FOMO is building up due to SUBF’s low market cap that presents 100x potential
  • The price points to SUBF’s potential to eliminate a zero in the day

Super Best Friends (SUBF) has emerged as one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies today, experiencing an impressive 106% gain in the last 24 hours. At the time of this writing, SUBF is trading at $0.00000001451, a significant leap considering the broader market’s current weakness, with the fear and greed index pointing to neutral sentiment. 

Super Best Friends is poised to sustain its upward momentum as it draws considerable interest from investors.

A Unique Origin Story

Super Best Friends, launched on December 26, 2023, began as a project by two VFX industry creatives focused on producing unique animated content. Over time, its vision expanded to create a community-driven ecosystem that includes Web3 games, NFTs, and comic strips.

The ultimate goal is accumulating resources to form a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will fund and execute philanthropic initiatives. This evolution highlights the project’s ambition to blend entertainment and technology while contributing to social good.

Market Cap and Investment Potential

One of the best aspects of Super Best Friends is its relatively low market cap of $1.72 million. This low market cap makes SUBF an attractive option for investors looking for high-risk, high-reward meme coins, particularly in the context of the anticipated crypto bull rally. The potential for SUBF to become a 100x cryptocurrency is a strong draw for investors, explaining the surge in buying interest despite the broader bearish sentiment in the crypto market.

Listing Potential and Price Momentum

Currently, SUBF is not listed on mainstream centralized exchanges, which is a big deal. That’s because crypto prices tend to rally once these listings start to happen. Investors are jumping at the opportunity in anticipation of parabolic price runs once the listings happen. 

Looking at the charts, SUBF has been on a parabolic price run over the last 24 hours, rising from a low of $0.000000006631 to a high of $0.000000015992. However, in the past hour, SUBF has formed a bearish engulfing pattern, which has erased gains from the previous three hours. Should this selloff continue, SUBF could drop to an intra-day support level of $0.000000010900. If this support is broken, gains from the entire day could be nullified.

SUBF Price Movement

Source: TradingView 

Conversely, if the bulls regain control and push SUBF above the day’s high of $0.000000015941, the cryptocurrency could potentially eliminate a zero in its price, leading to even more significant gains. As one of today’s top trending cryptocurrencies, SUBF is positioned to benefit immensely from FOMO, mainly as investors aim to capitalize on its low market cap and high potential for substantial returns.

Community and Ecosystem Development

Super Best Friends is more than just a cryptocurrency; it’s a burgeoning community-driven ecosystem. The project’s expansion into various forms of media and entertainment aligns with the growing trend of integrating blockchain technology into creative industries. By focusing on Web3 games, NFTs, and comic strips, Super Best Friends is tapping into the lucrative and rapidly expanding market of digital assets and decentralized entertainment.

The long-term vision of forming a DAO for philanthropic purposes adds a unique and socially responsible dimension to the project. This philanthropic angle could attract a diverse group of investors who are not only interested in financial returns but also in supporting initiatives that have a positive social impact.

The Road Ahead

The road ahead for Super Best Friends is filled with potential milestones that could further boost its market performance. The anticipated listings on major centralized exchanges could be significant catalysts for price rallies. Additionally, the project’s continuous development and expansion into new media formats will likely attract more attention and investment.

With the broader crypto market showing neutral sentiment, the strong performance of Super Best Friends stands out. Investors are eagerly watching if SUBF can maintain its momentum and gain further. Eliminating a zero in its price is a tempting prospect that could drive more investment and speculation.

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