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Solana Price Prediction as SOL Beating ETH In DEX Volumes
  • Solana makes a strong rebound after bearish trading for most of the week
  • Solana DEX volumes now surpass Ethereum
  • Various teams are working to address Solana’s congestion issues

Solana has experienced a significant rebound today, recouping losses from earlier in the week. Within the last 24 hours, Solana has surged by an impressive 7.34%, reaching $153.81 as of 08:10 UTC. This resurgence comes amidst a broader market recovery, but Solana’s developments also contribute to its momentum.

Solana Beating Ethereum In DEX Volumes

One of the standout achievements for Solana is its recent outperformance of Ethereum in decentralized exchange (DEX) volumes. In the past day alone, Solana recorded DEX volumes totaling $1.3 billion, surpassing Ethereum’s $1.29 billion. This milestone underscores Solana’s growing dominance in the decentralized exchange space, signaling a shift in trader preferences and market dynamics.

Beating Ethereum A Big Win For Solana 

The fact that Solana, a relatively newer blockchain, has overtaken Ethereum in DEX volume is significant. It reflects the increasing adoption of Solana as traders and investors seek alternatives offering scalability, speed, and lower transaction costs. This growing preference for Solana in the decentralized exchange ecosystem is expected to further bolster its rally, particularly as the broader market rebounds from recent downturns.

Solana Working On Ending Network Congestion

This resurgence in Solana’s performance comes at a crucial time when solutions are being proposed to address its congestion issues, which have posed challenges in recent months. One such solution gaining attention is Stake Weighted Quality of Service (SWQoS), which aims to optimize network efficiency and transaction processing.

The Solana team recently highlighted in a tweet how SWQoS works, outlining its key features and benefits. Among the problems, SWQoS addresses is the issue of free resource usage, where transactions incur unnecessary network traffic due to spamming practices.

SWQoS introduces bandwidth markets, allowing users to pay a small fee per transaction to access a “priority lane” during periods of high network usage. This innovative approach dynamically adjusts bandwidth costs based on supply and demand, incentivizing validators to sell their bandwidth and optimize transaction processing.

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SWQoS For Spam Management

Additionally, SWQoS tackles transaction and spam management by providing enhanced transaction visibility and intelligent retry mechanisms. By deduplicating inbound transactions and optimizing load balancing, SWQoS ensures users a smoother and more efficient transaction experience.

Overall, Solana’s resurgence following a weeklong slump and its advancements in addressing congestion issues through SWQoS demonstrate the cryptocurrency’s resilience and potential for growth. As Solana continues to innovate and expand its ecosystem, it is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and solidify its position as a leading blockchain platform.

In the section below, we do a price prediction to determine how Solana could trade through the day. 

Solana Trending Towards Key Resistance With Buying Volumes On Rise

Solana has been gaining upside momentum for the last 24 hours. It is currently trending towards the $157.28 resistance. However, buying volumes are rising, so Solana could quickly push through the $157.28 resistance in the day. If this happens, Solana could easily hit a high of $172.43 within the day or in the next 24 hours. 

If bulls fail to break the $157.28 resistance, Solana could consolidate between the 157.28 resistance and $126.94 for the rest of the day. However, if bears take control in the day and push Solana through the $126.94 support, then prices below $100 could be hit today.

Why Bulls Hold Strong Potential In The Day

Of the scenarios that could play out today, the odds are higher that bulls could push Solana higher today. One of the factors that could push SOL higher today is that Bitcoin is showing strong bullish momentum. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has made a strong rebound, pushing back through $63k. As long as it sustains this momentum, altcoins will continue to rise today.

With Solana’s rising metrics, including beating Ethereum in DEX volumes, it could emerge as one of the most attractive altcoins to buy as bulls retake control across the market. 

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