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Popular Cryptocurrency To Buy Feb 21

It’s a mixed day for the cryptocurrency market today. While some large-cap cryptocurrencies are experiencing a correction, some lower-ranked altcoins are making double-digit gains in the day. However, with a huge chunk of the market made up of single-day pump and dumps, it is natural to wonder, what is the best cryptocurrency to buy today for high and sustainable returns?

This is the question that we seek to answer in this article. We have identified high-potential cryptocurrencies to buy today based on news and market momentum, two factors that usually impact cryptocurrency prices. The idea is that, by the time you are done reading the article, you can invest in a cryptocurrency that has a high probability of high returns both now and going into the future. 

Popular Crypto To Buy Today

The article takes a look at cryptocurrencies that are building upside momentum or have factors that could trigger a bullish breakout. We look at the continued strong inflows into Bitcoin ETFs, MINU’s marketing pivot to China and Russia, and Fetch.AI’s announcement of DeltaV. The article also touches on EGO’s roadmap for expansion into Asia and AltLayer’s announcement that it has secured $14.4 million in funding. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) may not be showing any major price movements at the moment, but all indicators point to a breakout. One of the biggest indicators is the sustained high inflows into Bitcoin ETFs. At the start of this week, more than $135 million flowed into Bitcoin ETFs in just 24 hours. This indicates buyers are optimistic of more upside even as Bitcoin continues to trade sideways around the $51k price level. 

With supply continually decreasing as buyers choose to HODL, the odds are that Bitcoin will do well both short term, and in the long run. Bitcoin is currently trading at $51, 700 with a market capitalization of $1.01 trillion.

As high amounts of money continue chasing a shrinking supply of Bitcoin, the odds of a price rally are getting stronger by the day. In the short term, Bitcoin has the potential to retake its all-time high of $69k. In the long term, analysts project that Bitcoin could trade at $200k or more, especially post-halving. This means a potential to more than double the price it is trading at the moment. 


Minu (MINU) continues to defy the odds as it keeps making new highs every day. Currently, Minu is trading at $0.0000009084, with its market capitalization rising by 60% in 24 hours to hit $5.45 million.

Despite rallying by over 800% in the month, there is still so much to look forward to for Minu. So much that even another 1000% rally is within the realms of possibility in the coming days. 

One of the key factors likely to give MINU new momentum is the Chinese market. The MINU team has announced via X that they are now targeting the Chinese and Russian markets in their marketing campaigns. 

Considering that China is one of the largest markets in the world, one with the ability to move prices, success in the campaign could easily see MINU rally by 1000% or more.

Besides such strategic marketing, MINU’s value proposition in itself is attracting investors. Minu is giving investors a chance to earn an income by mining BNB. Given the high value and relative price stability of the Binance Coin (BNB) token, the number of people looking to mine can only go up over time. 

With clever marketing and a strong value proposition, MINU is a hot cryptocurrency to invest in today. 

Fetch.AI (FET)

Fetch.AI (FET) is one of the most recognized AI cryptocurrencies in the market today. This was quite evident last week when a surge in demand for AI tokens saw Fetch.AI outpace most cryptocurrencies. Currently, Fetch.AI is trading at $0.9817 with a market capitalization of $822.99 million. 

Fetch.AI’s success so far can be attributed to more than general excitement around AI tokens. It also has so many developments within its ecosystem that are likely to drive growth. These include partnerships, such as the one with Deutsche Telekom. The latest major development around Fetch.AI is the launch of public beta launch of DeltaV

Such developments and the growing excitement around AI make Fetch.AI one of the best cryptocurrencies today. Its potential to continue outperforming the market is relatively high.

Ego (EGO)

Ego (EGO) is the token that powers Paysenger, a platform that allows content creators to monetize their content in a decentralized environment. At the moment, EGO is trading at $0.0413. Its market capitalization is up by 16% in the last 24 hours to stand at $2.34 million. 

Ego Crypto

Besides the strong use case of Paysenger, a lot is likely to propel EGO forward in the coming days and weeks. One of them is the release of a roadmap  that points to Paysenger’s push to expand into Asia. This is a big deal considering that Asia is one of the biggest crypto markets in the world. 

As Paysenger continues to grow in its market reach, EGO will remain a high-potential cryptocurrency to buy and hold in this crypto bull cycle. 

AltLayer (ALT)

AltLayer (ALT) is a cryptocurrency built on the idea of re-staking rollups. The idea is to make rollups more secure, interoperable, and able to achieve finality faster. Currently, AltLayer is trading at $0.5272 with a market capitalization of $579.91 million. 

AltLayer’s use case has excited the market, making ALT one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies for days. There is every reason to believe that AltLayer will do even better. That’s because their developer team has announced that they have secured $14.4 million in funding from strategic venture capitalists. This means, AltLayer now has the money to keep pursuing its goals, and that’s good news for the token’s long-term value growth. 

These developments, coupled with the fact that AltLayer has a relatively low market cap, stand out as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy today. 

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