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PEPE Price Prediction: PEPE Coin Mirrors Bitcoin's Upward Trajectory, Eyes $0.00001028


  • PEPE is currently in an intra-day consolidation after a 10% rebound in 24 hours
  • PEPE’s headed for a parabolic price move if Bitcoin makes a recovery past $58k
  •  Status as a top meme coin could boost PEPE momentum in a bull market

In the last 24 hours, PEPE, one of the most popular meme coins in the cryptocurrency market, has made significant gains, mirroring Bitcoin’s price trajectory but with higher percentage increases. As of 10:44 UTC, PEPE has gained 10% to trade at $0.000009138. The price action of PEPE, like Bitcoin, is currently in an intra-day consolidation phase, typical of low-volume weekend trading.

Intra-Day Consolidation and Key Levels

PEPE is trading between an intra-day resistance level of $0.00000919 and a support level of $0.00000876.

Pepe price chart
Source: TradingView

The price movement within this range indicates a period of consolidation before significant moves. The consolidation phase often precedes a breakout; in PEPE’s case, this could determine its short-term price direction.

Potential Bullish Breakout

If the bulls take control and push PEPE through the $0.00000919 resistance, the price could rally to $0.00001028. This potential rally is boosted by the positive sentiment around Bitcoin, which is currently on an upward trajectory. With whales and institutions buying Bitcoin at current prices, Bitcoin will likely rally to $58k. This bullish sentiment around Bitcoin will likely spill over to PEPE, pushing it past the $0.0000100 and higher psychological resistance.

Market Sentiment and Investor Interest

PEPE’s popularity as a top meme coin plays a significant role in its price dynamics. Meme coins are often subject to rapid price movements driven by social media hype and investor sentiment. If the market sentiment shifts towards believing that the crypto bottom is in, investors seeking high returns from meme coins could turn to PEPE as one of their first options. Today’s 10% rebound in PEPE’s price sends a positive signal to the market, indicating growing investor interest in the coin.

Bearish Scenario and Support Levels

On the other hand, if bears take control and push PEPE through the $0.00000876 support, the price could retest yesterday’s low of $0.0000767. This bearish scenario could unfold if Bitcoin turns bearish during the day. However, considering the current market sentiment and Bitcoin’s recent rebound from a low of $53,557, the probability of a significant bearish turn seems lower.

Market Sentiment Analysis

The current market sentiment index stands at 38, indicating investors’ fear. However, in times of maximum fear, investors have the best buying opportunity. This is evident in the fact that whales are entering the market again. For context, Bitcoin hit a low of $53k yesterday and has since rebounded, suggesting that the bottom may be in. This creates a favorable environment for PEPE to rally since its price action is intertwined with Bitcoin’s. The possible bottoming out in the market could also work in PEPE’s favor, as investors might look for high-reward opportunities in meme coins.

Looking Ahead: The 2024/25 Crypto Bull Rally

Given the current market conditions and the strong correlation between PEPE and Bitcoin, there is a high probability that PEPE could be on the verge of a significant rally. If Bitcoin continues to gain momentum and breaks $60k, PEPE could see a substantial increase in buying pressure. This could lead to a rally that might see PEPE ‘kill several zeroes’ in what could be the start of the 2024/25 crypto bull rally.


PEPE is currently in a critical phase of intra-day consolidation, mirroring Bitcoin’s price action but with higher percentage gains. The key levels to watch are the intra-day resistance at $0.00000919 and support at $0.00000876. A breakout in either direction will determine PEPE’s short-term price action. Given the positive sentiment around Bitcoin and the increasing interest in PEPE as a meme coin, the odds favor a bullish breakout to $0.00001028 or higher.

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