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Solana Price Prediction: SOL Eyes Bullish Breakout To $151 Amid Positive Technical Developments


  • Solana has bounced off a critical multi-month support level.
  • Technical improvements in the Solana network are likely to trigger more gains.
  • A Bitcoin bounce-off critical support at $64k could help propel SOL Higher.

Solana is showing signs of a rebound after experiencing a correction for most of the week. In the past 24 hours, SOL has risen by 1.36%, trading at $134 as of 11:29 UTC. This recovery comes as Solana bounces off a crucial support level at $131.08 on the weekly chart, a level it has successfully held twice in the last three months. This repeated bounce indicates strong buyer interest around $131.08, suggesting a potential foundation for further gains.

Technical Analysis and Short-Term Scenarios

Solana price chart
Source: TradingView

A closer look at the hourly charts reveals that bulls are gaining momentum after the bounce from the $131.08 support. However, for this upward trend to be confirmed intra-day, SOL must break through the $135.81 resistance level. Achieving this would open the path for Solana to test the $151.26 mark in the short term. 

Two scenarios could unfold over the weekend if the bulls fail to sustain momentum. The first possibility is consolidation between the $131.08 support and the $135.81 resistance. The second, more bearish scenario would see SOL falling below the $131.08 support, potentially dropping to $88.13.

Indicators Favoring a Bullish Breakout

Despite the uncertainty, several indicators suggest higher odds of a bullish breakout for SOL. One major factor is the ongoing improvement in the network’s technical capacity. Over a month ago, the Solana team announced that validators had developed solutions to alleviate network congestion. These enhancements have attracted more investors and decentralized application (Dapp) developers to the Solana ecosystem.

ZK Compression on Solana 

Yesterday, Light Protocol, a zkLayer on Solana, introduced an innovation to make Solana transactions significantly cheaper while integrating zero-knowledge computing. According to an in-depth blog post by Light Protocol, their innovative ZK Compression technology allows applications to scale more efficiently by compressing the on-chain state. This reduces state costs by orders of magnitude while maintaining security, performance, and composability with Solana’s layer 1.

Critical Features Of Solana Zk Compression

ZK Compression securely stores state on less expensive ledger space instead of costly account space, allowing applications to scale to millions of users. Execution and data availability remain on Solana, ensuring the performance and security guarantees of the primary network. Solana programs can mix and match compressed and regular on-chain states, enabling atomic interactions with multiple programs, accounts, and compressed accounts. 

Only the state roots (tiny fingerprints of all compressed accounts) are stored on-chain, while underlying data resides on the cheaper Solana ledger. Zero-knowledge proofs (validity proofs) ensure the integrity of the compressed state, which is accessible from RPC providers supporting ZK Compression.

Broader Market Sentiment

Beyond Solana’s internal developments, the broader market sentiment supports a bullish outlook. Bitcoin, a key market driver, is showing signs of strength as it rebounds above $64,000. If Bitcoin’s bullish momentum continues, it will likely lift the entire altcoin market, including Solana. As a top altcoin with improving technical capabilities and a rapidly growing ecosystem of Dapps, Solana stands to benefit significantly from such a market-wide rally.

Solana Poised For a Price Rally

Overall, the fundamentals and technical indicators point towards a bullish breakout for SOL. The recent bounce off the critical support level at $131.08 and the ongoing improvements within the Solana network provide a strong foundation for potential gains. Introducing cost-effective solutions like ZK Compression and the positive sentiment surrounding the broader cryptocurrency market further enhance Solana’s prospects.

As the market awaits the confirmation of these bullish signals, investors should keep a close watch on the $135.81 resistance level. Breaking through this level could set the stage for SOL to reach new heights, potentially hitting $151.26 in the short term and even $200 if broader market conditions remain favorable.

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