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Notcoin Price Prediction: Minor Rebound Sparks Hopes for Bullish Reversal To $0.020


  • Notcoin bears fail to trigger trend reversal after three weeks of selloffs
  • In the hourly charts, Notcoin is sending signs of a bullish reversal
  • The broader market is likely to help support a Notcoin reversal in the new week

Notcoin (NOT) is experiencing a minor rebound today after a sustained correction that began on June 2. After three weeks of consecutive declines, the bearish momentum might finally lose steam. Investors are watching the charts closely for signals that a bullish reversal could occur.

Weekly Chart Analysis

Analyzing the weekly chart, it becomes evident that the potential for a bullish reversal is high. Despite the three-week sell-off, Notcoin bears have been unable to break through the long green candle formed in the last week of May.

This inability to push the price lower suggests that the selling pressure is weakening. The persistence of this support level indicates that sellers are not strong enough to trigger a complete trend reversal. This scenario could reignite bullish confidence, increasing buying as traders anticipate more gains.

Notcoin Hourly Chart Insights

Further evidence of a possible bullish reversal can be seen in the hourly charts. In the last 48 hours, Notcoin has rebounded, consistently making higher lows since hitting a low of $0.013843. A bullish engulfing pattern and the current price action of higher lows quickly followed this.

Notcoin Hourly Chart Insights

Source: TradingView

This pattern indicates that bulls have identified $0.013843 as a strong support level, and each dip since that point has been met with buying interest. If this upward momentum continues, the next critical resistance level to watch for Notcoin will be $0.017998. Breaking this resistance could see Notcoin rise to a high of $0.020 within the next 24 to 48 hours.

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Potential Downside Risks

However, there is always a risk that the bulls might lose the current momentum. If this happens, the correction from last week could continue. In such a scenario, the critical level to watch would be the June 21 low of $0.013843, which now serves as a crucial support level. If this support is broken, Notcoin could test a low of $0.007474, a critical support level on the daily chart, sometime next week.

Broader Market Context

Despite these risks, the odds are higher that bulls will sustain their momentum heading into the new week, possibly driving Notcoin to $0.02 soon. This optimism is fueled by signs of strength in the broader crypto market over the weekend. Typically, weekends are characterized by low trading volumes, and prices often turn more bearish in bearish markets. However, the current weekend has shown signs of a bullish reversal, suggesting a rally could be on the horizon in the coming week.

The performance of Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, is also a critical factor to consider. If Bitcoin rallies towards $70,000 in the new week, it could lift the broader market, including Notcoin. Given that Notcoin’s chart pattern is already sending bullish signals, it stands to benefit significantly from any upward movement in the overall market.


Notcoin shows promising signs of a potential bullish reversal after a prolonged correction period. The inability of bears to push the price below the critical support level established in the last week of May indicates weakening selling pressure.

The formation of higher lows in the hourly charts further supports the case for a bullish reversal. If the current momentum continues, breaking through the $0.017998 resistance could set the stage for Notcoin to reach $0.020 in the short term. However, traders should remain cautious and monitor key support levels, as a failure to maintain current momentum could lead to further downside.

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