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LTO Network unveils partnership: transparent blockchain and secure QR codes

Scantrust’s Secure QR codes, known for their effectiveness in combatting counterfeit products, are now compatible with LTO Network’s secure and transparent blockchain technology.

This integration provides organizations that rely on important documents and luxury items with more opportunities to establish and uphold a higher standard of trust and responsibility.

Scantrust Secure QR codes can also easily confirm the authenticity of any item through a mobile phone within seconds.

The LTO Network allows for the inclusion of an unchangeable digital record of information, providing a secure reference point for government certifications, product and safety verifications, diamond certificates, warranties for luxury goods (such as watches), and other valuable items.

Moreover, the LTO Network blockchain offers an innovative approach to monitoring supply chain data.

Through the utilization of blockchain technology, which ensures increased transparency and immutability, the possibility of counterfeiters successfully altering the origin of their fraudulent products is eliminated.

This is especially crucial in an industry where counterfeiting is a major issue, costing businesses an estimated $500 billion. Therefore, these tools serve as a crucial advancement in safeguarding both businesses and consumers.

The possibility of combining LTO Network’s technology with Scantrust Secure QR codes aligns with the goal of creating a future where trust is ingrained in all our transactions and trades. This presents Scantrust with a chance to broaden their scope and advance their objective of securing documents.

Meanwhile, for LTO Network, it means enhancing their range of privacy-centered solutions by incorporating a robust document security component, providing clients with a comprehensive solution for establishing trust in the modern digital landscape.

LTO Network Overview

The LTO Network is a blockchain at Layer-1 that prioritizes privacy and specializes in solutions for Real World Assets, Data Security, and Identity.

The primary purpose of the platform is to enhance business process efficiency and ensure high levels of security. It consists of a public component that promotes transparency and a private component that prioritizes data security, thereby guaranteeing compliance with GDPR and MiCA regulations. This two-tier structure makes it particularly well-suited for enterprises that prioritize data privacy and regulatory compliance.

With the use of their Ownables technology, LTO Network provides the opportunity for tokenization of RWAs, which enables assets to be brought onto the blockchain and enables them to engage with the DeFi and Web3 ecosystem.

LTO Network’s Know Your Customer (KYC) services assist in upholding adherence to regulations against money laundering, while also providing proof of identity services to safeguard Web3 and DeFi platforms from automated bots.

Scantrust: An Overview

Scantrust offers assistance in handling and resolving issues with counterfeit products, tackling challenges related to supply chain traceability and inventory management, and providing solutions for meeting regulatory compliance requirements for product data.

With Scantrust, you can maintain and enhance the reputation of your brand, gather in-depth consumer feedback, and streamline your efforts for traceability and compliance. For more information, you can visit their website here.


Don’t let counterfeiters threaten your business or consumer confidence.

By integrating blockchain technology into their anti-counterfeiting efforts, these companies aim to set a new standard for secure transactions and trades in the digital age. This union of expertise and innovation demonstrates a commitment to providing businesses with powerful tools to combat counterfeit goods and safeguard valuable assets.

Turn to the combined might of LTO Network and Scantrust for an unmatched solution against counterfeit goods.

Stay ahead of the curve in your industry, protect your reputation, and secure your assets with the advanced capabilities of this strategic partnership between LTO Network and Scantrust.