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Meme Coins Recover: POPCAT, MOG, and WIF Lead the Rally

Amid the broad market recovery, several meme coins have been outstanding, showcasing resilience and surging by impressive gains today. Currently, the total meme coin market capitalization is up by more than 7% at $47 billion in the past 24 hours. Moreover, the total trading volume has significantly increased by more than 20%, valued at $4.99 million. 


  • POPCAT surged over 60% in 24 hours, with trading volume rising 300% to $123 million and market cap reaching $404 million.
  • MOG Coin gained 35%, nearing its all-time high, with a market cap of $517 million and trading volume of $73 million.
  • WIF experienced a 20% increase, with a market cap of $1.91 billion and trading volume of $713 million, showing bullish momentum.

Let’s look at some meme coins, including POPCAT, MOG, and WIF, that have broken out of bearish crypto trends to record double-digit growth over the past 24 hours.


POPCAT has recorded an impressive surge today, gaining over 70% in the past 24 hours. This meme coin has been one of the outstanding coins leading the meme coin sector post-recovery with a meteoric rise of more than 350% in the trading volume at $135 million. Moreover, the market capitalization has surged to $432 million, elevating the price to the $0.4415 mark. 

Source: CoinMarket Cap

In addition, POPCAT is up by more than 70% and 16% in weekly and 14-day charts despite the 10% monthly drop. According to coinmarketcap rankings, POPCAT is currently ranked #209. 

Mog Coin (MOG)

Mog Coin meme coin has regained momentum and surged 35% in the last 24 hours, currently valued at $0.000001436. The bulls have been in the lead, overtaking the bears, placing MOG 20% from its all-time high of $0.000001794 set a month ago. MOG has been showcasing bullish recently despite the bearish trends in the broad market. 

Source: CoinMarket Cap

MOG has recorded over 90% and 45% in the weekly and monthly charts, respectively. According to coinmarketcap data, its market capitalization and trading volume are $524 million and $73 million, respectively, boosting its ranking to position #120. 

Dogwhifhat (WIF)

Dogwhifhat is trading at $1.91, up 20% in the past 24 hours. WIF has formed a bullish reversal following the notable decline in its price. Yesterday, WIF’s market cap fell toward $1.50 billion. However, WIF’s market cap is currently at $1.91 billion, while the trading volume is at $713 million, making it the 50th rank according to coinmarket cap rankings.

Source: CoinMarket Cap

Recently, WIF reached a two-month high of $4.06 before recording a 39% decline in the past month. Despite the bullish gains, WIF remains bearish on the weekly and monthly charts, declining by 7% and 35%, respectively. 


The recent gains in POPCAT, MOG, and WIF meme coins highlight a notable resurgence in the meme coin market, significantly driving up overall market capitalization and trading volumes. Despite recent bearish performances, this bullish momentum indicates renewed investor interest and potential for further growth.

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