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Solana Introduces ZK Compression to Reduce Blockchain Costs

Solana has introduced a feature, ZK Compression, to lower the costs associated with on-chain account storage substantially. This development addresses a critical hurdle that has hindered wider adoption by businesses and consumer applications, making blockchain technology more accessible and affordable for various industries.

Solving Cost Barriers in Blockchain

Austin Federa, Head of Strategy at Solana, has unveiled ZK Compression, a feature designed to reduce storage costs on the blockchain dramatically. This innovation tackles the high costs associated with on-chain data storage, a critical issue for institutions looking to implement blockchain at scale. With ZK Compression, these costs are greatly diminished, facilitating the addition of millions of users to the blockchain.

“The cost benefits of ZK Compression are substantial,” Federa explained. For example, creating a 100-byte PDA account on Solana previously cost about 0.0016 SOL. With the implementation of ZK Compression, this expense drops to roughly 0.00001 SOL, making it 160 times cheaper. The cost for creating 100 token accounts drops from 0.2 SOL to 0.00004 SOL. This represents a 5000x cost reduction.

ZK Compression Slashes Costs for Business Expansion

The practical applications of ZK Compression are significant, especially for businesses aiming to onboard many users. “If a business plans to integrate 450 million users with tokens, the initial cost could be tens of millions of dollars,” Federa noted. “With generalized compression, this cost is now approximately $25,000.”

These cost reductions make large-scale blockchain applications more viable and accessible, potentially revolutionizing how companies integrate blockchain technology into their operations.

ZK Compression Technical Advantages and Collaboration

Beyond just cost savings, ZK Compression maintains high security and performance standards on the Solana blockchain. Data compressed by ZK Compression is stored securely. Execution and availability remain on Solana’s L1, maintaining platform integrity and functionality.

This feature reduces costs while preserving the security, performance, and composability of Solana’s Layer 1 blockchain. It offers developers the flexibility to choose between standard and compressed on-chain states.ย 

ZK Compression results from a collaborative effort within the Solana ecosystem, involving contributions from Light Protocol and Helius Labs. This partnership underscores the community’s commitment to advancing blockchain technology through innovative solutions.

The launch of ZK Compression marks a significant step forward for Solana, providing both cost efficiencies and technical enhancements that could attract a wider array of developers and businesses to the blockchain space.

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