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PEPE Price Prediction – PEPE Could Hit $0.00001083 Soon As Whale Buys $1.3 Million of PEPE

PEPE has emerged as one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies over the past week, showcasing an impressive 26% gain. This bullish momentum continues today, with PEPE recording a notable 4.15% surge in the last 24 hours to trade at $0.000008845. 

  • PEPE is trading at a critical resistance level after the recent rally
  • Bulls gaining momentum as Whale buys $1.3 million of PEPE
  • A push-through key resistance could see PEPE hit prices as high as $0.0001083 

Whale Buys Up $1.3 Billion Of PEPE 

Significant developments within its ecosystem fuel PEPE’s rally. A headline-grabbing event involves a savvy trader’s substantial investment in PEPE, signaling a wave of confidence among big players. The trader reportedly used $1.3 million in USDC to acquire 147 billion PEPE tokens at $0.0000088. 

This move is not an isolated incident; the trader has been actively involved in PEPE trading, boasting an impressive track record of success. Having executed seven trades over the past six months, the trader emerged victorious in six instances, accruing a total profit of $915,000. This significant investment underscores growing whale interest in PEPE and suggests a bullish outlook for the token’s future trajectory. This could trigger a domino effect where retail investors also rush to buy PEPE.

Broader Market Supporting PEPE

PEPE’s rally is intertwined with the broader cryptocurrency market’s resurgence, particularly Bitcoin’s push through $64k today. As Bitcoin displays renewed upside momentum, it has created a favorable environment for altcoins like PEPE to flourish. This is evident in PEPE’s 20%+ rally in the last seven days.

With bullish sentiment rising across the market and whales making significant moves, PEPE could be up for more gains in the short to medium term. 

PEPE Crypto Price Prediction – PEPE Trading At Key Resistance Levels

PEPE is currently positioned at a critical juncture, hovering near a key weekly resistance level at $0.00000881. The outcome of this pivotal level holds significant implications for the token’s short-term price trajectory.

Should bullish momentum prevail and propel PEPE above the $0.00000881 resistance level, investors may set their sights on the multi-month high of $0.00001083 as a primary target. 

Conversely, a failure to breach this resistance level could result in a period of consolidation for PEPE. The token may oscillate between the $0.00000881 resistance and the $0.00000542 support in this scenario. Such consolidation could precede significant price movements, allowing traders to reassess their positions and gauge market sentiment.

However, a bearish turn of events cannot be discounted, particularly if buying volumes drop and bearish pressure intensifies. A breach of the $0.00000542 support level would confirm a bearish trend for PEPE, potentially leading to a retest of April lows at $0.00000399.  Overall, PEPE’s current position at a critical weekly resistance level sets the stage for a decisive price action in the coming days. 

Why Bulls Could See PEPE Through $0.00000881

With PEPE trading at a critical resistance, a sustained upside has not yet been confirmed. However, there is reason to believe PEPE could experience a violent upside breakout. 

A key factor likely to trigger this is the bullish momentum across the market. Since pushing through the $60k, Bitcoin has been on a sustained uptrend and looks set to hit $70k soon. As it rises, so does the altcoin market, and PEPE is no exception. 

In addition, PEPE has been gaining investor attention recently. The latest was a move by a whale to buy more than a million dollars worth of PEPE. This is mainly due to the element of credibility that PEPE has and is lacking in most altcoins. As a growing segment of investors gravitates towards PEPE and other top meme coins, the price could skyrocket even further as bullish momentum builds up. 

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