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Mike Tyson steps into crypto ring: named RTF token ambassador as it lands on four major exchanges

This is exciting news for boxing enthusiasts and crypto investors. The popular Ready to Fight (RTF) project has big updates.

The renowned boxer Mike Tyson is now an ambassador for this innovative platform. Even better, the RTF token will soon be available on four of the top cryptocurrency exchanges.

RTF’s boxing revolution

Mike Tyson’s joining forces with RTF is a big deal. It shows he truly believes in RTF’s goal to revolutionize boxing using Web3 technology—so much so that he’s doing it for free. With Tyson’s worldwide fame and sway, RTF is set to garner more notice and trust, drawing in more boxing lovers and investors.

This partnership not only shows Tyson’s dedication to supporting the sport that made him famous but also emphasizes RTF’s special appeal. This project, made by boxing enthusiasts for boxing enthusiasts, is leading the way in digitally transforming the billion-dollar boxing industry.

The team at RTF has some more exciting news. Their homegrown token, $RTF, is set to be listed on four top cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that the token will be more liquid and easier to access, giving more opportunities for investment and involvement in the project.

RTF is more than just a blockchain endeavor. This project, backed by famous boxing faces like Oleksandr Usyk, WBC, Ebanie Bridges, and now Mike Tyson, is revolutionizing boxing by bringing it to the digital world.

Thanks to RTF, the widespread use of Web3 technologies is now possible. The project’s speedy rise in popularity, with early investment rounds closing quickly, shows how much the community believes in and is excited about RTF’s future.

Bridging the boxing community with blockchain

RTF is a social network that uses its blockchain structure to connect hobbyists and professional boxers with everyone in the boxing industry. This includes promoters, coaches, sponsors, and specialized services. RTF’s role is to make these interactions smooth and beneficial for everyone involved.

By partnering with the World Boxing Council (WBC), RTF is determined to support budding talent and improve the worldwide boxing experience.

The $RTF token is the heart of the ecosystem. It lets you donate, pay for services, buy equipment, and access unique content. This sets up a lively economy on the platform. Each transaction helps boxers grow and boosts the community.

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson

In other news, Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will actually be going head-to-head. This marks Netflix’s initial foray into hosting boxing events, and what an unusual match to start with.

Paul, 27, and Tyson, 57, will compete in a friendly boxing match at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on July 20.

The game will be broadcast worldwide by Netflix; no PPV is needed. Tyson is seen as a slight underdog due to his legendary status and wealth of experience. Despite Paul’s short career span, his youth, determination, and highly skilled team should compensate for it.

Paul (9-1, 6 KOs) is deeply committed to boxing. He began his boxing journey by sparring with other social media celebrities, gradually moving on to fighting UFC fighters and champions to test his skills.

Recently, Paul shifted his focus from competing against seasoned, albeit smaller, MMA fighters such as Anderson Silva and Nate Diaz to following a more traditional path to sharpen his boxing skills. Before announcing his collaboration with Tyson, he secured consecutive victories by knockout over lesser-known boxers.

Mike Tyson (50-6-2 NC, 44 KOs) hasn’t publicly boxed since his 2020 exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr., which resulted in a draw.

As the saying goes, a boxer’s power is the last thing to fade, and Tyson, also known as “Iron Mike,” will undoubtedly need it against a much younger opponent. He is a legendary figure in the boxing world, having once been the undisputed world heavyweight champion, with notable victories over Larry Holmes and Michael Spinks.