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PIXEL Price Prediction - $1 The Next Target Ahead Of MMO Social-Fi Guild Launch

Pixel is one of the top trending cryptocurrencies today, and is performing well just a day after it launched. The crypto is currently up by 10% to trade at $0.58. 

Pixel is a new social Web 3.0 game that runs on the Ronin Network. It is designed for maximum fun in mind. It entails farming, and the ability to explore and generate new ideas within the game. What gives the Pixel token value is that it is the currency for use within the Pixel ecosystem, and a lot can be done with the token.

So Many Use Cases For The PIXEL Token

Among the uses of the token are in NFT minting, whereby all NFTs created in the Pixel ecosystem will be valued in PIXEL tokens. The PIXEL token can also be used to buy VIP membership in the games, which allows users to access VIP Battle Passes. Additionally, the PIXEL token will be used in joining in on new game features by using the token. Similarly, premium game features that they will be valued and sold in PIXELs. The best part is that, holders of the PIXEL token can take part in making decisions that touch on the direction of the Pixel game and, in the process make it better and draw in more users. 

Binance Listing 

Besides the strong in-game uses of the PIXEL token, there are a couple of other reasons why this cryptocurrency is attracting so much attention in the market today. One of the big news that is giving PIXEL traction is the fact that just a day after the token went live, it has been listed on Binance. This is a big deal as it makes PIXEL accessible to lots of investors across the world. At a time like this when there is a lot of excitement around cryptocurrencies, the Binance listing could play a role in Pixel outperforming the broader market in coming days.

MMO Social-Fi Guild Coming Up Next Week

Even better is that there is some big news for PIXEL coming up next week. The Pixel team will be launching their pioneer MMO Social-Fi guild. This is a big deal because after that launch, gamers will be in a position to trade membership from one Guild to another. This is likely to open up the Pixel ecosystem in a big way, and in the process drive up adoption, and FOMO around the PIXEL token. 

One of the best ways to buy Pixel today is Binance. However, it is available on several other cryptocurrency exchanges, including Gate.io and HTX. You can also buy it on top DEXs like Uniswap V3, and Jupiter. 

In the section below, we take a look at PIXEL’s price potential at a time when altcoins are surging in value ahead of the Bitcoin halving.

PIXEL Crypto Price Prediction 

When going to press, PIXEL is trading at $0.58. Volumes have shot up by 583% in the last 24 hours to stand at $1.29 billion. 

After an initial surge in value after the Binance listing, PIXEL has entered a consolidation phase. It is currently consolidating between a high of $0.68 and $0.64. This is an indicator that short term traders are selling the tokens that they received in the airdrop. It also indicates that even though sellers are active in the market, there is a lot of buying going on as well, hence supporting the price from a downside breakout. 

PIXEL Crypto Price Prediction

If buying volumes increase, the key level to watch would be the $0.68 resistance. Breaking this resistance would see PIXEL enter a new rally, and could easily break the $1 to make new highs within the day or in the coming days.

However, if short sellers strengthen and are able to push through the $0.54 support, then prices below $0.50 would be within reach. It would mean that the excitement around the airdrop launch is over, at least in the short term. 

Why PIXEL Will Break The $1 Mark Soon

While PIXEL can breakout in any direction, the odds are that a bullish breakout is most likely. That’s because there is a lot to look forward, such as the upcoming MMO Social-Fi guild launch. 

There is also the excitement that will come as more exchanges continue to list this token. Add to that the bullish momentum across the market, and its easy to see why an upside breakout is most likely.

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