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Bitcoin Dogs ICO Sets Record with $5 Million Raised on BTC Blockchain

Bitcoin Dogs is creating a new trend in the Bitcoin ecosystem. It’s the first to unite NFTs, gaming, and fresh token types to present the first ICO on the quintessential Bitcoin blockchain.

The exceptional stability of Bitcoin is being used to create the 0DOG token. A play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experience and a unique NFT collection are also being developed. However, these exciting features will only be available to 0DOG holders.

The Bitcoin Dogs presale has gathered over $5.1 million in less than two weeks. Halfway through the process, with just 16 days left, five stages have yet to be completed in this ICO.

Bitcoin Dogs: BRC-20 token presale success

It is the first presale of a BRC-20 token on the BTC blockchain. Because of this, Bitcoin Dogs, with its fresh and exciting concept, has attracted quite a following in the crypto community.

Top names in the crypto world, like @MrX_Crypto, @BscSuperAltcoin, and @BscGemsX1000, are all backing the project. Their total followers are over 400k, which boosts the Bitcoin Dogs community, mainly because the presale is a complete sell-out.

Bitcoin Dogs ICO nears close with GameFi buzz

As we approach the Bitcoin Dogs ICO closing date on March 15th, those who got in early on 0DOG tokens are excited about the project’s plans. They are also looking forward to a potential 61% increase in token price before the end of the presale.

The Bitcoin Dogs game is slated to begin its beta testing phase in the second quarter of this year, as indicated on their official roadmap. This upcoming feature, influenced by popular gaming styles, shares similarities with well-established games.

Imagine those old Tamagotchi handheld games where you raise digital pets. The game concept is similar to that. However, it’s mixed with elements like ‘play-to-earn’ and ‘player-vs-player,’ similar to what you find in games like Axie Infinity and Bitcoin Cats. Both are popular in blockchain gaming, also called “GameFi.”

When the game becomes available in Q3, PVP Dog Showdown events will also begin. These will allow players to have their virtual dogs compete against each other, with the possibility to win financial prizes. Dogs need to reach a certain level to participate in races.

This level can be achieved by daily care actions and sharing on social networks to earn in-game BARK tokens, which are similar to XP points.

The game’s creators have a plan for players to collect digital dog NFTs – a unique collection of 10,000. You can buy, sell, and swap your online pets on a special platform.

These NFTs will exist on the Bitcoin blockchain, distinct from initial collections like Bored Apes. The game’s developers make it possible thanks to a smart application of Bitcoin Ordinals.

0DOG token presale success signals mainstream jump

The journey of the 0DOG token is just beginning with this ICO. After the presale ends on March 15th, 0DOG will be set to go mainstream. Big exchange markets have shown great interest in BRC-20 tokens like 0DOG. Each day sees about $400 million in trade volume for these tokens, which often spike in value once they’re listed on exchanges.

Bitcoin Dogs appears to be in an excellent position to reap the benefits of Bitcoin’s current upward trend. The value of BTC appears steady above $50k, following its ETF approvals in January. With the approaching ‘halving’ event in April, BTC might experience further growth. It might also lead to an increase in the value of Bitcoin-focused coins like 0DOG.

Once the presale wraps up on March 15, the broader market will determine 0DOG’s value. So, there’s no promise that its current friendly price of $0.0251 will hold.

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