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Pixels Price Prediction: PIXEL Eyes $0.20 Rebound Amid Signs of Market Stabilization


  • PIXEL appears to have found strong support at $0.1648 and is on a rebound
  • Rebound is driven by Bitcoin’s price action, which has found a footing at $54k
  • PIXEL’s positive news supporting the potential bullish reversal

After a significant selloff over the past 24 hours, Pixels (PIXEL) is finding its footing. At the time of writing, it was trading at $0.1707, marking an 18.19% decline for the day. However, there are signs of stabilization as PIXEL appears to be forming support at $0.1648, with the cryptocurrency currently consolidating between $0.1648, now support, and an intra-day resistance at $0.1749.

Technical Analysis: Key Support and Resistance Levels

Looking at the charts, PIXEL’s price action suggests a potential for recovery if certain conditions are met. The consolidation between $0.1648 and $0.1749 is critical. Should PIXEL break through the $0.1749 resistance, it could rally towards $0.20, a critical resistance level for the day. Conversely, if the coin fails to hold the $0.1648 support, prices could drop below $0.15, indicating further bearish sentiment in the short term.

Pixles price chart
Source: TradingView

The trading trajectory of PIXEL for the remainder of the day is closely tied to Bitcoin’s performance. The market leader, Bitcoin, is rebounding and forming support for around $54,000. If Bitcoin maintains this uptrend, it could positively influence it’s recovery. However, if Bitcoin falters and drops below the $54,000 support level, it might face further declines, potentially falling below $0.15.

Positive News and Strategic Updates from Pixels

Amidst the market turbulence, PIXEL has some positive news that could aid in price recovery, provided Bitcoin sustains its rebound. Three days ago, Heidi Christine, the Chief Marketing Officer at Pixels, shared an optimistic update about the company’s progress and plans.

New Type Of Game

Heidi Christine emphasized Pixels’ goal of revolutionizing the gaming industry with a new type of game that changes how games are played forever. The focus is making play-to-earn (P2E) mechanisms work effectively, enhancing player experience and ensuring long-term engagement. Christine acknowledged the community’s feedback and reassured us that Pixels is committed to making necessary updates to improve the game continuously.

Taskboard Updated 

One of the significant updates was implementing a Taskboard update designed to push incentives toward higher-level players. This change aims to enhance the gaming experience for committed players and increase their rewards. The recent update has already shown promising results, with Chapter 2 of the game seeing a substantial increase in player engagement and experience points (XP) earned.

Player Session Up 158% 

According to the statistics shared, median play sessions have surged by 158% over the last week. The total XP gained from completing PIXEL tasks reached 133.3 million, while the sum of XP from all tasks hit 846.2 million. These figures indicate a thriving player base and growing in-game activity, which are crucial for the long-term success of Pixels.

Dealing with Bot Activity 

Additionally, Pixels is actively combating bot activity, which has been a persistent issue in many P2E games. The recent update initially broke all existing bots, a move welcomed by the community. However, new bots have emerged, prompting Pixels to implement systematic changes to make bot activity economically unsustainable. These measures include continuous bot bans, internal checks, and captchas to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all players.

Future Developments and Phases of Growth

Heidi Christine also highlighted the upcoming phases of development for Pixels, which are aimed at further improving the game and preparing it for mainstream adoption. The first phase focuses on refining the game systems to enhance player experience and engagement. By optimizing these systems, Pixels aims to ensure a more seamless and enjoyable gameplay experience, essential for retaining current players and attracting new ones.

The final phase will target the broader gaming market by polishing the game and implementing strategies to attract a mainstream audience. This includes enhancing the game’s graphics, improving user interface elements, and launching targeted marketing campaigns to raise awareness and interest among potential players. Preparing Pixels for mainstream adoption is crucial in solidifying its position in the competitive gaming industry.

Pixles Price Outlook: Cautious Optimism for PIXEL

PIXEL may have bottomed out with these strategic updates and positive news and is primed to rebound. However, the broader market conditions, especially Bitcoin’s performance, will be crucial in determining PIXEL’s short-term trajectory. 

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