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Shiba Inu Price Targets $0.0004562 After Breaking Month-Long Consolidation

Shiba Inu Momentum Could Accelerate as it Makes Debut in The Top 10

Shiba Inu, one of the most popular meme cryptocurrencies, has seen a remarkable surge in the last 24 hours, gaining 10% at the time of this report. This rally has brought SHIB dangerously close to displacing Cardano from the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. As of 09:44 UTC, SHIB’s market capitalization stood at $16,232,745,853, just shy of Cardano’s $16,483,768,726. SHIB briefly surpassed Cardano earlier in the day before a slight correction nudged it back to the 11th position.

Shiba Inu Headed into The Top 10 Elite List of Cryptocurrencies

The fierce competition between Shiba Inu and Cardano highlights the growing influence of meme coins in the cryptocurrency market. Shiba Inu’s potential entry into the top 10, alongside the rally of other meme coins like PEPE, signals the significant impact meme coins could have in this bull cycle. Should SHIB solidify its position in the top 10, it could trigger a wave of excitement and FOMO, driving SHIB prices to new heights in the coming days and weeks.

Influential Analysts Sending Bullish SHIB Signalsย 

Shiba Inu’s current momentum is reminiscent of its explosive rally in 2021 when it saw an astronomical increase of 48,000,000%. Influential figures in the crypto space, such as Davinci Jeremy, one of Bitcoin’s earliest adopters, have also expressed bullish sentiments about SHIB.

In a recent video, Jeremy encouraged his followers to hold onto Shiba Inu, predicting that it could soar to new highs once it finishes its current correction and breaks out above key resistance levels. Jeremy’s endorsement is significant, as it could further fuel FOMO among investors.

Shiba Inu Core Metrics Getting Betterย 

Continuous Token Burns

In addition to the hype, several core metrics support the bullish case for SHIB. One of the most notable is the ongoing token burns, which gradually reduce the total supply of SHIB. As demand for the token continues to rise, this supply reduction could drive higher prices.

Shiba Inu Ecosystem Getting Stronger

The growth of the Shiba Inu ecosystem also plays a crucial role in its bullish outlook. The recent integration of ShibaSwap with Shibarium is a significant development. ShibaSwap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade SHIB and other tokens, while Shibarium is a Layer 2 solution designed to make SHIB transactions faster and cheaper. This integration is expected to attract more developers to the Shiba Inu ecosystem, enhancing its utility and appeal.

Strong Communityย 

The Shiba Inu community has also been instrumental in the token’s success. Known for its passionate and dedicated following, the Shiba Inu community has consistently supported initiatives that boost the token’s visibility and adoption. This community-driven approach has been a critical factor in SHIB’s rise and could continue to play a vital role in its future growth.

Broader Market Supports a Possible Shiba Inu Breakoutย 

Furthermore, the broader cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a bullish trend, with many top cryptocurrencies seeing significant gains. This positive market sentiment will benefit Shiba Inu as investors look for high-potential tokens to capitalize on the bull run.

SHIB’s recent performance and the factors driving its growth suggest it could soon break into the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. If it maintains its upward momentum and continues to gain support from influential figures and its community, SHIB could see substantial price increases soon. The ongoing token burns, ecosystem growth, and integration with Shibarium all indicate a bright future for SHIB.ย 

Shiba Inu Breaks out of Monthly Consolidation, a Bullish Signal

Shiba Inu had a bullish breakout yesterday after consolidating between the $0.00002588 resistance and $0.00002214 support for the better part of the month. Today, SHIB has sustained this momentum, which indicates that bulls are firmly in control.ย 

If this momentum continues, the coin could hit March highs of $0.00004562 in the coming days. On the other hand, if bulls lose momentum, then a consolidation above $0.00002588 support could happen in the day. However, if bears take control and breach the $0.00002588, then the $0.00002214 monthly support could be a key target in the short term.ย 

Shiba Inu Price Likely Headed Higher

With its breakout out of consolidation yesterday, the chances are high that SHIB is headed to March highs of $0.00004562. Also, the fact that money is flowing more into meme coins this cycle could propel SHIB higher, especially now that it looks set to displace Cardano from the top 10.ย 

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