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NEAR Protocol and Bitcoin future price predictions

Bitcoin’s popularity is on the rise again, with its price moving past $73,000. This optimism in the U.S. market led many to believe that Bitcoin might soon hit the $100,000 mark.

The next halving event is expected to push Bitcoin’s value further. As we look ahead, it’s intriguing to consider where Bitcoin might stand in five years.

Across the globe, the crypto market is buzzing with exciting new protocols like Near Protocol. It’s widely favored for its quick transactions, eco-friendly approach, and low-cost fees.

Its currency, NEAR, has provided its traders with an impressive 763.09% return on investment. There’s a growing curiosity about the future of NEAR, specifically in 2024 and beyond.

Bitcoin price outlook

Bitcoin has had yet another positive week, with its price rising above $73,000 and nearing the critical $75,000 mark. This increase in Bitcoin’s price is directly related to the growing trading volume of Bitcoin ETFs, showing this digital currency’s ever-increasing strength in the market. Also, Bitcoin’s market value now exceeds $1.34 trillion, signaling a strong upward trend.

As Bitcoin hits the $65,000 mark again, many expect a big increase in its value. If this predicted surge allows Bitcoin to cross the $73,000 peak, we could see a new record high in its price this month.

Current market signs and projections indicate a rising trend that could take Bitcoin to a value of $75,000. If Bitcoin can surpass $75,000 with a strong upward momentum, its price will accelerate to $79,000 and possibly beyond.

The future of Bitcoin looks decidedly bullish, with the cryptocurrency expected to maintain a steady upward trend over the next decade. In 2025, the Bitcoin price prediction points towards an average price of $95,903, hitting a high of $140,449 and a low of $61,357.

In the future, Bitcoin price range predictions for 2026, 2027, and 2028 indicate an average price of $115,569, $160,942, and $183,485, respectively. This forecast aligns with the anticipated Bitcoin halving events, which typically trigger a price rally.

In 2029, Bitcoin’s price is projected to range between $204,634 and $239,559, with an impressive average of $222,096. Moving into 2030, the predicted price surges further, with an average estimate of $312,767 and an all-time high between $277,751 and $347,783.

NEAR price prediction

After a period of sideways trading, NEAR’s price suddenly surged by about 141.28% in just nine days. However, this fast-paced, bullish run hit a wall at the $9 resistance level, leading to a drop in bull power and a downward price shift. With the rising market volatility, the Near token experienced more noticeable price changes on the chart.

Since then, the price has moved within a stable range from $6.015 to $7.50. On a promising note, the SMA shows a hopeful trend, signifying that the altcoin’s price could rise shortly.

The MACD technical indicator shows a growing green histogram, meaning there’s a strengthening demand in the market. The averages also hint at a thriving market, indicating that the price will likely increase further in the near future.

If the price stays above the $6.772 support level, buyers could soon push it towards the higher resistance level of $9.00. But if sellers take control, the price could drop to the lower limit of $5.330.

Should the team at Near Protocol provide the needed solutions to their system and encourage community participation, we could see exciting developments. With Phase 3 of sharding set to happen in 2024, the number of shards will adjust based on needs and availability. This, coupled with the positive momentum from Bitcoin’s halving event, could potentially push NEAR’s price to a peak of $14.56.

The NEAR Protocol’s price could rise to $20.02 due to growing environmental consciousness and the increasing need for decentralized solutions. However, it could also fall to as low as $9.21 due to negative criticisms and the emergence of competitive alternatives. Regulatory restrictions could also cause the price to drop to $6.66. In normal circumstances, the price might stabilize around $10.61.

Experts predict that the price of Near Protocol may vary from $13.96 to $26.65 soon, keeping an average trading price around $20.30. In 2027, NEAR’s value could swing between $18.65 and $32.29, resulting in an average estimated price of $25.47.  By 2030, Near Protocol is predicted to reach a top price of $52.86 with a floor price of $40.98, settling at an average value of $46.92.