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Luna Foundation Guard Shifts $94 Million in Crypto to Secure New Wallet


  • Luna Foundation Guard transferred $94.7 million in crypto assets for enhanced security.
  • LFG’s asset transfer aligns with adopting direct custody amid legal issues.
  • Legal settlements continue as Terraform Labs faces multiple international charges.

Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) has recently moved a substantial amount of cryptocurrency, totaling $94.7 million, to a newly designated wallet address. This strategic move is part of LFG’s ongoing efforts to enhance the security of its digital assets through direct custody solutions.

Strategic Shift to Direct Custody

According to data from Arkham, a blockchain data monitoring platform, the transfer includes 1.974 million AVAX (approximately $71.19 million) and 39,499 BNB (around $23.5 million). These assets were moved to an address starting with “0x134” just minutes before the data was reported.

Luna Foundation Guard

This action is part of LFG’s plan to improve fund security by transitioning assets from multi-signature wallets to a more secure, direct custody solution. The foundation assured the public that these assets remain trackable on the LFG Reserves dashboard, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Transition to Direct Custody and Legal Settlements

LFG’s recent asset transfers were officially announced on May 28, citing a move towards direct custody. This decision aims to bolster the security of its funds. The foundation specified that assets in Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain wallets would migrate to a new address, “0x1…e27.” This transition maintains transparency, with all funds remaining trackable on LFG’s dashboard.

The foundation’s transparency efforts are noteworthy, given the ongoing legal challenges faced by Terraform Labs and its founder, Do Kwon. A recent report by Crypto2Community indicates a preliminary settlement with the SEC involving significant financial reparations, though the details remain undisclosed until the official June filings. This settlement addresses severe civil penalties and a potential industry ban for Kwon and Terraform Labs.

Despite this settlement, Kwon and Terraform Labs still face serious allegations from the U.S. Department of Justice and South Korean authorities. These legal challenges underline the complex issues surrounding the company and its founder.

LFG Market Reactions and Future Implications

In response to the settlement announcement, the market price of LUNA surged by 20%, reflecting positive investor sentiment. This price increase suggests a return of confidence in the assetโ€™s stability despite the ongoing legal hurdles.

Luna Foundation Guard

As of press time, LUNA is trading at $0.6812, up by 14.85% on the daily chart. Over the past week and month, LUNA has surged by 15% and 20%, respectively. The market capitalization has climbed to $509 million, an increase of 15%, while the trading volume has gained a significant increase of 694% at $251 million.ย 

Additionally, LFG’s strategic move to enhance fund security and maintain transparency could bolster its reputation within the crypto community. LFG demonstrates its commitment to safeguarding its holdings and maintaining investor trust by ensuring that all assets are trackable and secure.

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