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Oasis (ROSE) Bulls Eye $0.18 As Momentum Builds Up On Google Cloud Partnership

Partnership Points To Oasis Growth In Private Smart Contracts Space 

Oasis (ROSE) is riding a wave of positive momentum, building on the gains from yesterday. In the last 24 hours, ROSE has surged by 12%, trading at $0.1037 when going to press. 

This rally is primarily driven by announcing a strategic partnership between Oasis Labs and Google Cloud. Unlike most cryptos that generate hype by loosely associating with Google services, the deal is an actual partnership.

What Is The Partnership All About?

Through a blog post on Medium, Oasis Labs unveiled its innovative privacy-preserving data analytics product, Oasis PrivateSQL, now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. PrivateSQL leverages cutting-edge differential privacy technology to enable the responsible use of sensitive data in AI and analytics, allowing organizations to maximize the value of their data while safeguarding individual privacy.

Partnership Aimed At Privacy In The Age Of AI

Oasis Labs announced that this move aims to guarantee personal privacy in the age of AI. Differential privacy, they said, introduces carefully calibrated noise into statistical query results, providing mathematical assurances that analysis outputs do not reveal sensitive information about individuals. This enables organizations to perform advanced analytics and gain insights while protecting the privacy of individuals represented in the data.

Seamless Integration 

Through the partnership with Google, Oasis PrivateSQL uses differential privacy technology to generate privacy-preserving versions of aggregate statistical queries across various SQL databases. It automatically rewrites queries to embed differential privacy mechanisms, allowing them to run directly on the database as original queries. This seamless integration ensures that analysts can continue their workflows without any disruptions. Designed for easy deployment, PrivateSQL allows data to remain in existing cloud databases without requiring modifications to the database, tables, or schemas. There is also no need to anonymize or redact the data being shared. 

Unlocking Power Of Big Data, Securely

“Oasis Labs’ mission is to empower organizations to unlock the potential of their data without sacrificing the privacy of individuals,” said Prof. Dawn Song, Founder of Oasis Labs. “With the launch of PrivateSQL on Google Cloud, we are making it easier than ever for businesses to achieve this balance at scale.”

ROSE Receives Positive Response From The Market

As news of this groundbreaking partnership spreads, the market response has been overwhelmingly positive. ROSE’s price surge reflects growing investor confidence in Oasis Labs’ ability to deliver on its promises and the broader market potential of its privacy-preserving technologies. Analysts predict that ROSE could see further price increases over the weekend as more investors recognize the significance of this partnership.

This collaboration points to Oasis Labs’ commitment to privacy and data security and highlights the increasing importance of privacy-preserving technologies in the era of AI. As the market responds favorably, ROSE’s future looks promising, with potential for continued growth and success.

ROSE Rallies But Still Stuck In a Multi-Month Range

ROSE has been stuck between $0.105 resistance and $0.0803 support for the past month. While yesterday’s Google partnership news triggered a price rally in the last 24 hours, ROSE has yet to break out of this range. If bulls sustain this momentum and push ROSE through the $0.105 resistance, a price rally could follow, pushing the price to March highs of $0.18. 

On the other hand, if momentum drops, then two scenarios could play out in the short term. The first is a possible continuation of the consolidation that ROSE has experienced for the past month. In the other scenario, bears take control and push ROSE through the $0.08 support. In such a case, ROSE could drop to $0.07 in the short term. 

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ROSE About To Rally To $0.18 

ROSE has a higher chance of a bullish breakout than a continuation of the consolidation or a downside break. That’s because the partnership with Google is big news. The broader crypto market is also starting to look bullish and could help propel ROSE higher in the short term. 

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